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Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications

Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses have always been interesting technology, but it’s never been clear how the company would move from novelty device to actual viable business use cases. Today, it made a move toward the latter, announcing a couple of applications designed to put the HoloLens to work in Dynamics 365, giving it a real business purpose. Dynamics 365 ...

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Doctors may soon start putting magnetic wires in your veins to detect cancer earlier

Stanford scientists have trialed a revolutionary technology – using magnetic wire to detect and potentially remove cancer cells in the bloodstream. The technology, which has only been tested on pigs so far, can collect 10 to 80 times more cancer cells than the standard blood tests done today, meaning that the illness can be caught when it is just starting ...

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French magazine causes uproar after putting Israel next to N. Korea as ‘not a real country’

French magazine Youpi had to withdraw its January issue for making the “mistake” of putting Israel next to North Korea as examples of not “real countries.” The magazine, which is aimed at children aged from five to eight, includes trivia card games. On one of the cards, Israel is put on a par with North Korea, both of which are ...

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French school in Lebanon forced to apologize for putting Israel on map

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 02:29 A private French school in Beirut has caused uproar after it emerged one of its text books referred to the land south of Lebanon as Israel, and not Palestine. Under Lebanese law, Israel’s very existence is forbidden from being acknowledged. The transgression first surfaced on social media, when the father of a nine-year-old girl posted ...

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Amazon is putting Alexa in the office

The interface is evolving. What has long been dominated by screens of all shapes and sizes is now being encroached upon by the voice. And while many companies are building voice interfaces — Apple with Siri, Google with Assistant, and Microsoft with Cortana — none are quite as dominant as Amazon has been with Alexa. At the AWS reinvent conference, ...

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Putting a $70mn price tag on friendship: Ukraine seeks to sell cultural center in Moscow

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 14:54 A group of Ukrainian lawmakers are lobbying to repeal a treaty with Russia governing information and cultural centers, which would allow the Kiev government to sell its cultural-center building in Moscow, according to a Russian daily newspaper. Izvestia reported on Tuesday that a number of Ukrainian MPs led by MP Irina Friz have prepared ...

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Kaepernick's charity work putting NFL owners in disgraceful light

How could any NFL owner possibly explain this kind of behavior to fans? The Colin Kaepernick Foundation announced its latest bundle of donations Wednesday. With $ 100,000 slated for three charitable organizations, Kaepernick has now donated $ 800,000 since last fall. In May, Giants owner John Mara told MMQB why some teams might not rush to sign the free-agent quarterback ...

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'SELFISH' Angela Merkel attacked for putting Germany first

The economic powerhouse of the EU has come under fire with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ambitions branded selfish.  Ursula Weidenfeld, a former head of department for economics, told Tagesspiegel: “Germans like to regard themselves as the model-European.  “Without complaining, they are the largest net payer in the European Union.” However, she goes on to claim that while unconcerned with politics ...

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You are EUROPEAN! Macron blasted by EU chief for putting national interests first

GETTY Antonio Tajani has blasted nations in the EU for putting their interests first Italy was left reeling when they were undermined by EU golden boy and new French president Emmanuel Macron. Mr Macron was expected to get onboard with all things Brussels – but has begun carving his own path around the bloc – to the fury of other ...

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Rapper Z-RO Rapped About Putting Hands On GF After Alleged Beating

Rapper Z-RORapped He ‘Put Hands’ On a GFAfter Ex’s Alleged Beating 7/31/2017 1:00 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Houston rapper Z-RO recorded a song with details of a violent altercation with a girlfriend — and his ex claims it’s a confession because he made it shortly after he allegedly beat her.   Sources close to rapper Just Brittany tell TMZ … Z-RO produced the ...

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