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Japan’s ‘hopping rovers’ successfully land & send first images from Ryugu asteroid (PHOTOS)

A pair of tiny JAXA robots, released by the Hayabusa2 probe, have successfully landed on the Ryugu asteroid and began transmitting images from the surface of the “potentially hazardous” object four years after the mission launch. The first images from the astronomical object flying at some 300 million kilometers from the Earth were received by Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) ...

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Thousands of spiders descend on Greek town & cover it with 300-meter-long web (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Sep, 2018 04:44 Those suffering from Arachnophobia or who are just not fond of the eight-legged creatures should, for a while, stay clear of visiting Western Greece, where a 300-meter-long cobweb covered the coastal area in the town of Aitoliko. The breathtaking scenery of clear blue Mediterranean Sea waters in Aitoliko has been spoiled by a massive ...

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3 dead, 5 million people at risk as Philippines’ strongest typhoon makes landfall (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Three people have already died as one of the strongest typhoons in the history of the Philippines makes landfall. Super Typhoon Mangkhut is expected to affect up to five million people. Mangkhut, known locally as Ompong, has recently been downgraded to a category-4 Atlantic hurricane. It is essentially a huge 900km (560-mile) rain cloud which could, when mixed with seasonal ...

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Gas explosions set homes north of Boston on fire (PHOTOS)

At least 70 buildings north of Boston, Massachusetts have been set ablaze by what appears to be a ruptured gas line, police have confirmed. Authorities are evacuating residents from parts of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. The residents of the three communities north of Boston, serviced by Columbia Gas, have been ordered to evacuate immediately after a reported gas line ...

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‘Millions of water bottles’ left on Puerto Rico runway a year after Hurricane Maria (PHOTOS)

FEMA has confirmed that a huge stockpile of bottled water, sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, has been sitting on a runway for a year – despite Donald Trump branding the US response an incredible success. Photos of the consignment were shared online by photographer Abdiel Santana who estimated there were possibly millions of water bottles ...

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Belgrade airport closed after EgyptAir flight suffers multiple tire blow-outs on landing (PHOTOS)

Published time: 12 Sep, 2018 08:19 Edited time: 12 Sep, 2018 08:53 Belgrade airport has been temporarily shut after an EgyptAir flight experienced multiple tire blowouts, leaving it stuck on the runway. Flight MS3100 from Cairo to Belgrade arrived at 02:10 UTC but suffered several tire blowouts during landing. The aircraft was unable to leave the runway forcing more than ...

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1mn march for Catalonia's independence as referendum anniversary nears (PHOTOS)

Around one million people have taken to the streets of Barcelona to demand Catalonia’s independence from Spain and call for the release of jailed secessionists. Photos showed a sea of people walking through a six kilometer (3.7 mile) stretch of the city, most of whom were dressed in the colors of the Catalan separatist flag, known as the “estelada.” Some of the ...

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Back in the USSR: Prim Soviets had show exactly like new swimsuit-free Miss America (PHOTOS)

In the age of #MeToo, Miss America has dropped the swimsuit round, and now calls itself a competition, not a pageant. The new format resembles a popular Soviet show, ironically created as a chaste answer to Western decadence. After “ushering a new era of progressiveness” this year following a sexism scandal, the 97-year-old Miss America contest, which started out as ...

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Elephants & giraffes caught in snow as South African spring takes unusual turn (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Winter had apparently come and gone for South Africa’s Western Cape and residents were looking forward to enjoying the warmer spring weather. Mother nature had different ideas this past weekend, however. Thanks to an intense cold snap which gripped much of South Africa’s Cape region, some substantial snowfalls were recorded to mark the onset of spring in a somewhat unorthodox ...

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State of emergency: Evacuations as raging Hurricane Florence inches closer to East Coast (PHOTOS)

South Carolina has ordered the mandatory evacuation of its entire coast, and evacuations were also ordered for several North Carolina towns, as Category 4 Hurricane Florence continues her aggressive pursuit towards the states. The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, ordered the mandatory evacuation of the state’s entire 187-mile coastline at noon on Tuesday. NEW: Florence is now a category ...

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