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‘Even Cold war did not come to this’: Moscow on US visa denial to Russian ballet dancers

The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the US government for “artificially” creating conditions to halt the issuing of visas after Russian Bolshoi Theater performers were denied entry. “Even during the Cold War it did not come to this,” the ministry said in a statement on Saturday, adding that art has always served for easing tensions. The move is aimed to “pressure” ...

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Twitter banned Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab from buying ads

The U.S. government isn’t the only one feeling skittish about Kaspersky Lab. On Friday, the Russian security firm’s founder Eugene Kaspersky confronted Twitter’s apparent ban on advertising from the company, a decision it quietly issued in January. No matter how this situation develops, we won’t be doing any more advertising on Twitter this year. The whole of the planned Twitter ...

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Russian students ace world programming championship, take 1st place for 7th year in row

Russian teams claimed four medals out of 13 in the latest ACM-ICPC international programming contest, including two gold-tier victories. It was Russia’s seventh win in a row and 13th since 2000. The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is one of the biggest competitions for students learning computer programming. To win, teams of three people have only several hours to ...

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Did Putin boast to Trump about ‘beautiful Russian hookers’? No, Kremlin says

An exchange about “beautiful Russian hookers” between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, implied in ex-FBI Director James Comey’s memos, never happened, the Kremlin says. The headline “Putin told Trump Russia has some of the most beautiful hookers in the world,” with various modulations and levels of attribution, has been doing the rounds in the Western mainstream media, after AP obtained ...

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‘Unfair competition’: Russian foreign minister blasts US attempts to thwart Turkey S-400 deal

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described US threats to impose sanctions on Turkey if it purchases Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles as blackmail, and an attempt to secure the market for US firms. “What Mr. Mitchell has said about Ankara risking being subject to sanctions if it goes ahead with the S-400 purchase from Russia is a typical example of attempted ...

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Russian govt cuts the term of required data storage for telecom providers from 6 months to 1

The Russian government has approved legislation requiring telecom providers to store records of client traffic for 30 days, instead of the original length of 6 months. Internet companies say compliance will still be difficult. The government order, published on the official state website on Friday, states that the new rules for the storage of users’ text messages, voice information, images, ...

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German car producers could fall victim to US sanctions against Russian aluminum

Sanctions against top Russian aluminum producers are likely to hit European car production, according to Germany’s WVMetalle, a lobbying group for 655 metals companies. The group says unless actions are taken, many car plants in Germany and Europe will be closed, and others will face supply disruption, Bloomberg reports. Read more “Re-jigging all of those trade flows is really, really ...

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Russian ambassador meets new US national security adviser Bolton

The newly-appointed White House national security adviser John Bolton has met with Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to discuss the US-Russia relationship amid unprecedented tensions between Washington and Moscow. “Ambassador Bolton reiterated that it is in the interest of both the United States and Russia to have better relations, but that this will require addressing concerns regarding Russia’s interference in the ...

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Russian chess coach makes social media appeal, sells phone to take 6yo prodigy to world championship

Six-year-old Misha will be one of the youngest contestants at the upcoming world school chess tournament in Albania. To get there, his coach not only had to sell some of his possessions, but also called on social media for help. Chess has been a passion for 26-year-old Roman Artamonov since childhood. He learned the game himself, before opening a school ...

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