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Macron UNDER FIRE: President mocked for dates with celebrities as he CRUMBLES in polls

First lady Brigitte Macron greeted the the Umbrella singer in front of the cameras on the steps of the palace after she tweeted the President last month. Rihanna, an education campaigner, wrote: “Bonjour @Emmanuel Macron, will France commit to #FundEducation?” The three then discussed education in the developing world, as Rihanna gushed it was “the most incredible meeting”. Benoit Hamon, ...

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BREAKING: Poland to IGNORE own president and push through reforms in HUGE SNUB to Brussels

Jarosław Kaczyński, the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), declared the reforms will go ahead despite the president’s veto on local television. President Andrzej Duda’s surprise announcement to veto the plans saw him bow down to EU pressure and put him at odds with Prime Minister Beata Szydlo who insists Brussels should not dictate Polish law.  Mr ...

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WATCH: Italian President blasts EU for laughing and joking while his country is in CRISIS

President Mattarella accused the European Union and its member states of taking a “non-suitable” approach to addressing the increasing arrivals of migrants from African coasts to Italian seaports. Speaking to the annual Ambassadors Conference held at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mattarella reprimanded European colleagues for the “borderline quips” he received in response to a continued plea for help ...

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'You're coming across as elitist' Trump aide SLAPS DOWN BBC criticism of US President

Mr Scaramucci accused Maitlis of “coming across as elitist” while discussing Mr Trump’s wealth during their feisty 11-minute interview outside the White House. He hit out at elitist media for constantly targeting the President – such as recent allegations of collusion with Russia. “What is happening right now – which I love – is the elites and the media establishment ...

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Tortured Syrians reveal horrific beatings handed down by guards in President Assad’s jails

President Bashar al-Assad and his Syrian regime have been accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Noura Al-Jizawi, 32, who was a student at Homs university, said: “We females – even the old ladies – were tortured the same way as the men. “We were hung by our feet, electric shocks, our faces beaten into walls and our skin ...

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President Trump continues bashing Jeff Sessions, acting FBI chief

President Trump on Wednesday again attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not canning acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. “Why didn’t A.G. Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Comey friend who was in charge of Clinton investigation but got…….big dollars ($ 700,000) for his wife’s political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives. Drain the Swamp!” Trump wrote in ...

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Politicians respond to President Trump's transgender military ban

In a surprisemove Wednesday morning, President Trump announced via Twitter that transgender people will no longer be welcomed in the U.S. military. Trump, who has been slowly dismantling Barack Obama’s protections of the community, blamed the decision on “medical costs” and the apparent “disruption” the community would cause. Obama’s extended policy would have openly allowed transgender people to serve beginning ...

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President Trump to Boy Scouts, 'Merry Christmas' Is Coming Back

President TrumpI’m Bringing ‘Merry Christmas’ Back… Scouts’ Honor! 7/24/2017 5:09 PM PDT Breaking News Step aside, Santa Claus … President Trump‘s vowing to single-handedly save Christmas. POTUS addressed the Boy Scouts of America Monday at their national convention in West Virginia and got ’em all pumped up for the holiday season. Yes, it’s July. Still, the Prez offered reassurance that ...

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Poland in CRISIS: President says he will VETO judiciary law after EU threats

President Andrzej Duda’s surprise announcement saw him bow down to EU pressure and put him at odds with Prime Minister Beata Szydlo who insists Brussels should not dictate Polish law.  The clash is a huge blow to the ruling Eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) who originally put forward the proposal, which would have included a new law that allowed parliament ...

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Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner defends US President & denies Russia links

Speaking at the White House afterquestioning by Senate investigators, the President’s son-in-law told reporters: “Let me be very clear: I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. “Since the first questions were raised in March, I have been consistent in saying I am eager to share any information I ...

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