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VIDEO of Swiss soldiers caught ‘stoning’ young recruit goes viral

Several Swiss soldiers were ordered by their commanding officer to throw stones at a young recruit in a military training school. The army has launched an investigation after a video of the incident went viral. The video, released earlier by the public broadcaster RSI, shows several men in army fatigues lined up near a single soldier with his back facing them. The ...

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Desperate for collusion proof, FBI ‘tried & failed to recruit Russian oligarchs’ – report

FBI agents tried to turn Russia’s once-richest man into a US mole, according to an explosive NYT report. It claims that Oleg Deripaska was one of six oligarchs targeted for information in a Russiagate-related intelligence flop. According to reports by the New York Times, the US government pushed oligarchs with perceived links to President Vladimir Putin for information. Deripaska was ...

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Hackers compromised IDF recruit files & had been selling private data to 3rd parties for years

Seven years after IDF recruits suddenly started receiving telemarketing calls en masse, Israel’s judicial system has managed to track down a gang that hacked the conscription database and sold stolen private data to third parties. A criminal enterprise, spearheaded by two civilians with the help of two IDF soldiers, managed to get access to the information systems of the Meitav ...

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Russia's security agencies to recruit bloggers for anti-terrorism campaign

Russia’s Security Council has revealed a plan to use bloggers and various civil society groups to help fight terrorist and extremist information spreading on the internet. “Experts of the Security Council‘s research group have proposed to stimulate the interaction between law enforcement agencies and prominent bloggers and civil society institutions, including the socially-oriented NGOs that are ready to support our ...

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Spy scandal in Ukraine: Special forces tried to recruit RIA Novosti reporter, asking to leak data

Ukrainian security forces asked a Russian journalist to spy for them and leak data on her colleagues. The Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the incident, stating that freedom of expression in Ukraine is dead. A reporter working for RIA Novosti news agency in Lithuania, Irina Vysokovich, travelled to the Ukrainian town of Kherson to cover the trial of her colleague, ...

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US spy agencies make 'outrageous' attempts to recruit expelled Russian diplomats – Moscow

The American intelligence services are hastily trying to recruit Russian diplomats expelled from the US over the Skripal case, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, slamming Washington’s behavior as cynical and indecent. The ministry sounded the alarm over “a sharp increase in provocative actions against Russian diplomats in the US.” The ministry said that after the announcement that 60 Russian diplomats are ...

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Putin: I didn’t try to recruit Melania, even though I used to love doing this

Bears, tigers and maternity benefits – that was the subject of Vladimir Putin’s short talk with the US First Lady at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said in a new documentary. And no, he definitely did not try to recruit her. The two met briefly at a G20 summit dinner last year, and photos of Donald Trump’s wife laughing ...

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Did Corbyn send a hidden message to try and recruit Tory Brexit rebels?

Brexit may have divided an entire nation but it appears to be cementing the most unlikely of alliances in British Parliament as Tory rebels and Labour MPs find themselves unusually on the same side. United in their anger over the EU/UK divorce and their disapproval of Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the split, two groups are beginning to come ...

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Freemasons working with Tory youth group in bid to recruit students – reports

A Tory university society has joined forces with a masonic lodge in a bid to recruit students to freemasonry on campuses across the UK, it has been reported. The partnership has been labeled “deeply worrying.” According to left-wing news site Evolve Politics, the University of Nottingham Conservative Association (NUCA) has entered into a “sponsorship agreement” with Daybrook Lodge as part ...

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‘Shoot black kids’ smoking weed, police chief advises recruit

A former assistant police chief in Kentucky advised a recruit to “shoot” black youths smoking marijuana and to have sex with their mothers if he finds them attractive. While being interviewed by the police recruit who was writing a paper about “the right thing to do,” Todd Shaw, assistant chief in Prospect, Kentucky, was asked what to do if he ...

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