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EU agrees to buy more US gas if Trump scraps tariffs – report

Europe will buy more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US if President Donald Trump agrees to cancel the heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum producers, RIA Novosti reports quoting its source in the EU. In late March, the US imposed duties on imports of steel and aluminum at rates of 25 and 10 percent respectively. For a number of ...

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‘No secret’: Western countries have known Novichok formula for decades, German media report

A sample of Novichok, the nerve agent allegedly used to poison the Skripals, was obtained by German intelligence back in the 1990s, local media report. The substance has since been studied and produced by NATO countries. Western countries, including the US and the UK, have long been aware of the chemical makeup of the nerve agent known as Novichok, a ...

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Russian government mulls law to register and identify cryptocurrency users – report

The Russian government plans to fight money laundering by only allowing members of the state-run “register of crypto-investors” to mine for and use digital currencies, a popular daily reported. Mass circulation daily Izvestia quoted its unnamed sources “close to the Russian Central Bank and Finance Ministry” as saying that the bill regulating all cryptocurrency operations is already in the works ...

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Why Russia is accused of ‘disrupting booming US energy industry’ – RT’s Keiser Report investigates

Published time: 15 May, 2018 13:42 Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of RT’s Keiser Report look into what’s behind US media reports that Russia is now a threat to the American energy sector. Max and Stacy also discuss fossil fuels, which are facing a squeeze as the cost of renewables plunge and just as the surge in natural gas supply ...

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Facebook adds option to report conversations in Messenger following widespread criticism

In reaction to criticism around the use of Messenger in some countries worldwide, particularly Myanmar, Facebook has introduced new tools that it allow users of the app to report conversations that violate its community standards. A new tab inside the Messenger app lets users flag messages under a range of categories that include harassment, hate speech and suicide. The claim ...

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Apple’s App Store redesign improved app discovery, report finds

When Apple introduced its completely redesigned App Store last fall, one of its goals was to improve app discovery by placing a larger emphasis on editorial content – including things like “app of the day” picks, lists, how-to’s and even interviews with app developers, among other things. Now, a new study from Sensor Tower reveals those changes appear to have ...

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WH spokeswoman chides staffers for leaking ‘unacceptable’ comment about ‘dying’ McCain – report

A White House spokesperson reportedly chastised staff for allowing an “unacceptable” comment about John McCain to be leaked to the press. A WH staffer had dismissed McCain’s opinion on the CIA pick, saying “He’s dying anyway.” Sarah Sanders vented her anger at a meeting she convened on Friday, ABC reported, citing a number of WH officials. She described as “unacceptable” ...

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China ready to replace Total in Iran – report

Chinese energy giant CNPC is willing to buy French firm Total’s stake in the Iranian South Pars gas project should the latter decide to quit because of US sanctions against Tehran, Reuters reports. “The possibility of Total’s pullout is quite high now, and in that scenario CNPC will be ready to take it over fully,” the news agency quotes its ...

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Global tourism causes 10th of all greenhouse gas emissions – report

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney shows that global tourism, a trillion-dollar industry, contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and its carbon footprint is expanding rapidly. Domestic and international tourism account for eight percent of total worldwide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, researchers have found.  The study was based on data from 189 countries around the ...

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Tehran to be hit with old, new sanctions as US plans to quit Iran nuke deal – report

US President Donald Trump is planning to impose old sanctions on Iran and add new ones, the New York Times reported citing sources. Trump is expected to announce his decision on the nuclear deal on Tuesday. Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron his intention to pull out from the deal during a phone call between the two leaders on Tuesday ...

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