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Facebook under fresh political pressure as UK watchdog calls for “ethical pause” of ad ops

The UK’s privacy watchdog revealed yesterday that it intends to fine Facebook the maximum possible (£500k) under the country’s 1998 data protection regime for breaches related to the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal. But that’s just the tip of the regulatory missiles now being directed at the platform and its ad-targeting methods — and indeed, at the wider big data economy’s ...

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'Even King of political eccentricity' has left: Russian FM spokesperson on Johnson's resignation

Boris Johnson’s resignation as foreign secretary highlights that “dirty games” by the UK play out badly for Theresa May’s government, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. Moscow, though, is skeptical things will change. “Do you remember, we’ve warned this dirty multi-stage game will end badly for Theresa May’s government?” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a Facebook post.“Here we go, ...

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Alan Dershowitz claims island lady wants to assassinate him for his political views (VIDEO)

Persecuted Trump defender Alan Dershowitz can no longer brunch at the Martha’s Vineyard yacht club, for fear of being murdered. The Powerful lawyer claims that a nameless lady has threatened to stab him through the heart. Speaking with Tucker Carlson last night, the high profile legal eagle, who has represented such esteemed individuals as billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, said ...

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‘Fake news’ a loosely-defined term used for political gain – Greenwald

The current buzzword ‘fake news’ lacks substance because it has no clear definition and is used by politicians to describe narratives they don’t like, journalist Glenn Greenwald told a panel in Moscow. Greenwald, who is best known for his collaboration with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, which exposed the scale of electronic surveillance conducted by the US and its allies worldwide, ...

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Patriotic’ agent dumps James Woods on Independence Day over apparent political differences

Actor James Woods says he was dumped as a client by his “political liberal” agent in an email on Independence Day, which explained that the agent was “feeling patriotic.” Woods, 71, made the announcement on Twitter and included screenshots of the email correspondence between him and agent Ken Kaplan over the July-4 holiday. Kaplan, whose clients also include Kristen Stewart ...

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Rather & Nunes get dunked on for making LeBron’s Lakers move political

Anyone who thought sports weren’t political should talk to Dan Rather. He has a theory on why LeBron James will soon be playing for the LA Lakers, saying it’s to resist Trump – not the fact that he was offered $ 153.3 million. Rather, 86, has been an outspoken critic of Trump – and so has James. This apparently means ...

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MMA veteran Jeff Monson reveals plans for political career in Russia

Distinguished MMA fighter, and new Russian citizen, Jeff Monson has revealed that he intends to join a municipal legislature, with future ambitions in the federal parliament. “I want to become a member of parliament in Krasnogorsk,” Monson announced on Echo of Moscow talk radio. Krasnogorsk is a relatively large and rapidly developing town in suburban Moscow. The ex-athlete then said ...

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‘Ridiculous & absurd political censorship’: Opposition critics slam Macron’s anti-fake news law

Opposition and critics have lambasted President Macron’s anti-fake news draft law for violating free speech and targeting alternative media. France’s lower house of parliament began discussing the controversial legislation. The draft was proposed by Emmanuel Macron himself after he claimed he was the victim of a barrage of fake news stories during the 2017 presidential election, including allegations that he ...

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Political polyglots: World leaders employ their foreign language skills – with mixed results (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin’s emergency German language interjections during a recent heated interview with an Austrian journalist has begged the question: Which other world leaders have rolled out a foreign language, for better or for worse? At times, the Russian president’s conversation with Armin Wolf, from Austria’s state ORF channel, became so contentious that Putin found himself switching to Wolf’s native tongue ...

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Washington sues Facebook and Google over failure to disclose political ad spending

Facebook and Google were paid millions for political advertising purposes in Washington but failed for years to publish related information — such as the advertiser’s address — as required by state law, alleges a lawsuit by the state’s attorney general. Washington law requires that “political campaign and lobbying contributions and expenditures be fully disclosed to the public and that secrecy ...

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