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Brooklyn Nets owner Prokhorov backs lawsuit against WADA informant Rodchenkov

Russian billionaire and Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov will help Russian biathletes launch legal proceedings in the US against World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) informant Grigory Rodchenkov. Prokhorov, who is also a former head of the Russian Biathlon Union, is set to provide financial and juridical assistance to three now-retired Russian biathletes, Olga Zaytseva, Yana Romanova and Olga Vilukhina, who are ...

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‘Rodchenkov was turned when he worked in Canada’ – Russian Skiing Federation chief Elena Valbe

The president of Russia’s Cross-Country Skiing Federation, Yelena Valbe, thinks that former Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory head Grigory Rodcehnkov was recruited by foreign special services while working in Canada. Fugitive doctor Rodchenkov, whose testimony formed the basis of the anti-Russian Olympic campaign, has become a hot topic once again with the Winter Games underway in South Korea. Last weekend he was ...

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WADA’s controversial informant Rodchenkov changes look for camera, thinks Kremlin is after him

Fugitive anti-doping doctor Grigory Rodchenkov, whose testimony formed the basis of the anti-Russian campaign in sports, wore a bulletproof vest and a disguise for an interview with 60 Minutes. He claims the Kremlin is after him. Rodchenkov, the former head of an anti-doping laboratory in Moscow, fled to the US in 2016, shortly after being accused of covering up for ...

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‘It was an important task for the universe’ – WADA informant Rodchenkov on ‘Russian doping’ claims

In the latest documentary from German journalist Hajo Seppelt, a person said to be disgraced doctor Grigory Rodchenkov states he feels no guilt for Russia’s Olympic exclusion, adding that he “fulfilled a very important thing.” The documentary features an alleged phone interview with Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory who fled Russia in 2015. According to the ...

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‘Grigory Rodchenkov confused his own evidence while testifying in CAS’ – lawyer

Former Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory chief Grigory Rodchenkov reportedly “tied himself up in knots” while testifying against Russians who are appealing their lifetime Olympic bans at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). Read more This week Rodchenkov – who claims the tampering of doping samples of Russian athletes took place under his supervision at the 2014 Sochi Olympics – addressed ...

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WADA informant Rodchenkov to testify at CAS appeal hearings of 42 Russian athletes

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 14:00 The former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, will testify at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) hearings of 42 Russian athletes banned for alleged doping violations, his lawyer has confirmed. “Yes, he will testify but from a distance,” Rodchenkov’s lawyer, Jim Walden, told German media outlet Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, insidethegames ...

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International sports federations to examine ‘Rodchenkov list’ containing 300 Russian athletes

Published time: 14 Dec, 2017 15:49 The Word Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has provided international sports federations with information regarding hundreds of elite Russian athletes alleged to have committed doping violations. The list, containing the names of around 300 Russian team members, was obtained from the Moscow Laboratory database, access to which had been denied by Russian officials due to an ...

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Putin calls Rodchenkov appointment ‘mistake’, says FBI may be ‘drugging’ disgraced doctor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has labelled the decision to appoint Grigory Rodchenkov as head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory a ‘mistake’ and suggested the FBI may be drugging the disgraced former doctor. Speaking at his annual end-of-year media Q&A session, Putin questioned the reliability of Rodchenkov as a witness in the investigations into state-sponsored doping allegations in Russia. Putin also ...

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WADA informant Rodchenkov faces drug trafficking charges in Russia

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 14:35 The former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, is facing charges of trafficking highly potent illicit drugs in his home country. Rodchenkov’s testimony on alleged state-run doping instigated a wave of sanctions against Russia. Rodchenkov, who fled Russia at the end of 2015, has been charged in absentia for illegally trafficking dangerous ...

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Grigory Rodchenkov calls for ban on Russian flag at Olympics

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 22:45 Edited time: 4 Dec, 2017 23:45 The former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, who’s testimony on the alleged state-sponsored doping system triggered the wave of sanctions against Russia, says that the country’s athletes should only compete in PyeongChang under a neutral flag. In a recent interview with the New York times ...

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