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Passenger injured after boarding bridge collapses at Pakistan airport (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published time: 9 Oct, 2018 07:23 Edited time: 9 Oct, 2018 07:53 A metal bridge designed to allow passengers board aircraft has collapsed at Islamabad International Airport, injuring one person, according to reports from Pakistan. The incident unfolded early on Tuesday morning on the apron of Pakistan’s second-busiest airport. According to Dawn newspaper, a passenger-bridge operator was injured when the metal ...

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Explosion at ammunitions depot prompts evacuations in Ukraine (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Some 10,000 people from near the city of Chernigov in northern Ukraine were evacuated after powerful explosions rocked a local munitions depot. The area has been put on lockdown for air and land travel. The first reports of explosions at the arsenal in the town of Ichnia came in the depths of the night, at 3.30 am, the Ukraine’s General ...

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Jogger finds lion cub caged & abandoned in Dutch field (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A jogger was enjoying their early morning exercise on the outskirts of Utrecht in the Netherlands Sunday when they happened upon an extremely cute, but highly unusual guest in the area: a four-month old lion cub in a cage. “I have travelled all over the world to stun animals, even lions and tigers, but I’ve never experienced anything like this,” ...

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'Right out of Hollywood': Crazy 3 car collision stuns police (PHOTOS)

The aftermath of a bizarre three car collision that saw a pickup truck flip through the air and land on top of another vehicle has been shared by authorities in Prescott, Arizona. The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office released images of the “remarkable” car pile up on Facebook after the crash took place on Williamson Valley Road on Sunday evening. The ...

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‘Aliens are real’: SpaceX West Coast launch freaks Californians out (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Residents across California were dumbfounded and awe-struck Sunday night as a strange object ignited the night sky. While many people’s first instinct was to think aliens were en route, it was, in fact, a SpaceX rocket launch. Despite repeated warnings during the week in the build-up to the launch, it appears many residents in California didn’t get the memo. Welp, ...

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Anti-Kavanaugh protesters take to Capitol steps, arrests reported (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters have broken through barriers and entered the steps of the US Capitol ahead of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court vote. Donald Trump also tweeted that “women and others” who support the judge have gathered. WATCH LIVE: Senators speak on Kavanaugh ahead of crucial SCOTUS nominee confirmation vote Images posted online show protesters standing on the steps of the ...

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8yo girl pulls 1,500yo sword from Swedish lake in King Arthur-like discovery (PHOTOS)

An eight-year-old girl made an amazing discovery when she unearthed an ancient sword thought to be from the Iron Age from the bottom of a lake in Sweden. Saga Vanecek was skimming rocks at Vidöstern lake in Tånnö, Småland this summer when she made the “spectacular” discovery. READ MORE: ‘Mysterious’ 1,100yo Viking sword discovered on remote mountain (VIDEO, PHOTOS) “I ...

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Obstruction of justice? 300 anti-Kavanaugh protesters arrested in Washington (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Hundreds of protesters, including prominent #MeToo celebrity figures Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski, have been arrested in Washington DC during another protest against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. READ MORE: Grassroots outrage? Soros-funded activists behind anti-Kavanaugh campaign Thousands of women took to the streets of the US capital in a last-ditch effort to appeal to senators to ...

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Vodka & fur: Limited edition of Russia’s Ural motorbike released in Austria (PHOTOS)

The Austrian dealership for Russian Ural motorbikes has released a limited edition of the iconic vehicle, themed after a Trans-Siberian Express train. The bike is packed with old-fashioned styling and a bottle of vodka. The custom bike, dubbed Ural Transsib, is based on Ural CT model, yet it features a more powerful engine, custom fork, windscreen for the sidecar and ...

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‘Near collision’: Leaked photos show Chinese ship chasing away US destroyer in South China Sea

Four photos apparently depicting the moment a Chinese destroyer had a close encounter with USS Decatur in the South China Sea have surfaced online, showing the blockbuster ‘near collision’ encounter of the two navies. The US Navy pictures, obtained by gCaptain website and authenticated by a naval source to Stars and Stripes, depict the tense encounter of the Arleigh Burke-class ...

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