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‘Wrong & politically absurd’: German business lobby blasts US over Russian pipeline sanctions threat

US threats to impose sanctions against European companies involved in construction of a gas pipeline link between Russia and Germany have enraged a large German business group. “Threats of US sanctions against European companies invested in Nord Stream 2 encroach on European energy policy,” Wolfgang Buechele, chairman of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ostausschuss), told Reuters. He ...

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Nikki Haley slams UN report on US poverty under Trump as 'misleading & politically motivated'

Washington’s envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has blasted a report on poverty in the US, as “misleading and politically motivated”. The document accuses the Trump administration of deepening poverty and inequality. “It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America,” Haley said in letters addressed to Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts). The ...

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Hitler, KKK & blackface: ‘Politically incorrect’ student party ignites scandal in Australia (PHOTOS)

A student party with a “politically incorrect” theme proved true to its calling, as revelers sported blackface, costumes of Klansmen, death camp prisoners and even Hitler, sparking outrage in the Australian town of Wagga Wagga. Photos from the party, thrown by the students of the Charles Sturt University (CSU), went viral on Friday, sparking outrage in the community. The event ...

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‘Be politically incorrect!’ Controversial bishop tells students to do away with ‘safe spaces’

A controversial Catholic bishop has warned Thomas Aquinas College graduates that standing up for the teachings of the Catholic Church will require doing away with safe spaces and political correctness. Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, told the graduates of the California college during the commencement ceremony earlier this month that they should dare to be “politically incorrect” and ...

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‘Politically correct nonsense’: Alabama governor defends Confederate monuments

Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey released a campaign ad Tuesday, defending a bill she signed last year to protect her state’s Confederate monuments. Ivey called demands to remove the monuments “politically correct nonsense.” “Up in Washington they always know better…politically correct nonsense I say,” runs the ad. “When special interests wanted to tear down our historical monuments, I said no!” ...

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Norway’s politically correct Statoil wants to change name to exclude ‘oil’

Norway’s state oil company has decided to remove ‘oil’ from its name. Statoil is now Equinor as the firm says it’s looking to extend its business beyond oil and gas production, which it plans to continue. Read more “The world is changing, and so is Statoil. The biggest transition our modern-day energy systems have ever seen is underway, and we ...

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UK threat to cut Russian gas supplies politically motivated – Russian energy minister

Politics is behind British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal to reduce gas purchases from Russia, which is bad for competition, according to Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak. “Russia is supplying gas to Europe on absolutely competitive terms and will continue to operate in a competitive environment. Such decisions are politically motivated and are not aimed at increasing competition in the ...

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Russia won’t cut off gas to Europe despite ‘politically motivated’ court decision, says legal expert

A court decision to order Gazprom to pay $ 2.6 billion to Ukraine’s Naftogaz, while “very politically motivated,” is unlikely to end Russian gas supplies to a freezing Europe, labor and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik told RT. Read more Russia’s energy giant announced on Friday that it is going to terminate its contract with Naftogaz for the supply and ...

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UK crackdown on wealthy Russians ‘politically driven by Cold War mentality’ – George Galloway

The UK government this week issued a warning to oligarchs and rich Russians living in Britain and suspected of corruption. They will be forced to explain their luxury lifestyles in the UK as part of a crackdown on organized crime, security minister Ben Wallace said. Officials could seize suspicious assets worth more than £50,000 ($ 70,565). RT talked to George ...

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No regrets? UK university blocks ‘politically incorrect’ research into sex change reversal

A UK university that blocked research into the negative effects and possible regrets after sex change surgery told RT the proposal was refused because of its methodology rather than the sensitivity of the transgender topic. James Caspian, a psychotherapist working with transgender people, wanted to write a thesis on “detransition” of transgender people back to their original sex as part ...

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