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Facebook’s ‘Russia paranoia?’ Anti-white supremacist page deleted in ‘bad actor’ purge

Facebook’s latest clampdown on ‘inauthentic’ political activity has seen it shut down pages belonging to activists arranging an anti-fascist event. The organizers responded in anger, accusing the social media giant of censorship. Facebook’s latest clampdown on ‘inauthentic’ political activity has seen it shut down pages belonging to activists arranging an anti-fascist event. The organizers responded in anger, accusing the social ...

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Hold for the drop: Twitter to purge locked accounts from follower metrics

Twitter is making a major change aimed at cleaning up the spammy legacy of its platform. This week it will globally purge accounts it has previously locked (i.e. after suspecting them of being spammy) — by removing the accounts from users’ follower metrics. Which in plain language means Twitter users with lots of followers are likely to see their follower ...

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Twitter’s CFO clarifies that its second-quarter user metrics won’t be affected by fake account purge

After a Washington Post report last week that Twitter’s fake account purge might affect its second-quarter user numbers, Twitter’s chief financial officer said on Monday that the clean-up will not affect its metrics. In a tweet, Ned Segal explained that most of the suspended accounts were less than 30 days old or caught at sign up and therefore never counted. ...

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Management purge, US oversight & $1.3bn fine: Trump’s terms to reopen ZTE

China’s telecom giant ZTE will be allowed to buy from US suppliers again if it changes its management team, installs US compliance officers and pays a $ 1.3 billion fine, according to a Trump administration proposal. The US Commerce Department communicated the terms of the deal to Congress on Friday, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed congressional aide. If ZTE agrees ...

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Riyadh used coercion & physical abuse to seize billions in anti-corruption purge, claim detainees

Saudi Arabia’s so-called anti-corruption campaign saw hundreds of the country’s elite arrested about four months ago. Most detainees have been released but witnesses say they are not really free, living in fear and uncertainty. People familiar with the situation told the New York Times that many of the arrested princes and businessmen were subjected to coercion and physical abuse. They ...

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Right-wing outrage as Twitter locks down accounts in ‘bot purge’

Conservative Twitter users are complaining of having their accounts locked in a reported “purge” of right-wing voices on the social media platform. The move, labelled an attempt at “mass censorship” by critics, is thought to be an attempt to rid the platform of automated accounts – or ‘bots’ – set up to artificially amplify conservative campaigns online. Twitter is yet ...

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Saudi Arabia wants investors back after anti-corruption purge

Three months on from Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on corruption — which saw hundreds of the country’s elite arrested — most detainees have now been released, and Riyadh is trying to lure investors back. Sources told Reuters that during recent meetings with the local business community, Saudi officials tried to reassure them that another wave of mass detentions was not on ...

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Saudis may squeeze more than $100bn from arrested billionaires in ‘corruption purge’

Saudi Arabia may collect more than the originally planned $ 100 billion from the detainees in the world’s most luxurious prison – the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh – Bloomberg reports, quoting its sources. The so-called anti-corruption campaign is expected to conclude by the end of the month, according to the media. The amount expected to be collected is roughly equivalent to ...

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‘Arabian Warren Buffett’ arrested in Saudi corruption purge bargains for freedom – reports

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the wealthiest people in the world, is negotiating settlement terms with the country’s government, Reuters reports. The billionaire was held amid a massive anti-corruption purge. The grandson of the first Saudi king, who has been labelled the “Arabian Warren Buffett,” owns the renowned Kingdom Holding Company. He was arrested in November last year ...

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Social media smears GOP Rep Rooney as Russian stooge after call to ‘purge’ FBI & DOJ

Published time: 27 Dec, 2017 18:16 Representative Francis Rooney (R-Florida) sparked a backlash online after he accused elements of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) of harboring bias against President Trump and being part of the ‘deep state.’ “I’m very concerned that the DOJ and the FBI, whether you want to call it ‘deep state’ or what, are kind ...

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