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Waste of cash & state propaganda: French slam Macron’s plan to bring back mandatory military service

The French aren’t embracing President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reinstate national military service by the start of next year. Many have called the proposal a useless waste of money and even something that stinks of propaganda. Macron has attempted to justify the proposal, saying that national service would promote patriotism and “social cohesion” among France’s youth. The plan, which has ...

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Russia rejects US demands to free convicts as propaganda and double standards

US authorities have no moral right to demand the release of convicted inmates, because Washington itself has been convicting Russian citizens in violation international law, Russian diplomats have stated. The Russian embassy in Washington released the statement as a reply to the resolution, in which the US Department of State demanded that the Russian authorities immediately release all people who ...

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Education or propaganda? Nazi WWII re-enactment stirs controversy in Italy (VIDEO)

Anti-fascist groups are up in arms over a previously postponed World War II re-enactment, saying the event’s use of Nazi SS soldier dress normalizes propaganda and military culture. The Cologno Monzes historical re-enactment near Milan was previously cancelled in April due to its focus on a military camp run by Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht unit. A watered down version including other ...

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Media alarmed as Trump taps Bannon’s producer for US propaganda czar

The nomination of Michael Pack to be the chief executive of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has alarmed the US mainstream media, who see him as an ally of President Donald Trump and his former aide Steve Bannon. Trump’s intent to nominate Pack was announced in a June 1 statement by the White House, but it did not get ...

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Kiev’s hoax murder of Russian journalist has power to ‘fuel propaganda’ – NATO chief

The chief of NATO criticized Ukraine for its intelligence stunt involving the staged murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, saying the incident has the power to “undermine” the free press and “fuel propaganda.” Speaking to reporters on Friday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: “I would like to underline that I regret that this incident may undermine trust in the free ...

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‘Every country does it’: Ex-US under secretary of state backs propaganda use (VIDEO)

Richard Stengel, once the fourth-ranking official in the US State Department and a former editor at Time, has seemingly backed the use of government propaganda against citizens during a discussion about ‘fake news.’ The former US under secretary of state in the Obama administration, who was also the managing editor of Time magazine from 2006 to 2013, has made a ...

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Debunked: Video of ‘fake dead Palestinians’ exposes pro-Israel propaganda

A video circulating on social media claiming to be evidence that Hamas is faking deaths in Gaza does not actually portray what has been claimed. And not only that – the footage is more than four years old. The video was shared among pro-Israel social media users in the wake of Monday’s Great Return March protests in Gaza, in which ...

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‘Gruesome propaganda attempt’: White House blames Hamas for Gaza deaths

The White House has accused Hamas of “gruesome propaganda” after Israeli forces killed over 50 Palestinians on the border between Gaza and Israel, as the US celebrated the transfer of its embassy to Jerusalem. This is a “gruesome and unfortunate propaganda attempt” on part of Hamas, deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah told reporters on Monday, adding that Israel ...

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South Korea disrupts launch of defectors’ propaganda leaflets against Kim Jong-un (PHOTOS)

South Korea police have prevented activists from launching balloons and bringing propaganda leaflets to the North, following the landmark summit where the leaders of the two Koreas agreed to cease hostile activities at the border. The activist group, spearheaded by North Korean defectors, gathered in the city of Paju on Saturday, preparing to release propaganda balloons into the North. Ahead ...

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South Korean military to remove propaganda loudspeakers along North’s border

South Korea’s military said it will dismount its propaganda loudspeakers installed along the DMZ, days after the two countries’ leaders agreed to cease all hostile acts and attempt reconciliation. The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said it will begin the removal of loudspeakers from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Tuesday, Yonhap reported. Choi Hyun-soo, the spokeswoman for the ministry, ...

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