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I’m president and you’re not’: Trump mocks CBS anchor in tense 60 Minutes interview

US President Donald Trump stuck his executive privilege in the face of CBS anchor Lesley Stahl during a tug-of-war moment in his interview with CBS, reminding her who was in charge and refusing to make a pledge she demanded. Trump’s big interview to the CBS’ Lesley Stahl, aired in full on Sunday evening, saw a lot of verbal wrestling. The ...

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Trump ‘pee on me’ statues erected in New York, dogs encouraged to urinate on tiny president (PHOTOS)

A New York artist is encouraging dogs to urinate on the US President by leaving small statues of Donald Trump around Brooklyn with the accompanying sign ‘Pee On Me’. The ‘art exhibit’ is by Phil Gable, who serves as creative director for the brand content company Porcupine Armadillo. Gable said the purpose of the installation is to add “a little ...

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‘I’m not ready for massive scolding of Russia’ – EU Commission President Juncker

EC President Jean-Claude Juncker said he is not ready to burn bridges with Moscow. It follows the Netherlands’ claims that Russian intelligence officers attempted to hack the OPCW. Moscow denies the allegations. Despite the disagreements and problems which have been on the rise lately, there is a need for dialogue, Juncker told  Austrian daily Der Standard. “For the reasons of ...

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‘Pandora’s box’ opened by Kosovo recognition, not by attempt to mend ties – Serbia’s president to RT

EU countries have shown great hypocrisy criticizing a rumored land swap between Serbia and Kosovo, Serbia’s leader told RT, pointing out that they were the ones who changed the borders by recognizing the breakaway region. “How can we open a Pandora’s Box?! Who opened this Pandora’s Box in 2008 having accepted, acknowledged and recognized the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo?!” ...

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Rocket hits Afghan govt compound as president holds meeting there – report

Rocket attacks were reported in the capital of Afghanistan’s southern Ghazni province during President Ashraf Ghani’s visit on Thursday. One rocket landed near the house of the governor in the morning, just as the Afghan president was holding a meeting there, local media cited security officials as saying. The other rocket hit the Kabul-Kandahar highway. Neither caused any casualties. READ ...

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US slaps sanctions on wife of Venezuelan president, other loyalists

The US Treasury has reported that it has issued fresh sanctions targeting the ‘inner circle’ of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro “President Maduro relies on his inner circle to maintain his grip on power, as his regime systematically plunders what remains of Venezuela’s wealth. We are continuing to designate loyalists who enable Maduro to solidify his hold on the military and ...

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US President Donald Trump says he expects to hold second North Korea summit 'quite soon'

US President Donald Trump is expecting to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the second time “quite soon.” The American leader did not elaborate on the place and the exact date of the possible meeting. The second summit with Kim is to be worked out in the immediate future, Trump told media on Monday after a meeting at ...

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Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang dies aged 61 – state radio

Published time: 21 Sep, 2018 05:06 Edited time: 21 Sep, 2018 05:43 Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has died in the hospital from a “serious illness despite efforts by domestic and international doctors and professors,” state media reports. Tran Dai Quang passed away in a Hanoi military hospital at 10:05am local time (3:05am GMT) on Friday. The Vietnamese leader was ...

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Sniper Putin: Russian president tests new Kalashnikov marksman rifle (VIDEOS)

Footage captures Russia’s president, who got his hands on a modern sniper rifle from renowned weapons-maker Kalashnikov, picking off targets at a distance of 600 meters. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited an exhibition of the Kalashnikov Concern in Patriot Park outside Moscow on Wednesday. And he didn’t just inspect the military hardware – he got up-close and personal with one ...

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Will Musk's SpaceX launch weapons? ‘Think we would,’ company president says

Elon Musk’s rocket-making company is not only tight with the Pentagon but, if duty calls, could also start launching military weapons, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer has said. SpaceX is known for daring plans to colonize the moon and Mars, and it seems the company is open to including arms in its portfolio of things which they blast into ...

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