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‘Tough cookie, my guy!’: Trump praises Montana Congressman who body-slammed reporter

US President Donald Trump praised the wrestling skills of Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte, who body-slammed a Guardian reporter to the ground at a campaign event last year. Needless to say, the liberal media is appalled. Gianforte was convicted of assault after he grabbed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by the neck and body-slammed him to the ground at a campaign event ...

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CNN reporter admits use of ‘ignorant’ gay slur as offensive tweets resurface

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins has apologized for homophobic tweets she sent back in her college days after the deleted messages resurfaced online. Collins, who routinely features on CNN with updates coming from the Trump administration, sent the offensive tweets in 2011. They appear to have resurfaced via a Twitter page belonging to the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization ...

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Reporter cheats death as typhoon-ravaged skyscraper debris hurtles to ground (VIDEO)

A Chinese reporter who braved the elements during Typhoon Mangkhut almost met an untimely end as ferocious winds sent huge chunks of debris careering to the ground – just yards from where he was standing. He Chong, a journalist for the Guangdong Television agency, went out into the field after receiving reports of major structural damage to skyscrapers in Shenzhen ...

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Unseen in 35 years: Veteran weather reporter on oceans ‘exploding’ with tropical storms

The world is facing a record number of storms raging through the Northern hemisphere at the same time. There are five tropical storms just this week, including a potentially “catastrophic” Hurricane Florence, meteorologists say. Florence, a Category 2 hurricane that has already prompted massive evacuations in the US, is far from being the only one roaming through the Atlantic. Another ...

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US Senate candidate, reporter accuse Israeli PM’s foreign media spokesman of sexual assault

Two women, a New York State Senate candidate and a Wall Street Journal reporter, have accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign media spokesman, David Keyes, of sexual assault. Julia Salazar is a Democratic candidate for the New York State Senate and member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She faces off against incumbent Martin Dilan on Thursday. With just ...

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‘A lot of f*cking Nazi sympathizers’: Black reporter recounts ‘mostly positive’ Ukraine experience

There are a “lot of f*cking Nazi sympathizers” in Ukraine, but reports of widespread right-wing extremism are “propaganda,” according to a black journalist who shared his experiences in the country on Twitter. Terrell J. Starr, a reporter for The Root, took to Twitter to explain the “challenges of being black” in Ukraine. The US journalist noted that he rarely shares ...

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'CNN sucks!' White House reporter gets harsh welcome at Trump rally (VIDEO)

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta felt the wrath of the Tampa crowd when he was doing a live shot from a pro-Trump rally on Tuesday. Acosta was heckled with his stand-up almost drowning in chants of “CNN sucks.” The CNN reporter, known for shouting questions at the US president and being denied answers, was in Tampa to cover the ...

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White House bans CNN pool reporter from Trump event after ‘did Cohen betray you’ barrage

The White House has defended its decision to bar CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins from covering a Donald Trump event. The WH press service said it found her behavior disrespectful to the presidency and to his distinguished EU guest. The CNN White House correspondent was told not to cover another of President Donald Trump’s events on Wednesday evening, after she tried ...

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‘Old habit of imagining Russia as morally inferior is hubris’ – Die Welt reporter

A journalist from the leading German paper Die Welt has criticized the media for painting an unfairly grim picture of Russia during the FIFA World Cup and for boycotting the tournament. She called this an example of hubris. Die Welt reporter Kathrin Spoerr called out the press on what she believes is the unfair treatment of Russia during the nation’s ...

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Trudeau says he ‘apologized’ to groped female reporter, but did nothing wrong

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has addressed the claims that he inappropriately touched a reporter in 2000 by saying the interaction wasn’t “in any way untoward” and that he apologized anyway. “I apologized in the moment,” Trudeau told reporters on Thursday, but he noted that neither he nor his staff have contacted the unnamed reporter. “I don’t want to presume ...

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