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Nuclear material stolen a year ago still missing, police give up search – report

US authorities have been accused of hushing up an incident in which officials lost plutonium and cesium samples after their car was looted. Police have long-since given up on efforts to locate the nukes, a new report says. The security experts from the Idaho laboratory were in Texas to take dangerous radioactive materials from a non-profit research lab in the ...

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‘Police hunt in black communities, protect & serve in white ones’ – Ex-NYPD cop tells RT

Violent protests have broken out after a Chicago policewoman shot and killed a black man, who bodycam footage revealed to be armed. RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze sat down with an ex-NYPD cop to discuss the force and police racism. Harith Augustus died after being shot in the back at least five times by a female police officer, according to a Chicago ...

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‘Murderers!’ Violent protests erupt after Chicago police shoot armed man (VIDEOS)

Violent protests broke out in Chicago, prompting several arrests, after a police officer fatally shot an armed man on Saturday evening following a brief confrontation. Protesters and police faced each other in a heated stand-off at the cordoned-off scene in the predominantly black South Shore neighborhood after a man was shot by an officer. Angry locals chanted “Murderers!” at police ...

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Police arrest 2nd suspect in rapper XXXTentacion’s murder

Published time: 11 Jul, 2018 14:52 Edited time: 11 Jul, 2018 14:52 Police in Florida have arrested a second man in connection with the murder of up-and-coming rapper XXXTentacion in June. Michael Boatright, 22, is facing first-degree murder charges for his alleged role in the shooting. Boatright was picked up by police on an unrelated drug charge last week, and ...

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US police drag woman face-down by feet during arrest at Atlanta ICE protest

Atlanta police have released bodycam footage following anger over a viral video of a woman screaming and being dragged by her feet by officers during her arrest at an anti-ICE protest which officers claim was violent. Protesters were picketing the local offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week, over President Donald Trump’s now-suspended policy of detaining children of ...

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BBC journalist drugged & robbed in Moscow, suspects detained – police

Two suspects have been detained in Moscow for allegedly drugging and robbing a British national, accredited journalist with BBC covering the World Cup, who unwisely drank a serving of “coffee” while riding an unlicensed taxi cab. Read more The incident occurred early in the morning on Friday when the victim caught a “taxi” in central Moscow. There were two men ...

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'Law like Third Reich': Protest against extra surveillance powers for German police (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Thousands of demonstrators have hit the streets of Dusseldorf, Germany to protest against a proposed law that would expand police surveillance powers in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The rally saw protesters march through the city center to the state parliament to speak out against the proposed legislation, which would allow police to monitor and intercept phone calls ...

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Police ‘find 81 grams of narcotics inside woman’s vagina’

Cocaine, marijuana, MDMA – you name it, and one suspected Wisconsin drug dealer could have a fist-sized bundle of it packed away somewhere discreet. READ MORE: Injured woman begs people not to call ambulance because she can’t afford it When police searched a car driven by Jaral McCollum and his girlfriend Desiree Webster in Shawano in the north of the ...

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‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool (VIDEO)

The holiday spirit was in short supply at a community swimming pool in North Carolina on July 4, where a black woman claims she was racially profiled by a neighbor who called the police after she questioned his request for ID. Jasmine Edwards filmed the bizarre incident at a private pool in Winston-Salem. She says she was reported to the ...

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Sputnik Latvia’s editor-in-chief detained by police in Riga for almost 12hrs

Sputnik Latvia Editor-in-Chief Valentins Rozencovs has been held and interrogated about his work by Latvian police for almost 12 hours. The agency said its journalists face “routine” pressure from officials in Baltic countries. Rozencovs, who is a Latvian citizen, was detained “for conversation” shortly after he landed in the Latvian capital on Wednesday evening. His spent all night answering the ...

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