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N.Korea slams US for 'hatching a criminal plot' against Pyongyang after Pompeo’s cancelled trip

Published time: 26 Aug, 2018 11:45 Edited time: 26 Aug, 2018 11:46 North Korea has lashed out at the US for ‘double-dealing’ and ‘hatching a criminal plot’ against Pyongyang, days after Donald Trump canceled State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s upcoming trip to North Korea. DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT World News

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Trump cancels Pompeo’s N. Korea trip but sends ‘warmest regards’ to Kim

President Trump has canceled State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s upcoming trip to North Korea, due to take place next week. The President cited a lack of progress towards denuclearization when he announced the cancelation. In a series of tweets Friday, Trump said that “sufficient progress” towards denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was not being made, and blamed China for hindering the ...

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Sale of S-400 to Turkey ‘catastrophic for US’ – Pompeo’s assistant

If Ankara buys the Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft system, it would be catastrophic for the US and could imply a break-up with Turkey, a newly-picked assistant secretary of state told US lawmakers during confirmation hearings. The pessimistic outlook on Washington’s quarrel with Ankara over the Russian weapon system came from René Clarke Cooper, nominated to be the assistant secretary of state ...

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‘US can’t decide for the world:’ Rouhani rejects Pompeo’s Iran demands

Published time: 21 May, 2018 17:45 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has rejected demands made of Tehran by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, vowing to continue “our path,” insisting that the era when the US could “decide for the world” is over. The US government has regressed 15 years, back to “Bush Jr.’s era” and is once again trying to ...

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Senate confirms Pompeo’s appointment as state secretary

The US Senate has confirmed the nomination of former CIA chief Mike Pompeo for the office of the secretary of state. His candidacy was given the green light by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday. Read more Senators voted 57-42 in favor of the candidacy, narrowly overcoming the Democratic resistance to Pompeo. Critics were concerned that his hawkish attitudes ...

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'Bomb Iran & execute Snowden’: Brief history of Pompeo’s foreign policy rhetoric

Newly-installed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doesn’t have a huge amount of experience as a diplomat so what can we expect from the former Kansas congressman now that he is heading US foreign policy? Pompeo landed the top job in the State Department on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump ousted Rex Tillerson. Here’s a flavor of his previous comments ...

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