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‘Lee was a great general’: Trump’s Civil War remarks spark Twitter row

Trump has again found himself in a familiar place – in the middle of controversy. The US president called Confederate leader Robert E. Lee a “great general,” unleashing a Twitter row over what his comments really meant. Read more In the era of Confederate statues and monuments being removed due to the South’s history of slavery, Robert E. Lee isn’t ...

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Trump's harsh 'off the record' remarks about Canada leaked

Donald Trump again blasted the media for ‘dishonest reporting’ after ‘off the record’ remarks about Canada he made in an interview with Bloomberg somehow made it into the Toronto Star newspaper. Trump took to Twitter on Friday, saying that the “powerful understanding” between Bloomberg and him was “blatantly violated” by the leak of his comments that weren’t intended for public ...

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Trump under fire for ‘disrespect’ & for shelving prepped WH remarks praising ‘national hero’ McCain

The US president is facing massive fury over his failure to issue an official White House statement praising the deeds of John McCain, with his critics accusing him of insulting a true American hero because of personal enmity. Donald Trump has reportedly ordered his aides to scrap a eulogy in praise of John McCain, over a personal grudge the president ...

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US anti-Iran remarks are ‘psychological warfare’ & interference in state matters – Tehran

The recent anti-Iran tirades by the US amount to “psychological warfare” and constitute interference in state matters, Tehran said, following Donald Trump’s capitalized “consequences” tweet and Mike Pompeo’s “mafia” remarks. US President Donald Trump’s commentary on Tehran “is psychological warfare and he is wrong to act against Iran,” Senior Officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Gholamhossein Gheybparvar said ...

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Duterte apologized to God for ‘blasphemous remarks’ says lawyer

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has reportedly apologized to God after a series of incendiary remarks about the Almighty’s existence, or lack thereof, in recent weeks. The controversial statesman was meeting with his top legal adviser Salvador Panelo and Eddie Villanueva, the founder of the Jesus Is Lord Church, at Malacañang Palace in Manila, where he is reported to have said ...

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‘Not in a million years!’: Duterte defiant amid calls to apologize over ‘stupid God’ remarks

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he will not apologize for calling God “stupid” during a discussion about the Bible – this despite religious groups’ insistence that he is risking the wrath of a higher power. READ MORE: Duterte needs ‘psychiatric test’ – UN human rights chief Duterte was criticized by Christian groups who accused him of insulting God ...

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Comparing Russia to Nazi Germany is ‘disgusting’ – Kremlin on Johnson’s ‘Hitler’ remarks

Published time: 22 Mar, 2018 10:34 Drawing comparisons between Russia and Nazi Germany is disgusting and unacceptable, the Kremlin has said in response to recent outlandish remarks by Boris Johnson, who likened Russia’s World Cup to Hitler’s 1936 Olympics. “This statement is totally disgusting, it is not appropriate for any foreign minister,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “Undoubtedly, [this remark] ...

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‘Rothschilds controlling the climate’: Democrat councilor apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks

A Washington DC city council member has publicly apologized after making remarks referencing a popular online anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. The Facebook video, posted Friday, was subsequently taken down. “Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation. And D.C. keep talking about, ‘We a resilient city,’” ...

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‘Unscripted remarks & bombastic rhetoric’ could derail planned Trump-Kim meeting

The bombshell news of a planned face-to-face meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has met mixed reactions. They range from cautions optimism to fears that “unscripted” remarks by the US President might derail the progress. The announcement that Donald Trump has accepted Kim Jong-un’s invitation to a personal meeting to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization was welcomed to varying degrees ...

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Boxer’s license revoked over Twitter remarks about tragic Westgarth death

UK boxer Tyan Booth has had his license revoked by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) over tweets referencing the tragic death of a fellow boxer. Aged 31, Scott Westgarth died after winning his fight at the weekend. UK boxer Tyan Booth has had his license revoked by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) over tweets referencing the ...

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