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Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador

National security adviser Michael Flynn discussed sanctions against Russia with the eastern country’s U.S. ambassador ahead of President Trump’s inauguration, despite White House officials repeated assertions to the contrary, according to a report. Trump officials confirmed last month that Flynn was in frequent contact with ambassador Sergey Kislyak around the same time that the Obama administration slammed Russia with sanctions ...

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BREAKING: RAF jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers heading to UK

The Russian jets are believed to have attracted RAF attention when they flew between the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands – outside of UK airspace but within the country’s ‘area of interest’. The jets then flew down the west coast of Ireland before heading into the Bay of Biscay between Spain and France.  At this stage Spain and France’s ...

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Wife of ‘poisoned’ anti-Putin critic BLAMES Russian leader as husband fights for life

Pro-democracy campaigner Vladimir Kara-Murza remains in a medically-induced coma in a Moscow hospital after mysteriously falling ill last Thursday. Doctors believe the politician was poisoned by an unknown toxin, but now the wife of the anti-Putin campaigner has laid the blame at the feet of the Russian president. Yvegenia Kara-Murza said: “I just think that it’s the whole situation that ...

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Senators trying to get power to veto Trump over Russian sanctions

A group of Republican and Democratic senators are gearing up to demand that Congress override President Trump should he decide to roll back sanctions against Russia, according to a leaked memo. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. Ben Cadin (D-Md.) are expected to introduce the Russia Review Act on Wednesday in order to limit the Trump administration’s say over Russian ...

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BuzzFeed sued for Trump dossier story by Russian tech firm

A Russian tech firm has filed a defamation suit against BuzzFeed News for publishing a dossier with unconfirmed accusations about ties between President Trump and the Kremlin. The 35-page dossier, published last month, says tech company XBT played a role in the hacking of the Democratic Party during the presidential election. The lawsuit alleges the dossier’s publication damaged XBT chief ...

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EUROPEAN FORTRESS: Baltic state completes ‘anti-migrant fence’ on RUSSIAN border

The Baltic state is set to add another 37 miles this year, the country’s State Border Guard spokeswoman Jevgenija Poznaka confirmed. He said: “The construction was started back in 2015, and we are planning to finish it by 2019. Forty miles of the border zone was built up, and the 14-mile fence was constructed.” The fence stands at 2.7 metres ...

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NATO member states plan yet more MILITARY DRILLS on RUSSIAN BORDER as tensions escalate

Servicemen from countries including Germany, Canada, Estonia and the US will join the Latvian armed forces in the exercises between 17-30 April. The Baltic nation joined the bloc in 2004, and has used its territory for drills with partner states ever since. This comes as US President Donald Trump appeared to perform a dramatic u-turn on his Nato stance when ...

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Shocking blunder sees US tanks deployed to confront Russian aggression arrive OUT OF FUEL

GETTY The thousands of troops, military equipment and hardware is seen as a pre-emptive strike Operation Atlantic Resolve was billed as a show of strength from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) allies against rising aggression from Moscow to its eastern neighbours. But it has already run into embarrassing difficulties just days into the exercise.  Lieutenant general Ben Hodges, commander of ...

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Putin will try to 'interfere' with Merkel's re-election campaign, warns Russian activist

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov said the Moscow leader was trying to turn Russia into a military superpower.  Speaking to the French conservative daily Le Figaro, Mr Kasparov said that Mr Putin would try to “destabilise” Western democracies.  He said: “2017 is bound to be a historic, pivotal year. Decisive elections are being held in Germany – and in ...

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Russian minister blasts EU over sanctions and says trading with bloc 'NOT a priority'

Alexander Tkachev said Russia would “gradually and smoothly restore our relations with the EU” after bashing the European bloc for imposing sanctions on the country. The politician, who spoke at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) in Berlin, Germany, slammed Eurocrats for trying to “put us in our place” after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. He said: “We ...

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