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Russia’s new nuclear & other deterrence ensures strategic balance for decades to come – Putin

New weapon systems being developed and put into service would ensure the balance of power in the world for decades, President Vladimir Putin told top generals, outlining the priorities of Russia’s deterrent modernization. In March, the president unveiled a set of brand new weapon systems which are designed to render any capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete. ...

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Putin attends opening ceremony of Crimean Bridge (WATCH LIVE)

Tuesday marks the official opening of a 19km bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula. The ceremony is attended by President Vladimir Putin. The Tuesday opening of the Crimean Bridge comes a day before automobile traffic will be allowed. The Kremlin kept the program of the ceremony secret, only saying that the people who created the massive construction in ...

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Chechen lawmakers seek third consecutive term for Putin as president of Russia

The Chechen parliament has unanimously voted to prepare and draft a constitutional amendment that would allow the same person to remain President of the Russian Federation for three consecutive terms instead of the current two. The parliament of the Chechen Republic decided to draft the legislative initiative allowing one person to remain as Russian president for three terms in a ...

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WWII veteran who walked with Putin after being pushed by his guards tells RT of his many battles

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards pushed away a World War II veteran at the Victory Day parade in Moscow, then Putin himself invited him to walk together. The two turned out to be old acquaintances. Retired major general Dmitry Syrkashev, 94, told RT that he was called up for military service when he was younger than 17. After completing just ...

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Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany during V-Day talks with Putin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used the Victory Day celebrations in Russia to push his idea that Iran is a threat. This time, he virtually likened the Islamic Republic to Nazi Germany. “It is hard to believe that, 73 years after the Holocaust, there is still a country in the Middle East – Iran – that openly calls for ...

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Russia needs to become less oil-dependent in next 6 years – Putin

Newly sworn-in Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree which is set to make the Russian economy less dependent on oil exports in his next six-year term. Read more According to the decree, Russian non-oil revenues should rise to $ 250 billion a year, of which $ 50 billion should come from machinery exports, $ 45 billion from agriculture ...

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Putin blessed by Patriarch Kirill after being sworn in (VIDEO)

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has blessed newly sworn-in President Vladimir Putin in the 15th-century Annunciation Cathedral. The Patriarch performed a prayer service at the cathedral, considered the jewel of Russian architecture. One of the greatest medieval churches in the Russian capital, it once served as a private church of the Muscovite monarchs. After the prayer, ...

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Putin prioritizes economic breakthrough, quality of life in swearing-in speech

After being sworn in as president for the fourth time, Vladimir Putin told Russian citizens that he saw a major economic breakthrough to prosperity as the main goal, adding that only a truly free society is capable of such step. Putin thanked the Russian people for their support and said that he felt a tremendous responsibility for every citizen and ...

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'Current mood: Natalya Poklonskaya,' Twitter trolls ‘nyasha’ MP at Putin inauguration

An image of MP Natalya Poklonskaya leaning against a wall ahead of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration has gone viral, with some saying that her mood resembles their own every day. The photo captured the former chief Crimean prosecutor standing near the entrance of the Andreyevsky Hall in the Kremlin Grand Palace before Vladimir Putin took the oath of office. Poklonskaya has ...

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Putin puts Medvedev candidacy for PM before parliament

Published time: 7 May, 2018 11:43 Edited time: 7 May, 2018 12:33 After the swearing-in ceremony at the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin formally nominated current chair of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, to retain his post. The candidacy is to be confirmed by the Russian parliament. According to the Russian constitution, the government has to resign after the inauguration of ...

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