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‘Rip up old playbook’ & probe IDF actions in Gaza for war crimes – Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch believes injuries and deaths of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip, caused by Israeli soldiers’ use of lethal force, may amount to war crimes and the officials responsible should face trial and sanctions. The IDF’s actions “highlight the need for the International Criminal Court to open a formal investigation into the situation in Palestine,” the New-York-based global ...

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Trump’s craving for more nukes a ‘rip off’ that only benefits military industrial complex

The Trump administration’s blueprint for building more nuclear warheads to contain “strategic competitors” is a “rip-off” that only benefits manufacturers, not the American people, foreign policy analyst Robert Naiman told RT. The plan to expand the US low-yield nuclear arsenal, outlined in the draft of the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review leaked to the media, is an “outrageous and foolish” idea ...

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‘Rip open the skies!’ Israeli agriculture minister calls for mass prayer to end drought

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 22:32 With Israel facing another dry winter, its agriculture minister is thinking unconventionally and has invited farmers and the general public for a mass prayer at the Western Wall with hopes it will finally “rip the skies open.” “Unfortunately, after four years of drought, we’ve only had a little bit of rain so far (this ...

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