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Intelligence chief Coats says media twisted his awkward 'say again' response to Trump's Putin invite

US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has blamed the media for spinning a story about his odd reaction to the news of US President Donald Trump inviting Vladimir Putin to a second summit, saying he meant no disrespect. In a statement on Saturday, Coats sought to clarify his incredulous reaction to the breaking news that Trump invited the Russian leader ...

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Trump invites Putin to Washington this autumn – White House

US President Donald Trump has invited his Russian counterpart to visit Washington “in the fall” and the trip is already being discussed, the White House said. Trump “asked Ambassador John Bolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Thursday. “Those discussions are already underway.” In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ...

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Powerful people in US sell their anti-Russian stance to their nation – Putin

There are powerful people in the US who steer the entire country on the path of confrontation with Russia, President Vladimir Putin warned, adding that the Kremlin must take this factor into account. The warning came as Putin was addressing the senior members of the Russian diplomatic corps in Moscow. He spoke off the script to warn Russian ambassadors of ...

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Trump holds Putin responsible for ‘meddling’ because ‘he’s in charge’ of Russia – interview

US President Donald Trump believes Vladimir Putin should be held responsible for alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election after all – since he is the president of Russia, Trump told CBS. The network teased a quote from Trump ahead of airing his interview with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor, which is set to be broadcast at 6:30 pm ...

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US media claims Trump betrayed America with Putin meeting – Republican voters say otherwise

Despite breathless reports insisting that President Donald Trump betrayed America by meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, a vast majority of Republicans approve of his dealings with Moscow, according to a new poll. The Reuters/Ipsos survey, which was conducted after the headline-grabbing summit, found that 71 percent of the president’s Republican base thinks that Trump is doing a good job ...

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Horror handshake: Twitter digs Melania’s facial expression during Putin meeting

Melania Trump was secretly horrified by a handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to some eagle-eyed viewers who believe video footage of her facial expression during the introduction gave the game away. The US first lady was accompanying US President Donald Trump to Helsinki for a meeting with Putin and participated in some of the visit’s official events. The ...

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Coincidence or conspiracy? Lights go out on Trump and Putin when talking about US intel agencies

When Trump was expressing his “full faith” in US intelligence agencies yesterday, the lights suddenly went out — and it’s not the first time a mention of the US intelligence agencies was followed by an unexpected blackout. At the exact moment Trump expressed confidence in US intelligence services, the lights in the room dimmed, causing the president to immediately react ...

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Haters would rather ‘go to war’ than see me getting along with Putin – Trump

In a fresh tweet President Donald Trump has said some people would rather “go to war” than see him getting along with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He added that the “haters” merely want “a boxing match.” Starting the morning with a fresh post, Trump gave credit to his press conference following a landmark gathering with Putin in Finland on Monday. ...

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What did Trump promise Putin? Bring his interpreter to Congress & find out, Democrats insist

Did Donald Trump secretly surrender America to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki? Suspicious Democrats want to know the truth by bringing the State Department interpreter to testify before Congress. The first direct Trump-Putin talks on Monday were savaged by the critics. The US president was branded a “traitor” and “Putin’s poodle,” with political opponents and some members of his own party ...

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