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Strategic Russian firm dumps SWIFT in favor of domestic bank transfer alternative

Russian state tech giant Rostec will use Russia’s analogue of SWIFT interbank cash transfer services, the company said in a press release. Read more The tech firm will connect to the Russian system for transfer of financial messages (SPFS) to make its payments safer. “The digital infrastructure will help to exchange data in encrypted mode, which reduces the risk of ...

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‘Ironically, US sanctions are helping the Russian budget’ – ex-Central Bank official to RT

The latest round of US penalties targeting Russian businesses paradoxically helps the country’s budget instead of harming it, said Konstantin Korischenko, former deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). Talking to RT, he pointed to the rebounding Russian currency which weakened initially after the announcement of penalties. “This trend for strengthening will continue, mainly because Russia currently has ...

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Strike on Syria won't remain without consequences – Russian ambassador to US

The Russian Ambassador to the US has warned of “consequences” after the US and its allies launched a coordinated military action against Syria. Russia feels threatened by the US decision to strike Syrian targets in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7, which Moscow believes was staged. “A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are ...

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‘Thousands of rotting corpses’ under ruins of Raqqa a public health crisis – Russian MoD

The Russian Defense Ministry has criticized the Western-led coalition for creating a sanitation emergency in Raqqa after it took the Syrian city from Islamic State, but failed to organize a clean-up or rebuild. READ MORE: ‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria “The epidemiological situation in Raqqa remains very grave. ...

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Sanctions on Russian billionaires trigger collapse of Swiss franc

Political turmoil usually leads to a money flow to safe havens like the Swiss currency. But this week, an unusual pattern led to the biggest decline of the franc against the euro since January 2015. The Trump administration issued an expanded list of sanctions last Friday, targeting Russian businessmen and companies. Separately, Trump threatened Russia with missile strikes on Moscow’s ...

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Russian titanium producer warns ban on exports to US could backfire

Russia may lose its hard-won share on the global titanium market if the Kremlin stops exports to Boeing, a key Russian producer has warned. Read more On Friday, Russian lawmakers drafted a bill under which the country may ban exports of titanium components to US aircraft manufacturer Boeing. VSMPO-Avisma is a monopolist in the Russian titanium industry, and produces a ...

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Denmark can’t stop Russian gas pipeline but may slow project down

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen says that Denmark cannot prevent the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from being implemented, national commercial broadcaster TV2 reports. Denmark, however, may be able to slow down the construction works, according to the prime minister. It has the legal right to not grant a permit for the construction and operation of Nord ...

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Russia will stop exporting titanium to Boeing if legislation adopted – Russian senator

Published time: 13 Apr, 2018 09:47 Edited time: 13 Apr, 2018 10:01 Russia’s Federation Council is looking to adopt counter-sanctions against the US, under which the country may ban exports of titanium to aircraft giant Boeing, an unnamed Russian senator told RIA Novosti. Earlier on Friday, Russian deputies announced an upcoming response to the American sanctions imposed last week. According ...

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Flight safety office in UK apologizes for Russian plane search in Heathrow – Moscow

The flight safety center in the UK operating under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has apologized for the search of a Russian Aeroflot plane by UK officials in March, the Russian transport minister said. After elaborating on the case, which triggered outrage in Moscow, the center “even apologized,” Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov told journalists on Friday. The Montreal-based ...

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No politics: American, Russian students chat with ISS cosmonauts and ‘float’ onboard (VIDEO)

A group of American students chatted with Russian cosmonauts and even took a tour of the International Space Station – all while sitting in their Montana classroom. RT360 helped to organize the unique space lesson. High school students in Bozeman, Montana, spoke with Russian cosmonauts via a video link as part of RT’s “Space Lessons” education project launched in December. ...

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