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Le Pen’s Eurosceptic party beats Macron’s in EU parliamentary election poll

The landslide success of Emmanuel Macron’s party seems to be fading away as the party of his presidential rival, Marine Le Pen, is overtaking his ruling alliance six months ahead of European parliamentary elections, a poll shows. With his ratings rapidly plummeting, the centrist leader who was once the rising star of French politics is losing his position. According to ...

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53% of US undergrads afraid to disagree with outspoken professors on political, social issues — poll

US college campuses have traditionally been known as havens of free speech among students, but now professors are increasingly sharing their opinions — and many undergraduates are afraid to disagree with them, a new survey found. Some 800 full-time undergraduate students at private and public four-year universities took part in the survey earlier this month that was conducted by McLaughlin ...

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57% of Americans believe 2 parties are not enough – poll

A majority of US citizens believe the two-party system is inherently flawed, and there is a need for a third party to reflect the will of the people, a new poll has found. The trend has been stable for the past five years. The new Gallup poll, released on Friday, shows that almost one-in-three US nationals is dissatisfied with the ...

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US troops fear new major war is on the horizon, list Russia & China as top threats – poll

Almost half of military service members believe that the US will be dragged into a new war within the next 12 months, according to a Military Times poll, with Russia and China topping the list of likely nemeses. Around 46 percent of troops who responded to the anonymous survey of currently serving Military Times readers said they thought the US ...

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Russians like China, dislike US, split about EU – poll

The Russian people continue to view China mostly favorably, with 75 percent saying their attitude was good or mostly good, a fresh opinion poll showed. The US remains a disliked nation among Russians. The attitude of Russians towards the Asian powerhouse has improved since January, according to the poll taken by Levada-Center in September. Fifteen percent expressed a very positive ...

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‘End of love story’: Poll says for 2/3 of EU citizens life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc

Nearly two-thirds of EU citizens think that life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc, a recent survey revealed. It probably highlights the end of a love story between Brussels and those living in the union, an analyst told RT. The report which says there is a significant divide between the leadership and the people within the EU was released by ...

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US veterans overwhelmingly want troops out of Afghanistan – poll

A new poll shows a majority of US residents support withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan, 17 years into a war that shows no signs of ending. Support for winding down the interminable conflict is even higher among veterans. The YouGov poll revealed 61 percent of US residents would support the president removing all troops from Afghanistan. Sixty-nine percent of veterans ...

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Half of all Russians and Ukrainians want friendship & open borders between two nations, poll shows

About a half of Ukrainian and Russian people want their countries to remain independent but friendly, with open borders and mutual visa-free regimes for citizens, according to a joint poll by Russian and Ukrainian think tanks. In Russia, 45 percent of respondents supported the idea of a friendly alliance with Ukraine without customs of visa barriers, similar to the relations ...

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Voters unimpressed with Democrats’ Kavanaugh performance, dashing hopes for midterm boost – poll

Democrats thought they would capitalize on outrage over Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but they were wrong, a new poll shows. Pundits and Democratic strategists predicted that there would be electoral consequences for Republicans’ support for Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual misconduct by several women – but a recent CNN poll suggests otherwise. Read more Conducted between October 4-7, as the Democratic ...

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Almost half of younger Russians never heard of Stalinist purges, poll shows

A recent poll in Russia has revealed a very surprising fact – despite the ongoing campaign to immortalize the memory of the victims, almost half of young Russians claim that they have never heard of the Stalinist repressions. The poll was conducted jointly by the government-run public opinion research center VTSIOM and the Gulag museum that has been operating in ...

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