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Russia extends counter-sanctions against US, EU & allies through 2019

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law extending the embargo against countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. Restrictions will be in force until the end of next year. Read more The government is instructed to take all measures necessary to implement the decree. The document came into force on the day of signing, on July 12. In August 2014, ...

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If ‘everyone’ has good relations with Russia, Nord Stream may be ‘less of a problem’ – Trump to NATO

Donald Trump, who chastised Germany for buying energy from Russia and extending the natural gas pipeline connecting the two countries, indicated he may reconsider his stance if “everybody” has a good relationship with Russia. US President Donald Trump hinted at the change of heart at a media conference following the NATO summit in Brussels. “Frankly, maybe everybody is going to ...

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Majority party United Russia proposes ‘Russian Football Day’ commemorative date

Lawmakers representing the Russian parliamentary majority party have drafted a bill introducing a new commemorative date “Russian Football Day” marked on October 22, the birthday of the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. MP Dmitry Belik (United Russia) told fellow lawmakers on Thursday that the new motion, while paying the tribute of respect and gratitude to the past, would also give ...

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‘We’ll break your lives’: Debt collectors in Russia threaten to infect borrowers’ kids with AIDS

A Russian mother of three has filed a report to the police, saying that debt collectors threatened to infect her children with AIDS over her husband’s 30,000-ruble (US$ 480) debt. Since early July, the collectors have been bombarding the account of the borrower’s wife, Irina Mulykhina, on social media with warnings if the debt isn’t settled fast, she claims. But ...

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NATO summit day 1: Divided alliance unites against Russia, as US demands immediate contributions

The first day of the NATO summit has shown that, despite a row within its ranks that needs urgent, diplomatic pacification, the ‘defensive’ alliance is still united and ready to adopt another set of measures aimed against Moscow. From the outset, the NATO summit has demonstrated that the contradictions between once-close allies run deep. While NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ...

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Russia wins Macro World Cup – Bank of America

Russia has retained its top position among developing nations, according to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Moscow is reducing its indebtedness, which makes it the leader among the largest emerging markets (GEM-10). Read more “While not through to the semi-finals of the World Cup, Russia wins the Macro Cup among our GEM-10 grouping of the biggest EMs in ...

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Crimea not reason for NATO to isolate Russia, dialogue is key to reduce tensions – Stoltenberg

The “illegal annexation of Crimea” is not a reason for NATO to isolate Russia and stop talking, Jens Stoltenberg said, sharing his vision of the bloc’s future. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is certainly not the biggest fan of the Kremlin, but speaking at the ‘NATO Engages’ conference on Wednesday in Brussels, he opted for a softer rhetoric, saying re-engagement with ...

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Facing the FBI & fleeing to Russia: US ex-cop reveals epic struggle to expose corruption (VIDEO)

John Mark Dougan resigned from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and started a one-man crusade against what he saw as pervasive corruption there. Years later his home was raided by the FBI and he made an escape to Russia. Dougan is former Marine, who turned to police work after resigning from the military. What he found, he says, was ...

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Russia hysteria reaches fever pitch in US media as Trump-Putin summit looms

Countless theories about Donald Trump’s ties to Moscow have become a US media obsession, with mind-numbing Russia hysteria fully embraced by ‘respected’ outlets ahead of the summit with Vladimir Putin, RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports. American media have performed dizzying feats of wild speculation in the run-up to the Helsinki meeting on July 16, perhaps best exemplified by a particularly zealous ...

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Germany is a captive of Russia – Trump

Russia uses gas supplies to control Germany, said US President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Trump says it’s unacceptable that Berlin is paying billions of dollars to Moscow instead of its NATO dues, which protect it from Russia. Speaking to journalists before a meeting with the NATO secretary general in Brussels, Trump criticized bloc members that approved the construction of the ...

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