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Fireworks, freezing and flames: How the New Year was celebrated across America (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 13:28 From New York to Las Vegas, America’s major cities put on impressive parties to ring in the New Year on Sunday night. New York New Yorkers braved temperatures of 10°F (-12°C) in order to usher in 2018 in Times Square – one of the most renowned New Year’s celebrations in the world. After a ...

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Sex dolls to Salmonella: Here are the weirdest things we’ve sent to space (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Humans have blasted some impressive objects into outer space over the decades in the name of research and exploration. Yet some things which have made it into orbit have been downright bizarre. In a year when space gained its first brewery – that we know of – RT takes a look at some of the weirdest things that have left ...

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Thousands flee fireworks blasts as New Year’s celebrations go wrong at Aussie beach (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 06:22 Two people were injured and thousands had to flee after a barge carrying fireworks caught fire at an Australian beach. Photos and videos on social media show a huge explosion causing a flaming inferno and people shouting. The fireworks erupted at Terrigal Beach in New South Wales on Sunday evening. Two men operating the ...

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12 dead in private tourist plane crash in Costa Rica (PHOTOS)

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 21:37 A small aircraft carrying 12 has crashed in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There are no survivors, the government confirmed. The Director of Civil Aviation Enio Cubillo said there were 12 onboard the private flight, including two crew members, the Costa Rica Star reports. The passengers are believed to have been tourists staying at a local hotel ...

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N. Korea releases stamps marking latest ICMB launch (PHOTOS)

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 09:06 North Korea has released stamps celebrating the recent launch of the Hwasong-15 ICBM, which it claims is capable of hitting the US mainland. Apart from the missile, the stamps show the North Korean leader overseeing the test. North Korea fired the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which splashed down in the Sea of Japan, ...

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Hundreds protest US military flights over Okinawa schools after 2 dangerous incidents (PHOTOS)

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 01:41 The chain of recent incidents involving US military aircraft has prompted Okinawans to stage a protest against the military facility located near their homes, citing safety concerns for their children. Hundreds of residents of the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, took to the streets Friday to protest US military aircraft flying over local schools, endangering youngsters. ...

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Fire rips through 12-storey Manchester apartment building (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 20:19 Edited time: 30 Dec, 2017 20:39 A fire at a 12-storey residential building in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Saturday evening triggered a major emergency response. Video from the scene shows firefighters swiftly bringing the blaze under control. There were no fatalities at the Lighthouse building fire, though one person was hospitalized and ...

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Niagara Falls ‘freezes’ as big chill grips Eastern US (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 19:07 North America is currently experiencing a particularly severe and protracted cold snap resulting in major car accidents, a state of emergency, sharks freezing to death and even now Niagara Falls is experiencing the Arctic blast. The waters of the majestic falls themselves has yet to succumb to the polar winds, but the surrounding area ...

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Icy mammoths reappear in Russia’s coldest city ahead of New Year (PHOTOS)

Published time: 30 Dec, 2017 03:07 Although wooly mammoths have long vanished from Earth, residents of Russia’s Yakutia Republic capital got a rare opportunity to gape at two icy statues of the mighty beasts ahead of the holiday season. The sculpted figures could be easily confused with the real ancient creatures that once roamed Earth’s surface, given the thick winter ...

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Egg-splosive: Spanish town erupts into day-long food & firework fight (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 21:00 Revelers have once again descended on the Spanish town of Ibi to stage a mock coup in which the only weapons are flour, eggs and the occasional firecracker. It may look and sound like a war zone but the festival of Els Enfarinates – also known as the Day of the Innocents – is ...

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