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Six rescue divers drown in Malaysia after being caught in whirlpool as they searched for teen

A group of rescue divers died in Malaysia after being caught up in a deadly whirlpool as they tried to save a teenager who had fallen in a mining pool. The men drowned on Wednesday after a strong current gushed into the search area in the central Malaysian town of Puchong. According to Sepang Assistant Commissioner Abdul Aziz Ali, initial ...

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Lost passenger: Body found after Boeing water-landing makes airline backtrack ‘safe’ rescue (VIDEO)

A body found near the site of the crash-landed Boeing 737 that ploughed down into the sea off Micronesia has forced Air Niugini to go back on its statement that all passengers had been safely rescued from the sinking fuselage. Air Niugini has revised its earlier statement that all 35 passengers and 12 crew escaped from the crash alive, stating ...

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Elon Musk sued by British rescue diver he called a ‘pedo’ and ‘rapist’ on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being sued for libel and slander by a British rescue diver who he called “pedo guy” on Twitter following the rescue of a group of young Thai soccer players who became trapped in a cave in July. Musk was widely criticized for making the unsubstantiated claim that the British diver, Vernon Unsworth, was a pedophile ...

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US demonstrates ‘subtle desire’ to rescue terrorists in Syria’s Idlib – Russian FM Lavrov

Washington has never delivered on its promise to separate the so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition from the terrorists, and once again seems to be trying to get al-Nusra off the hook in Idlib, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. “The de-escalation zone in Idlib remains the only one, where tens of thousands of extremists are concentrated, spearheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra,” Lavrov told ...

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A craving for berries gets bear stuck in a storm drain, prompting rescue via manhole (VIDEOS)

A Winnie the Pooh-like situation, which saw a black bear stuck in a hole after a meal, could have landed the 250 lb animal in the worst of trouble, were it not for an ingenious rescue plan by local rangers in Colorado. Apparently lured by the sweet smell of food coming from a garbage bag full of branches from a ...

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Tesla stock dips after CEO Elon Musk calls British cave rescue diver a ‘pedo’

Shares in electric car maker Tesla plunged on Monday as investors in the company were not too impressed after CEO Elon Musk called a British caver involved in the rescue of 12 Thai children last week a ‘pedo’. A number of them told Reuters, requesting anonymity, that the latest controversy is distracting Musk from Tesla’s main business of producing electric ...

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Musk calls mini-sub rescue plan critic ‘pedo guy’ in Twitter tirade

Tech tycoon Elon Musk has once again courted controversy after appearing to accuse a critic of his plan to use a mini-submarine in the Thai cave rescue of being a pedophile. READ MORE: ‘Elon Musk can stick his submarine where it hurts’: Thai cave rescuer slams ‘PR stunt’ Diver Vern Unsworth had branded the SpaceX founder’s prototype submarine a “PR ...

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Musk looks at Flint water crisis after being berated for ‘impractical’ help in Thai cave rescue op

After his offer of a ‘kid-size’ submarine to Thai cave rescuers was berated as “impractical,” Elon Musk is taking on the Flint water crisis, saying there’s “no kidding” in his promise to fix the lead contamination problem there. The criticism over his suggestion to help Thai kids trapped in a flooded cave didn’t stop the SpaceX and Tesla boss from ...

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Burglar’s escape room blunder: Trapped thief asks cops to rescue him

Could an escape room get a better endorsement than being so puzzling that a burglar couldn’t find a way out? A hapless thief in Washington was so perplexed by the adventure game he broke into that he called the police on himself. The live action games, which sees people trapped in a room that they must escape from as quickly ...

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Elon Musk shows off 'kid-sized submarine' he thinks can help in Thai cave rescue (VIDEO)

Elon Musk has released videos of a test of his “kid-sized submarine.” He announced the vessel would be built to rescue Thai children trapped in a flooded cave hours before the operation started without him. The billionaire SpaceX and Tesla CEO announced he was building the submarine on Saturday, saying it would be ready within eight hours. He said its ...

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