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Ohio hospital put on lockdown over possible active shooter situation

An Ohio hospital was put on lockdown after reports of a potential active shooter situation. An “all clear” was eventually given after police searched the building floor-by-floor. Authorities were deployed to The Cleveland Clinic – Medina Hospital in Medina, Ohio, after receiving reports that a woman was in possession of a firearm and threatening people. The Cleveland Clinic tweeted that ...

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Antifa protest at Tucker Carlson's home investigated as possible hate crime

The protesters that descended on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, DC, Wednesday night might face hate crime charges, police said. The activists defaced the host’s home as his wife cowered inside. Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department said it is treating the incident outside the home of the conservative news channel star as a “suspected hate crime,” as they believe ...

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Any fin is possible: Speeding salmon make waves on flooded road (VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Nov, 2018 10:28 Washington residents witnessed some pretty unusual traffic on the roads over the weekend, as dozens of salmon were spotted speeding across the flooded streets. READ MORE: Shark attack: Russians going meme crazy over IKEA’s big plush sharks Video taken by Terry Sue Potter shows the fish dart across the flooded road in Mason County ...

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At long last, pet portraits with background blur are possible on the iPhone XR

The new iPhones have some great new photography features, but the XR lacks a couple, for instance portrait mode for non-people subjects, owing to its sadly having only the one camera. So last year! Fortunately third-party camera app Halide is here to help you get that professional-looking bokeh in your doggo shots. There’s more to this than simply the lack ...

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Possible tsunami warning after 6.8 quake off Greece

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake has struck in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece, triggering warnings of a possible tsunami. The quake hit at a shallow depth of 16.6km (10 miles) below the sea floor. The closest habitation to the epicenter is Lithakia, a coastal village of some 1,300. The USGS lists perceived shaking from a quake such as ...

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Trump impeachment: Is it possible – and how would it play out?

Michael Cohen’s testimony on Monday, that he broke campaign finance laws at Donald Trump’s direction, has renewed calls for Trump’s impeachment or even his removal – but is that likely, and what would actually happen if it did? Impeachment? Without doubt, Cohen’s testimony increases the chances that Trump will face impeachment – but it is not quite as simple as ...

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Vatican covered up sex abuse by 300 ‘predator priests,’ 1000s of victims possible – Penn. grand jury

Authorities in Pennsylvania have released a redacted version of a grand jury report accusing over 300 ‘predator priests’ of sex abuse and the Roman Catholic Church of covering it up for decades. The 900-plus-page report was made public on Tuesday by Attorney General Josh Shapiro, whose predecessor empaneled the grand jury in 2016 to look into allegations of child molestation ...

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The lure of space: Turkey to launch own space agency ‘as soon as possible’

Turkey is going to launch a homegrown space agency by the end of the year, to run aerospace programs and manage relations with other countries in the sector, Mustafa Varank, Turkey’s industry and technology minister, announced. “The Turkish Space Agency will be founded this year… Work to form its organization will be completed as soon as possible,” Varank said in ...

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Possible love triangle motive as video questions NYPD cop’s story over sidewalk shooting

Footage showing an off-duty New York City cop planting an object next to a man he shot has cast doubt over his story that he was being threatened at the time. Reports suggest the men were involved in a love triangle. Surveillance footage of the incident first released by NBC New York shows Ritchard Blake, 40, a police sergeant from ...

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‘Confronting possible enemies’: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards admit holding Gulf naval war games

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has acknowledged its warships took part in a naval exercise in Persian Gulf over the last few days to hone skills in “confronting possible threats” posed by enemies. “This exercise was conducted with the aim of controlling and safeguarding the safety of the international waterway [in the Persian Gulf],” said General Ramazan Sharif, spokesman for Iranian Revolutionary ...

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