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Russia eyeing private military companies market with new legalization bid

Russian MPs are expected within weeks to submit a new draft law regulating private military companies. There is a global market for such services, and some argue Russia is missing out by keeping citizens in a legal minefield. Private military companies (PMC) are the modern-day incarnation of the ages-old institution of mercenary companies – professional soldiers ready to prop up ...

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Private investors buying electric power stations in Russia to mine cryptocurrency

Two electric power stations in Russia have been sold for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining, the Kommersant newspaper reported, citing sources. It is the first such deal in the country. The two power stations are in Perm Region, on the western slopes of the Middle Ural Mountains, and in the neighboring Republic of Udmurtia. The facilities will be used to ...

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Skype adds e2e encrypted ‘private chats’ powered by Signal Protocol

Microsoft-owned VoIP and messaging platform Skype has long been criticized for lacking end-to-end encryption. Which means Skype communications are not protected by a zero access architecture — and the company could be leaned on to provide authorities with your decrypted content data, for example. It’s also previously been shown accessing links sent via the platform. But it is now partially ...

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Panther rips out man’s throat in private Moscow zoo

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 16:24 Edited time: 3 Jan, 2018 16:31 A man, said to be an animal keeper, fell victim to a horrific attack in a private Moscow zoo, as a panther ripped his throat open and escaped from its cage. The owner of the predator has reportedly refused to euthanize it. The attack took place in a ...

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12 dead in private tourist plane crash in Costa Rica (PHOTOS)

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 21:37 A small aircraft carrying 12 has crashed in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There are no survivors, the government confirmed. The Director of Civil Aviation Enio Cubillo said there were 12 onboard the private flight, including two crew members, the Costa Rica Star reports. The passengers are believed to have been tourists staying at a local hotel ...

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Apple's Tim Cook now only uses private jets to travel & gets massive bump in pay

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 14:32 Edited time: 29 Dec, 2017 14:39 The current fiscal year has brought Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook a hefty pay increase as well as a new corporate perk, allowing him to move by personal transport for “all business and personal travel.” “This policy was implemented in 2017 in the interests of security and efficiency ...

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Runaway private jet smashes into building (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published time: 28 Dec, 2017 15:12 The owner of a private jet parked at Malta International Airport could be facing significant repair costs, after the Dassault Falcon 7x aircraft reportedly left its berth and crashed into a nearby building due to strong winds. The sleek plane smashed through a perimeter fence on Wednesday night, and with no pilot at the ...

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Comey's Clinton draft statement heavily edited to water down private email server impact

A release of documents reveals former FBI Director James Comey’s draft statement on the Hillary Clinton email probe was edited several times before he went public with his findings in the case. Comey stated it was “reasonably likely” Clinton was hacked. FBI documents obtained by Fox News on Thursday show that one of several edits to Comey’s original draft statement ...

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GOP-led bills jeopardize public university funds, as private college presidents get richer

The PROSPER Act is one of the Republican-led bills that eliminates some federal student aid programs for lower-income undergraduates. Meanwhile, a new study finds 58 private college presidents raked in at least $ 1 million each in annual salary in 2015. Republicans in the House recently revealed a new bill titled the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success and Prosperity through Education ...

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Amazon is selling its own private label diapers again, now under the Mama Bear brand

Amazon quietly launched its own private label diapers on its site last week, this time under the Mama Bear brand. The brand, which already sells other baby items like baby food and diaper pail refills, is now carrying size newborn through size 6 diapers. However, shoppers will have to request an invite to purchase the items, as they’re still being ...

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