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‘It’s a death sentence’: Thousands protest massive migrant deportation in Israel (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Thousands of protesters have rallied in Tel Aviv to decry the government’s mass expulsion scheme, due to start in April. Some refugees fear that their lives could be in danger after deportation to a third county. Some 25,000 African migrants and their supporters gathered in Rabin Square Saturday evening to condemn the controversial plan to forcefully deport asylum seekers. Mostly ...

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'Go to jail!' Japanese protesters hit out at Abe over cronyism scandal, constitution (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Protesters took to the streets of Tokyo to demonstrate against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, calling for him to resign amid a cronyism scandal. The crowds also voiced opposition to revising Japan’s post-war pacifist constitution. Hundreds of demonstrators turned out for the Sunday protest, carrying banners which read “Go to jail, Abe!” and “No constitutional revision or war!” One sign depicted ...

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4 children die in massive shopping mall blaze in Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

At least four children have died in a shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, where a huge fire broke out Saturday. Emergency services continue to rescue those trapped inside the building. The fire broke out on Saturday afternoon local time, with emergency services working to rescue those trapped in the building. Rescuers have managed to get some 120 ...

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Bikini-clad Russian women brave icy waters in Far East (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 25 Mar, 2018 09:01 Icy waters and freezing temperatures do not stop ice-swimming enthusiasts from splashing about in Russia’s Far East. The bikini-clad women leave their audience in awe as they post pictures and videos of their adventures. Some Russians prefer bringing summer themselves rather than waiting for it, just like this group of ice-swimmers from the Far ...

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Like on Mars: African dust & sand turn Sochi snow slopes yellow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Mar, 2018 10:47 A mix of sand and pollen has covered Russia’s Sochi resort, leaving its mountains looking like sand dunes. However, the Martian landscape didn’t stop enthusiasts from hitting the hazy yellow slopes and posting apocalyptic photos. Social media has been flooded with photos of the thick layer of yellowish dust on the snowy slopes of ...

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Japan restarts Genkai nuclear reactor after 7yr halt despite locals’ protest (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Hundreds of local residents have protested outside Genkai power plant in Japan, in a last-ditch effort aimed at preventing the Genkai power plant from restarting on Friday, after a seven-year break in operations. Throughout this week locals living on 17 islands within a 30-kilometer radius of the Genkai plant have been staging protests trying to convince the government not to ...

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Clashes in Barcelona as thousands protest over jailing of Catalan leaders (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Barcelona to protest against a Supreme Court decision to prosecute 13 Catalan independence leaders on rebellion charges and to jail five of them ahead of their trials. Supreme court judge Pablo Llarena ruled that 13 Catalan leaders be put on trial for their part in last year’s Catalonia independence referendum. He ...

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US stages Alaska drills ‘to fight & win Arctic’ in face of Russian dominance (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

It seems the battle for Arctic dominance continues with US forces conducting large-scale military exercises in Alaska this month to train troops “to fight and win in the Arctic.” The Arctic is a mineral-rich area and important strategic zone, particularly as melting ice makes the region more accessible. While many nations, including Finland, Norway, Canada and Sweden, have civilian research ...

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Assad visits troops and civilians in eastern Ghouta (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Syrian President Bashar Assad has visited eastern Ghouta on Sunday for the first time in years, where a military operation to retake the area from militants is ongoing and a steady stream of civilians are fleeing to safety. Footage and photos released by the presidency and state media SANA show Assad meeting with frontline soldiers and some of those displaced ...

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Out of this world: NASA captures stunning snap of colorful Crab Nebula (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

NASA has released a spectacular image of the majestic Crab Nebula in the constellation of Taurus. The image is a composite of a series captured by the agency’s x-ray, optical and infrared satellites. First recorded by astronomers in 1054 AD, the Crab Nebula was formed when a star exhausted its supply of nuclear fuel and collapsed. Now, it is powered ...

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