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Germany’s Tornado warplanes ‘unsuitable for NATO missions’ – report

A classified German Defense Ministry report says the country’s fleet of Tornado fighter jets may be unsuitable for conducting NATO missions, several media outlets said. The report, first cited by the German magazine Spiegel, says the Panavia Tornado, which first entered service in the 1970s, has several equipment flaws that make it vulnerable and no longer suitable for duty. The ...

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Trump walking back on US pledge to invest $200mn in Syria recovery – report

US President Donald Trump has reportedly pulled over $ 200 million in funds earmarked for Syria. It comes after he hinted that the US would no longer bother itself with Syrian problems upon achieving its military goals there. Over $ 200 million in US assistance for the war-ravaged country, promised by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in February, may ...

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Motivated by vendetta or personal grievance: Secret Service report describes the average mass killer

The average mass attacker in America is not an ISIS terrorist or a child with an AR-15. He is male, middle-aged, and aggressively self-centered. He has a history of mental illness and is fuelled by a personal vendetta. That is according to the US Secret Service, which profiled the perpetrators of the 28 mass attacks that took place in public ...

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60mn ‘potential Jews’ could be converted to promote Israel – govt report

An Israeli government committee’s recommendation to target “potential Jews” around the world to promote Israel, and even be converted, has been slammed by religious groups. According to the committee, created by Israel’s Diaspora Affairs’ Ministry in 2016, there are 60 million people around the world who have an “affinity” to Judaism or Israel. The report includes a ‘strategic plan’ to ...

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USAF may be forced into massive reduction of planned F-35 fleet – report

The US Air Force may be forced to dramatically cut its fleet of F-35 multirole stealth fighters if it doesn’t dramatically reduce operations and maintenance costs for the flagship fighter, according to an internal report. At present, costs over the next decade are running at almost 38 percent over budget, according to analysis by the USAF seen by Bloomberg. The ...

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'Something just passed over us': 2 pilots report 'UFO' sighting over US (LISTEN)

Cockpit recordings show two separate airline pilots reported sightings of an unidentified flying object to the Albuquerque Air Traffic Center when flying over southeastern Arizona. On February 24, a Learjet pilot first reported the mysterious object to air traffic control while flying over the desert. “I don’t know what it was,” the pilot says. “It wasn’t an airplane… it passed ...

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Apple’s original shows may launch next March, report says

Apple’s upcoming slate of original TV shows may finally see the light of day as early as next March, according to a report from The New York Times on Sunday. Citing producers and entertainment exec sources, the article says Apple has been taking advantage of its significant cash stores to fund its TV efforts – and is, in fact, spending north ...

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3 homemade bombs found at site of French supermarket attack – report

There could have been many more casualties in the hostage-taking crisis in southern France. Investigators have reportedly found three homemade bombs and other weapons at the site of the supermarket attack in Trebes. Three improvised explosive devices, a 7.65-caliber handgun and a hunting knife were found after Moroccan-born Redouane Lakdim was shot dead during a standoff at the supermarket, an ...

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China helps Pakistani missile program by providing advanced tracking system – report

China has reportedly provided Pakistan with a highly advanced optical tracking system, which will be a boon to its missile program. The move is an apparent poke in the eye of India, which is becoming China’s main regional rival. The delivery of the system was reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in a statement, the South China Morning ...

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Facebook shares fall 5% on report of ‘systemic problems’ in data breach

Shares of Facebook fell by almost 5 percent on Monday following research claiming the recent data breach that exposed 50 million people is a systemic problem for the social network. Read more It was “made clear in the reporting is that Facebook did not make sufficient efforts to recover users’ data, which then informed ad targeting in the 2016 US ...

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