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That was quick! Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen switches party to Democrats

US President Donald Trump’s disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen has re-registered as a Democrat, taking his flip-flopping on his former boss to the logical extreme. Until June, Cohen served as the RNC’s deputy finance chair. Since falling out with Trump over hush money he paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, with whom the president allegedly had an affair in 2006, ...

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'West wants only quick buck from Africa, while China invests for win-win cooperation'

The US needs to get over the geopolitical thinking and stop demonizing China in order to transform the African continent and eliminate poverty and hunger, African affairs analyst and journalist Lawrence Freeman told RT. Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a trip to Africa in a bid to establish deeper trade ties. On Monday, he arrived in South Africa for ...

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9 quick facts about the ‘Merkel-saving’ EU deal on tackling influx of refugees & migrants

EU leaders, racking their brains on how to share the burden of migrants and refugees, finally reached a vague compromise after almost 10 hours of deliberations. Here are nine main points to help you understand what was decided. Europe saw around one million migrants arrive to the continent during the 2015 refugee crisis. More than 377,000 reached Europe in 2016 ...

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Trump wants to pull troops from Syria 'as quickly as possible,' but it won't be very quick

US President Donald Trump wants to bring troops back from Syria as soon as possible, the White House said, but not before their goals are fulfilled. Earlier, the French president said he had convinced Trump the troops had to stay. “The US mission has not changed – the president has been clear that he wants US forces to come home ...

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‘Whole state was terrified’: Hawaii urges ‘tough & quick’ reprisal for bogus missile alert

After the entire state of Hawaii suffered an almighty scare over an imminent missile attack warning, angry officials and the public are calling for “tough and quick accountability” for the “totally inexcusable” mishap. “The whole state was terrified,” said Hawaiian US senator Brian Schatz following the false alarm on Saturday morning, which went uncorrected for 38 minutes. He called for ...

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‘Smart superglue’ promises quick temporary fix for severe eye injuries & gunshot wounds

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 23:15 Scientists have developed a temporary glue which could afford people suffering major eye injuries precious time amid the race to get emergency surgery. Developed at the University of Southern California (USC), the sealant is being pitched as a potential sight saver for soldiers inflicted with traumatic eye injuries by battlefield shrapnel. It’s hoped the ...

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Elon Musk warns of robots that are too quick for the eye

Published time: 28 Nov, 2017 02:36 Edited time: 28 Nov, 2017 02:40 Elon Musk has warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence again, this time painting a terrifying picture of robots that “move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see them.” The SpaceX and Tesla founder was commenting on Atlas, the robot that can do backflips. A video ...

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Rafael Nadal makes quick work of Andrey Rublev to advance

The Spaniard had just demolished his Russian teenage opponent in a tidy one hour, 37 minutes, and Rafael Nadal was asked what he would be doing the remainder of Wednesday evening, when Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro would square off late that night in their quarterfinal match to determine Nadal’s opponent in the U.S. Open semis. “I’m gonna ...

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'We need quick and intensive Brexit' Merkel wants UK out of the way to focus on EU future

Arriving at the Brussels summit, the German chancellor said she wanted negotiations to be “quick” and “intense”.  She said: “I want to say clearly that, for me, shaping the future for the 27 takes priority over the negotiations with Great Britain over withdrawal. “Naturally we will conduct these negotiations quickly and we will conduct them intensively. We will do everything ...

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Dominick Cruz Says Conor McGregor Needs Quick KO Or He's Dead

UFC’s Dominick CruzConor Needs Quick KO… Or He’s Dead 6/16/2017 2:30 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE If Conor McGregor doesn’t put Mayweather on his ass in the first SIX rounds, he’s dead in the water … so says Dominick Cruz. The UFC star/analyst says he’s been racking his brain over the fight — and says Conor has a real shot … but ...

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