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Fake ‘Hooligans’: BBC film inspires Aussie filmmakers to go look for Russian football thugs (VIDEO)

With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off in Russia, RT’s In the Now has followed two Aussie filmmakers on a failed quest to find the infamous Russian hooligans, who, the BBC said, will turn the event into a festival of violence. The Australians were so fascinated by the Western reports on vicious Russian thugs, following clashes with English ...

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300 Russian ‘Spartans’ get government support in conquering the Far East

More than 300 Russian trailblazers who have claimed free land in the country’s Far East are getting government support to survive the hardships of settling uninhabited areas. The overall aid for the 314 settlers reached about $ 500,000 for various needs in farming, like the purchase of agricultural machinery, buying cattle or fodder, the government of Sakhalin Region said. The ...

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Russian space agency plans to incinerate space junk with powerful laser beam

Russian space agency Roscosmos has unveiled its plan to shoot down space debris from a junk-littered low-earth orbit with a three-meter laser ‘cannon.’ If the tests are a success, the method will ensure safer space exploration. The technology is being developed by scientists at the Research-and-Production Corporation Precision Systems, which is a subdivision of Roscosmos. In its report to the ...

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Russian Foreign Ministry blames West for provoking Ukraine into new Donbass war

Russian diplomats say the non-stop outbursts of violence in Donbass confirm that Ukraine has no intention of honoring the Minsk Accords, and accuse the US and their allies of supporting Kiev’s course towards war. “As far as the UN presence in Donbass is concerned, it is well known that in September 2017 Russia submitted a draft resolution on the issue ...

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Kiev’s hoax murder of Russian journalist has power to ‘fuel propaganda’ – NATO chief

The chief of NATO criticized Ukraine for its intelligence stunt involving the staged murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, saying the incident has the power to “undermine” the free press and “fuel propaganda.” Speaking to reporters on Friday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: “I would like to underline that I regret that this incident may undermine trust in the free ...

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Communists seek nationwide referendum as Russian cabinet is set to raise retirement age

Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov has described the proposal to raise the retirement age in Russia as “insanity” and says the issue should be decided by a nationwide referendum. The Communist leader told reporters that he and his party comrades understood the necessity to ease tensions in society, which he called “serious and deep,” but urged using methods other ...

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Russian S-400: Air-defense system worth being sanctioned

State-of-art S-400 anti-aircraft systems have been causing a stir recently, as countries seek to obtain them despite the US threatening sanctions for the purchase. What is causing Washington’s ire? The S-400 ‘Triumf’ is the most advanced Russian anti-aircraft system, designed to engage large variety of targets. The system is capable of shooting down aircraft at ranges of up to 400 ...

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Consumer prices to fall in Crimea with new bridge link to Russian mainland – Putin

The newly built bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia will lower consumer prices on the peninsula thanks to regular traffic flow, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read more  “Some prices are higher in Crimea than in the neighboring Krasnodar and Rostov regions,” Putin said during his Q&A session on Thursday. The situation will change when the Crimean Bridge is ...

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Russian reserve fund to get a $35 billion boost – Finance Ministry

The National Welfare Fund of Russia will be replenished by 2.2 trillion rubles (about $ 35 billion) this year, according to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Read more It was created after the Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation was split into two separate investment funds in 2008 – the NWF and Reserve Fund. The latter was emptied by the end ...

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Swiss lawyer jailed for telling tales about Russian business clients to British & US agencies

Matthew Parish, a lawyer from Geneva, has been sentenced to two months in a Swiss jail for libel and breaking attorney-client privilege after two Russian oil traders accused him of blackmailing them. According to a criminal complaint filed against Parish by Murat Seitnepesov and Konstantin Ryndin last month, the lawyer made public false allegations to make them pay a heavily ...

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