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Royce rolls: Congressman, fervent decrier of Russia, won’t seek re-election

House Foreign Affairs Committee chief Ed Royce (R-California) says he will not run for a 14th term in 2018. Royce, who once claimed the success of RT is fueled by the “KGB,” however, still has his sights set on Russia. Royce, who represents California’s 39th congressional district in southeast Los Angeles and Orange County, made his announcement Monday. He is ...

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China rolls out fast-track visa program for ‘high-end’ expats

Published time: 5 Jan, 2018 21:34 Ever fancied living in China? The government is now making it easier for foreigners to do so – but only if you’re a Nobel laureate, a scientist, entrepreneur or another ‘high-end’ expat. The Chinese government has begun rolling out new fast-track visas for desirable “high-end talent,” the South China Morning Post reports. The plans ...

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‘Too big to fail’ bank rules targeted, as Senate panel rolls back Dodd–Frank Act

Banks and credit unions may soon be relieved of regulations added after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, as the Senate Banking Committee repealed provisions of the Dodd–Frank Act. The senate panel approved bill S.2155 in a 16-7 vote Tuesday, to raise the threshold at which bank holding companies are considered “too big to fail,” removing the financial stress test and capital-planning ...

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AWS rolls out AppSync to enable offline app usage

As part of its victory lap extravaganza in Las Vegas as the dominant web hosting platform, Amazon Web Services today launched a new service, AppSync, which allows applications hosted on the service to work even if they’re offline. In a blog post published earlier today, the company did a brief walk-through of the new service, the technology behind it and the features ...

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Facebook rolls out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported

This is software to save lives. Facebook’s new “proactive detection” artificial intelligence technology will scan all posts for patterns of suicidal thoughts, and when necessary send mental health resources to the user at risk or their friends, or contact local first-responders. By using AI to flag worrisome posts to human moderators instead of waiting for user reports, Facebook can decrease how ...

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Slappy holidays: Mayhem engulfs US malls as Black Friday rolls into town (VIDEOS)

Shoppers and protesters combined to make Black Friday 2017 as wild as any other year in the US. Violent incidents in Alabama, St. Louis and Houston set the stage for the rowdiest shopping day of the year. Alabama Shoppers got an early start on Black Friday deals Thursday night at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama. However, it wasn’t long ...

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G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

I doubt there has been a time that I’ve scrolled through Facebook and not seen the G-Ro. While this could be part of the magic of retargeting but it could also be fate because the G-Ro has been one of the biggest and most exciting changes in carry-on luggage since the rucksack. The original G-Ro’s claim to fame were its ...

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Microsoft rolls out LinkedIn integrations in Outlook.com

Microsoft’s $ 26.2 billion acquisition of business networking site LinkedIn is starting to pay off – at least in terms of product integrations that make sense. The company today announced that LinkedIn integration within Outlook.com is now going live, allowing email users to view insights, profile pictures, work history and more from within their inbox. The addition of LinkedIn to ...

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Facebook rolls out new tools for group admins, plus badges and profiles for members

Facebook today introduced a good handful of new features for groups on Facebook, with a focus on helping admins better manage and grow their online communities, and helping members better connect with one another. The additions, inspired by user feedback, include support for welcome posts, badges, member profiles and other admin-level controls. The company met this June with hundreds of ...

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Shipwreck’s 500yo maritime astrolabe ‘rolls back history’

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 12:25 Edited time: 24 Oct, 2017 12:49 A shipwreck explorer has revealed the discovery of the oldest ever maritime astrolabe. The navigational tool dates back more than 500 years to Europe’s ‘Age of Discovery’. The astrolabe, which mariners used to measure the altitude of the sun, was discovered on a Portuguese explorer called the ‘Esmerelda.’ ...

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