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‘Will America wake up?’ Republican congressman retweets anti-immigration post from white supremacist

Iowa congressman Steve King has attracted a backlash after apparently endorsing a Twitter post from a prominent British far-right activist. “65% of Italians under the age of 35 now oppose mass immigration. Europe is waking up…” Mark Collett tweeted on Tuesday, citing a recent public opinion poll in the country. Collett came to prominence as the leader of the youth ...

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‘Danger to our country’: US senator blasts fellow Republican over North Korea

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is a “danger to the country” for suggesting a US war against North Korea, said his colleague Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) as Americans waited for the historic summit in Singapore. “Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea, my goodness,” Paul told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Monday ...

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Republican lawmakers call for special counsel over FBI and DoJ abuses in Trump probe

Seventeen GOP lawmakers have introduced a resolution accusing the Justice Department and the FBI of misconduct in investigating the 2016 Trump campaign, and calling for the appointment of special counsel. Representative Lee Zeldin (R-New York) and 16 of his colleagues have authored the 12-page House Resolution, to be released on Tuesday. Zeldin says it details misconduct at the highest levels ...

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Rope-a-dope: Senate Republican leader proposes bill to legalize hemp

No one tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but hemp – the industrial variety of cannabis – may soon be removed from the federal list of controlled substances, courtesy of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell (R-Kentucky) announced a bill on Monday that would legalize the growing of hemp as an agricultural product. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would legalize ...

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Republican candidate in tight Pennsylvania House race refuses to concede defeat

Democrat candidate Conor Lamb has claimed victory in Pennsylvania’s razor-tight special House election. But, in a dramatic twist, Republican candidate Rick Saccone is refusing to concede defeat. There was just a few hundred votes between the two candidates in the competitive race for the conservative 18th District seat on Wednesday morning. Democrat Lamb claimed victory late on Tuesday, but Saccone ...

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Republican memo: What you need to know about alleged FBI & DOJ abuses

The four-page memo compiled by the Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee accuses the Obama administration’s FBI and DOJ of securing a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign based on the notorious ‘Steele dossier.’ The memo’s main points state the following:   –  The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all three renewal FISA applications ...

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'The Memo' can't be released because Republican Nunes altered it – Intel committee's top Democrat

Published time: 1 Feb, 2018 03:56 Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has accused Devin Nunes, the panel’s Republican chairman, of secretly altering the soon-to-be released memo alleging FBI and Justice Department bias against Trump. The “material changes” that Schiff claims to have discovered late Wednesday make the memo no longer viable for release. BREAKING: Discovered ...

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FBI objections to memo 'spurious', says House Republican Nunes

Objections from the FBI and Justice Department to the public release of a Republican memo alleging anti-Trump bias in the Russia probe are ‘spurious,’ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has said. The memo, commissioned by Nunes (R-California), alleges impropriety by FBI and Department of Justice officials investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election. “Having stonewalled Congress’ demands ...

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Sex scandals hit Clinton, Republican finance chair

New disclosures reveal Hillary Clinton protected her faith advisor when he was accused of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Republican National Committee finance chair Steve Wynn faces numerous sexual assault claims. During her 2008 bid for the presidency, Clinton is alleged to have protected her faith advisor Burns Strider after a subordinate accused him of sexual harassment, the New York Times reported ...

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Millionaires don’t blow their cash on ‘booze & women’ – Republican senator

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 13:54 While defending his government’s plan to scrap so-called ‘death taxes’ on individual estates, a Republican senator said it won’t affect those busy “spending every darn penny … on booze or women.” One can assume Iowa’s Chuck Grassley meant people who aren’t millionaires. The senate reform measure would double the exemption rate on estates from ...

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