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Who’s fake? Belgium rejects media report on billions of euro disappeared from Gaddafi accounts

The Belgian foreign minister and Le Vif have engaged in a war of words over the paper’s report on the disappearance of €10 billion from the Libyan government’s frozen assets. Each has accused the other of spreading misinformation. Didier Reynders dismissed the weekly magazine’s report on the mysterious disappearance of the money as “false,” but Le Vif has rejected the ...

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€10bn vanished from ‘frozen’ Gaddafi accounts in Belgium – report

Some €10 billion of Libyan government funds, frozen as part of sanctions against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, has mysteriously disappeared from a Belgian bank somewhere between 2013 and 2017, according to local media. Back in November 2013, four Euroclear Bank accounts belonging to the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and its subsidiary Libyan Foreign Investment Company (LFICO) in Bahrain ...

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‘Top secret’ details of Israeli military systems and tactics briefly leaked online – report

An official document revealing two highly classified Israeli military systems, which had never been publicly mentioned before, was reportedly leaked in what the IDF describes as a “serious information security error.” The leaked Israel Defense Ministry paper was signed by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and disclosed classified information concerning the military capabilities and operational methods of the Israel Defense Forces ...

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Arrests & crimes against homeless in Los Angeles on the rise – report

More homeless people in Los Angeles were arrested for felonies and misdemeanors, and were were also subjected to more police use of force in 2017 than in the previous year. Crimes against LA’s homeless have also risen. A new report by the Los Angeles Police Department puts the grim reality of an estimated 34,000 people living rough into figures.  The ...

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47.3 million U.S. adults have access to a smart speaker, report says

Nearly one in five U.S. adults today have access to a smart speaker, according to new research out this week from Voicebot.ai. That means adoption of these voice-powered devices has grown from around 1 percent reach among U.S. adults to nearly 20 percent in just two years – or 47.3 million U.S. adults. To clarify, “access to a smart speaker” ...

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Renzi to resign as head of Democratic Party after ‘clear defeat’ in general election – report

Published time: 5 Mar, 2018 11:12 Edited time: 5 Mar, 2018 11:52 The leader of Italy’s Democratic Party, Matteo Renzi, has decided to step down after Sunday’s general election rout, Ansa news agency reported. Renzi’s spokesman, however, said he can’t confirm it. A center-left bloc led by the ex-prime minister’s party scored some 23 percent, according to projections. It now ...

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Damning report to expose FBI’s Andrew McCabe leaking and misleading watchdog

Andrew McCabe, the former number two at the FBI, leaked information about Clinton’s emails probe to the press and later misled watchdog investigators, according to a Justice Department review due to be released next month.   McCabe authorized the leak to the Wall Street Journal for a story about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation scandal in 2016, according ...

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Alexa has literally lost her voice as users report outages and unresponsiveness

Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant seems to be down this morning. We’ve been hearing reports over the last hour of either delayed responses or just total loss of connection. While Amazon doesn’t have a status page for its consumer products, Down Detector is reporting a huge spike in Alexa-related complaints over the last hour. For example, Alexa is giving me replies like ...

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Assad, Kim & chemical weapons: NYT ties in all the ‘villains’ in story on leaked UN report

What could be better to beat the drum for regime change than tying North Korean missiles to Syria and chemical weapons? Apparently, the New York Times did just that when it wrote about a leaked UN report. The article, run by the respectable US newspaper on Tuesday, is based on a 200-page report by a group of eight experts who ...

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UK spent £1.75 billion on airstrikes in Iraq & Syria since 2014 – report

The UK has spent £1.75bn ($ 2.44bn) on air and drone strikes in Iraq and Syria as part of the US-led campaign against Islamic State, the Drone Wars UK group said, based on data it acquired through Freedom of Information requests. Since August 2014, the Tornado, Typhoon and Reaper aircraft of the Royal Air Force have spent a total of ...

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