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Friend or foe? Boris Johnson’s bipolar relationship with Russia in quotes

Blundering Boris Johnson has spent a decade struggling with whether or not he is actually Russian, likes Russia, or can even stomach a visit to Moscow. Even his views on RT threaten to cause a rift around the Johnson family dinner table. The foreign secretary has swung from heaping praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin to condemning everything that comes ...

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Russia mulls freezing membership in European Human Rights Court

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 12:28 Russia could soon suspend its membership in the European Court of Human Rights, saying that current regulations prevent it from having any influence on the organization, including voting on the election of judges, according to reports. Popular Russian daily Izvestia on Monday quoted several unnamed sources in the Russian State Duma as saying that ...

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United Russia readies bill with stronger punishment for terrorist PR

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 09:20 The Russian parliamentary majority party has prepared a bill that, if passed, would tighten the punishment for terrorism-related crimes, including propaganda of terrorism and public justification of terrorist attacks. The main sponsor of the bill, first deputy head of United Russia in the State Duma, MP Adalbi Shkhagoshev, said in comments with Izvestia daily ...

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Russia goes all in on Arctic oil development

Neither sanctions nor persistently low oil prices are hindering Russia’s ambitions or plans to develop oil resources in its sections of the Arctic. Read more In April, state-controlled oil giant Rosneft started drilling the northernmost well on the Russian Arctic shelf in the Khatangsky license area in the Laptev Sea. In June, Rosneft struck first oil in the Eastern Arctic in this license. Earlier ...

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Russia floats brand new hydrofoil passenger ship after two-decade pause

Published time: 22 Oct, 2017 12:04 Edited time: 22 Oct, 2017 12:05 A new hydrofoil ship meant to transport up to 120 passengers along sea coast routes has been floated by a Russian producer. The design was popular in the Soviet Union, but modern Russia has not built such vessels for almost two decades. Hydrofoil works similarly to a regular ...

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‘US pressuring IOC to bar Russia from Olympics’ – Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed on Friday that the Kremlin possesses information which indicates US efforts to exert pressure on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in an attempt to ban Russia from the upcoming Winter Games in South Korea. Peskov was commenting on Vladimir Putin’s recent speech at his annual meeting at the Valdai Discussion Club ...

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Russia, Saudis team up to boost fracking tech

Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 08:48 While Saudi Arabia and Russia are leading the production cut pact between OPEC and 11 non-OPEC oil producers, Russian oil company Gazprom Neft will cooperate with Saudi Aramco on ways to boost production, including in fracking technology and hard-to-recover oil, Gazprom Neft’s CEO Aleksandr Dyukov said on Wednesday. Read more The two companies have ...

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Rhyme & punishment: Poet faces prosecution over inflaming hatred towards atheists in southern Russia

An amateur poet in Russia’s southern Krasnodar Region is facing criminal charges for disseminating hatred after calling atheists “despicable” in a poem he posted on social media. Maksim Drozdov also wrote in the poem that he hoped for the return of the Holy Inquisition – a system of practices used by the Catholic Church to combat heresy in the Middle ...

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Russia calls on US to expedite destruction of its chemical weapons

Published time: 18 Oct, 2017 10:13 A senior Russian diplomat has urged the US and other nations to follow Russia’s example and decommission their chemical arsenals. Read more “We have inherited the world’s largest arsenal of such weapons of mass destruction, and we carried out a plan for its elimination in good faith,” said Vladimir Yermakov, deputy head of the ...

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US sanctions bill vs Russia built on fraudster's political lobbying – Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya

Natalya Veselnitskaya, dubbed a “Kremlin lawyer” in the US media because of her meeting with President Trump’s son, has told RT that the Magnitsky Act against Russian officials came about as the result of a fraudulent investor’s political maneuvering. Read more A four-page memo Veselnitskaya brought to her meeting with Donald Trump Jr, dated May 2016, was published in full ...

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