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German court finds fault with Facebook’s default privacy settings

A court in Germany has ruled that Facebook’s default privacy settings and some of its terms and conditions breached local laws. The Berlin court passed judgement late last month but the verdict was only made public this week. The legal challenge, which dates back to 2015, was filed by a local consumer rights association, the vzbv. It successfully argued Facebook’s default ...

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Facebook starts polishing its privacy messaging ahead of GDPR

As the May 25 deadline for compliance with the EU’s updated privacy framework fast approaches Facebook is continuing to PR the changes it’s making to try to meet the new data protection standard — and steer away from the specter of fines that can scale as high as 4% of a company’s global turnover. Today it’s published — for the first ...

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Invasion of privacy? EU court slams ‘gay tests’ for persecuted asylum seekers (DEBATE)

The European Court of Justice has ruled it is wrong to question asylum seekers’ claims of persecution for their homosexuality. RT guests discuss whether psychological testing is justifiable and what possible alternatives exist. “An asylum seeker may not be subjected to a psychological test in order to determine his sexual orientation,” according to a ruling by the European Court of ...

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Facebook’s least favorite Austrian can now press privacy suit in Vienna

A big blow for Facebook today after Europe’s top court delivered a verdict in a long-running legal challenge that opens the door for plaintiff and privacy campaigner, Max Schrems, to sue Facebook in his home city of Vienna. The company had sought to argue that Schrems’ does not have consumers rights on account of his privacy campaigning activities. But in its judgement ...

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Facebook to roll out global privacy settings hub — thanks to GDPR

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has said major privacy changes are coming to the platform later this year, as it prepares to comply with the European Union’s incoming data protection regulation. Speaking at a Facebook event in Brussels yesterday, she said the company will be “rolling out a new privacy center globally that will put the core privacy settings for Facebook ...

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Facial recognition database? Google’s new art selfie app sparks privacy concerns

A new feature of Google’s Art & Culture app, which allows users to find their art doppelganger by uploading a selfie, is being dubbed by some as a “facial recognition database.” The new update to the app, which has been in existence for more than a year, has unleashed a frenzy of activity online as users post images of their ...

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Bitcoin billionaires & privacy crusaders: Tech leaders to follow in 2018

The end of year is a time of reflection for most, but when it comes to the innovating industries of tech, science and space, it’s vital to keep looking forward. Here, RT has compiled a list of eight ‘ones to watch’ for 2018; a list of exciting innovators, influential players and industry leaders worth following into the new year. Elon ...

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Snowden’s new app is a step forward in privacy protection – former MI5 officer

Ed Snowden’s new personal security app can be a good tool to protect individual privacy in the technological arms race of those seeking privacy and its invaders, but it also has a flip side, says a former MI5 intelligence officer. Last week, the president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, Edward Snowden, presented a “personal security system,” Haven, aimed ...

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Bitcoin only good for tech nerds, privacy nuts & criminals – ING analyst

Published time: 22 Dec, 2017 11:15 Dutch multinational bank ING says bitcoin won’t see large-scale adoption, as the cryptocurrency doesn’t have much to offer ordinary people with its basic features a significant hurdle to legalization. “What they regard as key benefits, may actually be impediments to wider adoption… Users will include tech nerds, people obsessed about their privacy, people afraid ...

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Supreme Court justices signal in favor of cell phone privacy

A string of robberies could end up having a major impact on technological privacy rights in the US, after Supreme Court justices expressed concern over warrantless cell phone tower data usage during a hearing on the case. Supreme Court justices heard a case on Wednesday in which authorities obtained 127 days of information from cell phone towers to demonstrate that ...

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