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‘Globo promotes coups!’: Brazilian protesters storm pro-Temer newspaper office (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hundreds of protesters have raided the offices of O Globo, one of Brazil’s most-read newspapers, on International Women’s Day, to protest over its support of President Michel Temer, whom they accuse of taking power in a “coup.” At around 5.30am on Thursday morning, buses carrying members of activist groups such as Rural Landless Movement (MST), Popular Youth Uprising, Movement of ...

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Pizza planet? NASA’s striking new Jupiter images detail gas planet cyclones (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The cyclone-infested upper atmosphere of our solar system’s biggest planet has been unveiled in intricate detail, with striking new images from NASA’s Juno probe. Mission data shows Jupiter’s storms run far deeper than thought. While Jupiter’s upper atmosphere has been extensively studied already, what lies beneath has been shrouded in mystery – and a lot of gas – until now. ...

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Google brings Lens to all Google Photos users on Android

Google Lens, the company’s visual search engine that can recognize what’s in your images and scan business cards, among other things, is now rolling out to all Google Photos users on Android. This marks Google’s first major expansion for Lens, which was previously only available to those who had access to the latest Pixel phones. On those phones, Lens also ...

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Shaken & stirred: Japan’s ‘James Bond volcano’ spews massive cloud of smoke (PHOTOS)

Japan’s Shinmoedake volcano sent large plumes of smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air Tuesday. The volcano, featured in the 1967 James Bond movie, ‘You Only Live Twice,’ is expected to continue erupting for “some time.” Shinmoedake is located on the island of Kyushu, 985 km (616 miles) from Tokyo, in a rural area, and no injuries have ...

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US Navy boasts ‘historic first’ shipboard deployment of F-35B to Pacific (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The US Navy boasts that it has deployed its first carrier-load of F-35B stealth attack planes to the Pacific Ocean. The USS Wasp departed Japan with an airworthy squadron of the super-expensive jets aboard. “Pairing F-35B Lightning IIs with the USS Wasp represents one of the most significant leaps in warfighting capability for the Navy-Marine Corps team in our lifetime,” ...

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1,200 pages of 'gay' priests' explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

A dossier, which purports to expose the double life of 34 Italian priests, has been submitted to the Vatican by the by the Archdiocese of Naples. The lawyer-turned-gay escort who compiled the list claims the clerics were all gay. In the latest scandal to rock the Catholic church, 34 priests and six seminarians were identified as homosexuals in an explosive ...

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6 people, incl 2 children, killed by brutal winter storm on US East Coast (PHOTOS)

At least six people, including two children, have been killed on the East Coast of the United States after a powerful winter storm slammed the region with strong winds, heavy rain and snow. A six-year-old boy was killed after a falling tree struck him while he was sleeping in his home in Chesterfield County, Virginia, according to authorities cited by ...

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Dubai tests driverless pods in a bid to become world’s smartest city (PHOTOS)

Dubai is testing its futuristic driverless pods – taking another step forward in its bid to become the world’s smartest city and its goal of making a quarter of daily transportation autonomous by 2030. The self-driving pods, launched in cooperation with Next Future Transportation, spun around a main street in Dubai during testing. The electric vehicles are designed to travel ...

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World’s oldest: Over 5000yo figural tattoos discovered on Egyptian mummies (PHOTOS)

Horned animals and geometric motifs have been found tattooed on two Egyptian mummies. One male and one female, the mummies date back more than 5,000 years. Over a century after their initial discovery, the naturally mummified bodies have revealed new secrets. What appeared to be dark smudges on their skin have in fact turned out to be tattooed images, now ...

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Rifle-toting couples blessed in bizarre church ceremony (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of gun-toting parishioners descended upon a rural Pennsylvania church on Wednesday to have their marriages (and AR-15s) blessed. Some participants even sported crowns made of bullets. In a bizarre ceremony contrived by the son of deceased cult leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon, women dressed in white and men in dark suits paraded around the Unification Church – whose members ...

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