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US religious leader almost calls America 'Great Satan' on Iran visit

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told Iranians ‘victory will be yours,’ calling on them to persevere despite unprecedented sanctions from the country their leaders have called the Great Satan. Farrakhan stopped just short of calling America the Great Satan himself when he spoke at Tehran University. “Is it not true that you have called America the Great Satan? Well, ...

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Presidential Rights Council proposes decriminalization of religious insults – report

The Russian Presidential Human Rights Council wants to decriminalize insults that offend religious sensibilities, as well as narrowing legal definitions of extremism, a business news site has reported, citing council sources. On Thursday, the RBC news site reported that it had obtained a draft of a document in which members of the Presidential Human Rights Council detailed their proposals in ...

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Sessions launches pro-Christian ‘religious liberty task force’

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the creation of a “religious liberty task force,” charged with defending the rights of the faithful to say no to creeping atheism. Speaking at Monday’s Religious Liberty Summit, Sessions said that the task force would help implement the religious liberty guidance the Justice Department issued last October. While the guidance clearly instructs government agencies ...

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Illegal immigrant could not be Messiah, Trump's religious adviser says

A US televangelist and spiritual adviser to the US president has defended the Trump administration’s immigration clampdown, arguing that baby Jesus’ stay in Egypt was legal, otherwise he wouldn’t have been the savior of humanity. Pastor Paula White, a Pentecostal evangelist who has been credited with converting President Trump to Christianity, made the eyebrow-raising argument in an interview with CBN ...

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Mass ‘religious’ suicide? 11 bodies found in India’s capital, most blindfolded & hanged (GRAPHIC)

An Indian family of 11 has been found dead in New Delhi, with 10 members blindfolded and hanging from a ceiling. Initial reports indicate a twisted spiritual mass suicide attempt, but police aren’t discounting other possibilities. The bodies of seven women and four men were discovered in the Burari suburb of the Indian capital on Sunday by their neighbor, who ...

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Facebook is again criticized for failing to prevent religious conflict in Myanmar

Today marks the start of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s much-anticipated trip to Washington as he attends a hearing with the Senate, before moving on to a Congressional hearing tomorrow. Away from the U.S. political capital, Zuckerberg is engaged in serious discussions about Myanmar with a group of six civil society organizations in the country who took umbrage at his claim that ...

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Religious Zionists force IDF to remove satirical Women’s Day video

The Israeli Defense Forces reportedly removed a Women’s Day video promoting the army after a religious Zionist group complained. The IDF has been accused of bowing to pressure. The video, ‘The air force’s answer to chauvinism,’ features female soldiers working in various roles in the military, as the narrator reads a number of derogatory claims made by religious Zionists about ...

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3 police officers killed as religious group’s protest turns violent in Tehran (VIDEO)

At least three Iranian policemen have been killed and several more were wounded during a protest in Tehran, where members of a religious sect gathered around a police station to demand the release of one of their order. The incident took place on Pasdaran Street in northern Tehran. Unverified footage from the scene has been circulating on social media. One ...

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Everyone’s offended: 5 times retailers got hammered by religious customers

The age of the internet has allowed large retailers to reach billions of consumers – but it has also led to social media crusades launched by customers who want to guard their faith from products they deem offensive. The most recent example of this perilous phenomenon is H&M’s decision to pull a range of children’s socks from its stores after ...

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Muslims projected to bypass Jews as second-largest US religious denomination by 2040

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 15:53 Edited time: 10 Jan, 2018 16:04 There were some 3.45 million Muslims living in the United States in 2017, according to research by Pew Research Center. That number is expected to jump significantly over the next couple of decades. Using a variety of different measures, including its own survey and demographic research, Pew determined ...

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