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Former Southwest employee sues airline over ‘whites only’ break room & home-made ‘noose’

Southwest Airlines is being sued over racial discrimination claims, with a former employee stating that there was a ‘whites only’ staff break room at Houston’s airport, and that black staff once found a noose made of bungee cords. In the federal lawsuit, plaintiff Jamel Parker claims that his co-workers established a ‘whites only’ break room at William P. Hobby Airport, ...

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Omarosa’s tape from inside the Situation Room fuels massive freakout over security

Former White House aide Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman has unleashed a collective freak-out on Twitter after she revealed she recorded a conversation with chief of staff John Kelly from inside the White House Situation Room. Omarosa made the shock reveal on Meet the Press WHAT CHANNEL on Sunday, where a clip of the covert recording was played. It features Kelly telling ...

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Burglar’s escape room blunder: Trapped thief asks cops to rescue him

Could an escape room get a better endorsement than being so puzzling that a burglar couldn’t find a way out? A hapless thief in Washington was so perplexed by the adventure game he broke into that he called the police on himself. The live action games, which sees people trapped in a room that they must escape from as quickly ...

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Spanish students evicted from dorm to make room for ‘Aquarius’ migrants

A grand gesture by Madrid to accept migrants rejected by Italy and Malta has backfired on some Spanish students, who were told to leave their dormitories in 24 hours to make room for the new arrivals. Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s newly appointed prime minister, agreed to take in passengers of the rescue ship Aquarius, who are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, after ...

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Woman drives children in cages as ‘no room in car,’ gets charged after VIDEO goes viral

A Memphis grandmother has been arrested after a video went viral which appeared to show her releasing two children from animal cages in the back of her car. Leimome Cheeks, 62, was charged with two counts of child endangerment after allegedly locking the two girls inside a pair of pet kennels. Footage of the incident was widely shared and re-uploaded ...

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HRW suspends official with Tinder profile suggesting Auschwitz hair room is funny

Human Rights Watch said it is investigating one of its officials after a complaint from a pro-Israeli group, which said the man’s Tinder dating service account had a crude joke about the Holocaust. According to a screenshot of HRW Associate Director of Finance Matthew Myers’ profile posted by his accusers, he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and ...

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‘Any Russians?’: Sessions cracks up room with Russia investigation jokes

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 22:28 Edited time: 17 Nov, 2017 22:39 Attorney General Jeff Sessions lampooned the Russia investigation, asking if “Ambassador Kisylak” was among the chuckling crowd at a Federalist Society convention at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. But not everyone found the one-liners humorous. On Friday, the wisecracking Sessions opened his speech to the conservative Federalist ...

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Care BnB – Would you rent a room to the NHS for a stranger to recover from surgery?

Published time: 26 Oct, 2017 09:22 Edited time: 26 Oct, 2017 09:23 The UK is set to launch an Airbnb-style solution to tackle the chronic lack of hospital beds. The scheme would see patients discharged following operations and sent to nearby homes to recuperate, with those renting the rooms receiving up to £1,000 a month. Run by the startup CareRooms, ...

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Von Miller Gets Posterized By Rookie in Locker Room Basketball

Von MillerPosterized By Rookie!!In Locker Room Basketball 8/30/2017 12:33 PM PDT WHO’S THE ROOKIE NOW?! Von Miller got smashed on by rookie lineman Garett Bolles in a competitive game of mini-basketball in the Broncos locker room … with Bolles tearing the rim down in the process! FYI, Bolles was the guy who wussed out during the rookie hot dog eating ...

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Lenny Dykstra denies reports that he trashed Hamptons hotel room

He got nailed by the surveillance video. Lenny Dykstra came out swinging Wednesday against claims he trashed a Hamptons hotel room over the weekend — but the owner of Hotel ZE shared incriminating video showing the former Mets star stealing sunglasses. “I’m hotel guest of the year,” Dykstra boasted to the Daily News as he brashly denied causing a ruckus ...

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