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‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool (VIDEO)

The holiday spirit was in short supply at a community swimming pool in North Carolina on July 4, where a black woman claims she was racially profiled by a neighbor who called the police after she questioned his request for ID. Jasmine Edwards filmed the bizarre incident at a private pool in Winston-Salem. She says she was reported to the ...

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Sputnik Latvia’s editor-in-chief detained by police in Riga for almost 12hrs

Sputnik Latvia Editor-in-Chief Valentins Rozencovs has been held and interrogated about his work by Latvian police for almost 12 hours. The agency said its journalists face “routine” pressure from officials in Baltic countries. Rozencovs, who is a Latvian citizen, was detained “for conversation” shortly after he landed in the Latvian capital on Wednesday evening. His spent all night answering the ...

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‘Police brutality first hand’: Shocking Austin arrest video sparks internal review (VIDEO)

Startling video footage of an Austin police officer repeatedly punching a restrained man has prompted an internal probe. The footage was captured outside Rain nightclub in downtown Austin, Texas on Wednesday by bystander Patrick King, who posted it online expressing his rage at the “beating”. The video shows the man, who is on the ground, being punched at least five ...

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Police in full riot gear floods Nantes following violent clashes

Hundreds of riot police officers have been deployed to the streets of the western French city of Nantes following violent clashes that erupted in the city earlier after a young man was gunned down by police. Videos posted on social media show heavy police patrols, as well as scores of police minivans, moving along the streets of Nantes on Wednesday. ...

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Torched cars & Molotov cocktails: Fatal police shooting triggers violence in France (VIDEO)

Cars were set alight and Molotov cocktails thrown in violent clashes with police in the French city of Nantes late on Tuesday after a young man was gunned down by police. Triggered by the death of the 22-year-old man, identified by Le Monde as Aboubakar F., who was shot dead Tuesday night, young people took aim at police. Enraged protesters ...

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‘Hesitating’ police officer’s response to Mandalay Bay massacre under review (VIDEO)

New footage showing police officers appearing to hesitate before confronting the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, has prompted a review of the police response to the mass shooting. Footage shows officers leaving an elevator in the Mandalay Bay Hotel one floor below the room from which Stephen Paddock gunned down 58 people. In the footage, released last week, the officers ...

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Shocking viral video of unarmed woman’s arrest by gun-toting police sparks LAPD response (VIDEO)

A viral video showing numerous heavily-armed police officers training their weapons on an unarmed woman has prompted a response from the Los Angeles Police Department, which says there is more to the situation than meets the eye. The police officers swooped on a dark-colored Lexus in Inglewood, California, on Monday. Footage filmed by a passerby shows the moment at least ...

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At least 9 injured in knife rampage in Idaho, some ‘in critical’ condition – police

A knife rampage in the state of Idaho left at least nine people injured, police confirmed. The attack happened at an apartment complex which also houses refugees. A suspect has been detained by authorities. The assault happened in Boise at 9pm on Saturday. It was described by Police Chief William Bones as involving the highest number of people injured on ...

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Woman falls through ceiling, man gets tasered in botched escape from Canadian police (VIDEO)

Escaping a convenience store with a can of soda proved an impossible task for a couple of Canadians who, in their cinematic getaway attempt, wrestled police, got tasered and fell through a ceiling, before ending up in jail. The botched attempt to avoid justice at a Spruce Grove convenience store in Alberta occurred after a suspicious pair of Canadians tried ...

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Police slammed for tasing unarmed black man as VIDEO of him writhing in pain goes viral

Disturbing footage of a police officer using a stun gun on an unarmed black man has gone viral. Concerned citizens took to Facebook to slam police for excessive use of force and giving “confusing” instructions to suspects. Police in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania say they received a call on Thursday morning, claiming there was “a male with a bat.” ...

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