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Trump’s China tariffs could drive up the price of the Apple Watch and Fitbit trackers

A new $ 200 billion round of tariffs on Chinese goods could have some broader implications for U.S.-based hardware companies. New government rulings on the Trump-imposed tariffs single out a couple of key devices buy name, including the Apple Watch, Fitbit trackers and Sonos speakers. Products like smartphones have thus far been unimpacted by fees leading to product price spikes, ...

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American crude price jumps to four-year high on massive US inventory draw

US oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has reached its highest price since 2014 above $ 73 per barrel. Crude prices surged after the United States Department of Energy announced an inventory draw. American crude supplies declined by 9.9 million barrels for the week ended June 22 – the largest weekly decline so far this year. Read more “Record crude ...

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No need for Europe to buy US gas at triple the price, will continue imports from Russia – Austria

The US is force-feeding Europe its liquified natural gas, which is three times more expensive that buying it from Russia, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said after signing a gas-supply contract with Moscow until 2040. While US politicians are accusing Europe of being dependent on Russian gas, they forget that “American liquefied gas is two or three times more ...

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‘The price for this is a kiss’: Duterte slammed over book exchange

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is once again under fire from critics – this time it’s not for his infamously obtuse rhetoric, but for kissing a woman on the lips during a visit to Seoul. Duterte was addressing a meeting of the Filipino community in the South Korean capital when he announced that he would exchange a copy of a book ...

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Gold ‘radically undervalued’ with price about to take off – expert

Against growing crude prices gold is significantly cheap and presents a good buying opportunity, according to Leigh Goehring, managing partner at New York-based firm Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates. The analyst compared the current situation to the one gold and oil markets experienced 20 years ago. “Back in the first quarter of 1999 oil was $ 11 a barrel, gold was ...

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Oil price tops $77 after US withdrawal from Iran deal

The price of crude oil has risen to an almost three-year high, following US President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, as well as bullish US crude inventory numbers. Trump announced the return of a raft of sanctions against the Iranian regime within the next 180 days unless a new, alternative agreement is reached, in ...

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US weapons manufacturers stock price soars as Trump pulls out of Iran deal

While President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal has been negatively criticized by most of the international community it has brought good news for some. Weapons manufacturers. The stock price of all of the top US weapons manufacturers shot up just as Trump announced he’s pulling his country out of the pact which ...

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Iran will ‘pay a price like few countries have ever paid’ if US is threatened – Trump

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Iran “will pay a price like few countries have ever paid” if the Middle Eastern nation threatens the US in any way. The president was speaking at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on the second day of Macron’s state visit to Washington. Trump made his comments while speaking about ...

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Bitcoin offshoot accused of price pumping as crypto market heats up

The cryptocurrency market is hot again after more than three months of losses. The rally leader is bitcoin cash, which has more than doubled in price in April. The reason for the rise of bitcoin cash is reportedly that one of the largest mining groups, Antpool, has been “burning” the bitcoin cash coins it created to solve the mathematical problems ...

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Price of safety? IDF snipers ordered to shoot at any ‘threat,’ even if it is child – ex-general

Anyone, including children, who gets close enough to the Israeli-Gaza border poses a “threat” and could be considered a legitimate target by IDF forces, a retired general said, adding that such a policy ensures Israel’s safety. “At the tactical level, any person who gets close to the fence, anyone who could be a future threat to the border of the ...

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