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Chechen leader ridicules US threats to impose naval blockade on Russia

The US threat of a naval blockade to stop Russian energy exports might work on lesser states, but can only be seen as futile and dangerous in the case of Moscow, Ramzan Kadyrov has told US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. In an open letter to Zinke, the head of the Chechen Republic responded to a direct threat of ...

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Merkel ridicules May at Davos, adding to long list of EU misery for British PM

Angela Merkel reportedly left journalists in stitches after she mocked Theresa May’s failed attempts to negotiate a Brexit deal. Unfortunately for Britain, however, the PM is no stranger to EU ridicule. From being shunned by pretty much everyone at an EU reception to a sad Mexican wave fail, RT looks at some of the times May has been left red-faced ...

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Russian Embassy ridicules Facebook’s reopening of probe into Brexit fake news link

The Russian Embassy to the UK quoted Albert Einstein to mock social media giant Facebook, and their re-investigation into whether Russia used their site to spread fake news during the Brexit referendum. In aid of an Electoral Commission investigation, last month Facebook announced that a meager 70p ($ 0.97) had been spent by a Russian-based company called ‘Internet Research Agency’. ...

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Twitter ridicules State Dept. after it urges US citizens to ‘reconsider travel’ to Russia

The US State Department found itself the focus of social media jibes after an overhaul of its travel safety warning system downgraded Russia to the same category as Mauritania, Sudan and other trouble spots. The move, explained as “due to terrorism and harassment,” comes at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow and just five months before Russia ...

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'Britain is ship on the rocks!' Swedish MEP ridicules 'leaderless UK over Brexit chaos'

Gunnar Hökmark told EFN Brexit negotiations were in a chaotic state because the UK lacked leadership.  He said: “Chaotic. I think on the EU side, it is quite clear what demands will be set out during negotiations.  “But Great Britain is a ship on the rocks where no-one quite knows what they want and how to achieve it.  “There is ...

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Melissa McCarthy Ridicules Jews as Sean Spicer on SNL (VIDEO)

SNL Sean Spicer’s Easter ‘Mistake’ …Ridicules Jews, Passover 4/16/2017 6:51 AM PDT [embedded content] Melissa McCarthy cranked up her Sean Spicer tone-deafness to 10 on Saturday Night Live … and went after Jewish people and Passover.  McCarthy performed her Spicey in an Easty Bunny suit, lampooning Sean for his comments last week about Syria’s Basjar al-Assad and Hitler. Melissa’s been a huge ...

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