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Lightning-quick raccoon evades pest control at US police station (VIDEO)

Texas cops had to chase down an unusual trespasser in the form of a four-legged, lightning-quick raccoon that invaded Bedford Police Station on Monday. Footage of the bizarre police hunt was captured via CCTV inside the Texas station, showing how the furry trespasser led a pest control officer and cops on a merry dance. “Anyone need a good laugh?” Bedford ...

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Daredevil raccoon climbs high-rise, drops from about 8 stories (VIDEO)

Published time: 22 Sep, 2018 14:31 Edited time: 22 Sep, 2018 14:34 In the style of Spiderman, a raccoon climbed up the wall of a high-rise near the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. After making it about eight stories up, the critter falls off the wall, spreading its body like a parachute suit. The video, captured by South Carolina resident ...

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Fearless raccoon scales 25-storey building in Minnesota, capturing hearts & Twitter handles

While people all over the world were watching history unfold at the US-North Korea summit in Singapore this week, Minnesotans were glued to an entirely different kind of summit drama. An adventurous female raccoon was making a name for herself as she scaled the 25-storey UBS Building in St. Paul, earning herself social media fame in the process. The raccoon, ...

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Baby gets rabies shot & stitches after being mauled by a raccoon

Published time: 22 Dec, 2017 22:12 A four-month-old infant in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia had to undergo emergency surgery after being attacked and bitten on the face by a racoon inside a home. She required 65 stitches. “She was lying on the floor across the room with blood all over her face, screaming and crying,” Ashley Rodgers, the baby’s mother, told WTXF-TV. “Her ...

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Chicago PD resort to backup to rescue fat raccoon trapped in sewer grate (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 4 Nov, 2017 00:44 The old saying, “Eyes bigger than your stomach” rang true for one unfortunate, and severely bloated, raccoon caught in a sewer grate in the Zion suburb of Chicago Thursday afternoon. “It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well,” the Zion Police Department wrote. However, the raccoon (AKA trash panda, dumpster shark, ring-tailed ...

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