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Russian poll reveals overwhelming support for ban on mobile phones in schools

About three quarters of Russians say they support the idea of banning the use of cell phones and other tech gadgets in schools and believe that children would study better were such measures taken. The data was revealed by the state-run public opinion research agency VTSIOM on Wednesday. A recent poll has shown that 83 percent of the Russian public ...

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French disapprove of Trump, no longer consider US ‘trusted ally’ – poll

With US and the EU locking horns over economic and political issues, only 44 percent of the French see a safe partner in Washington. An overwhelming 80 percent disapprove of the US president’s record, new poll shows. The attitudes of the French towards their most powerful ally have changed drastically since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election 2016, revealed ...

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Putin’s reform proposals quench public discontent, latest poll shows

More than half of Russians say they don’t expect any serious protests in the near future. Researchers link this to Vladimir Putin’s recent speech outling plans to soften the negative effects of the forthcoming pension reform. According to the poll conducted by the state-run public opinion research agency VTSIOM, 55 percent of Russians consider mass protest rallies in places where ...

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US dollar and rouble equally attractive to Russians as means of savings poll shows

About a quarter of Russians said they prefer to keep savings in US dollars but almost an equal share of population said that they consider Russia’s rouble stable enough for this purpose, according to a recent online poll. The research, conducted by the Russian job search portal Rabota.ru earlier this month, also showed that 82 percent of the Russian public ...

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Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

A bizarre video, which appears to show a young boy’s reflection moving before he does, has provoked a flood of reaction online as people offer a range of explanations for the perplexing footage. The video, posted on Twitter by a woman from San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week, features the woman’s son standing in front of a mirror, sticking out ...

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Majority of Russians oppose decriminalization of domestic violence, poll shows

Over half of the Russian public believes that domestic violence should be treated as a criminal offence and only a quarter of Russians support the recent decriminalization of first-time offenders. On Tuesday Russian think tank Public Opinion Endowment released the results of the poll on attitudes to the decriminalization of domestic violence. The poll revealed that 55 percent of Russians ...

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Most Americans favor diplomacy over sanctions when it comes to Russia – poll

Nearly 60 percent of Americans reject Washington’s punitive sanctions and pressure approach towards Moscow, and believe the US should focus on repairing relations with Russia, according to a new poll. Despite the ever-tightening ratchet of US sanctions, only 36 percent of responders believe such a strategy could improve bilateral ties between Washington and Moscow, the Gallup poll revealed Monday. In ...

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African-American support of Trump at 36%, almost double from last year – poll

Support for US President Donald Trump among black voters is currently at 36 percent, almost double the number from last year, according to a new poll. It comes despite reports that a tape exists of Trump using the N-word. The 36 percent approval rating, revealed in a Rasmussen poll on Thursday, is a huge surge from the same day last ...

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Is this sultry sister of ‘Hot Felon’ Meeks? Woman’s mugshot sparks theory (POLL)

A woman reportedly arrested for driving without holding a valid licence could soon become the next criminal to strike it rich after seeing her mugshot go viral. The unidentified blonde’s picture was posted on the Mugshot Baes Twitter account, immediately provoking a reaction from commentators. Some were so taken by the woman’s good looks that they were quick to absolve ...

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Almost 40% of Russians believe vegetarian diet bad for your health, poll shows

Less than one percent of Russians admitted to following a vegetarian diet in a recent poll and well over a third of respondents stated that, in their opinion, a vegetarian diet is harmful to your health. According to the poll conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM at the very end of July, 39 percent of Russians ...

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