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Blame the swamp: Sinkhole opens on White House lawn (PHOTOS)

A sinkhole has opened up near the White House press briefing room on the north lawn, prompting a wave of derision online as social media users revelled in the unique karma of the event. During his election campaign, Donald Trump famously vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington. Of course, the city itself was actually built on a swamp and, ...

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Private jet from Texas splits in half on takeoff in Honduras (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A private plane has crashed on a road in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, shortly after it took off from the runway. At least six people were injured, none fatally, with photos showing the plane being broken in half. [embedded content] The Honduran Aviation Agency said that the incident took place at 11:15 am [5:15 pm GMT] on Tuesday as the plane was ...

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Young photographers’ works shortlisted for contest in memory of journalist Andrei Stenin (PHOTOS)

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, a competition for young photographers which was named after a journalist killed in Ukraine, has published a shortlist picked from 6,000 entries, submitted from 77 countries. The number of photos submitted from foreign countries has doubled compared to the last year’s contest. “Clearly, this year, the contest has not only made another breakthrough ...

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Hawaii power plant shuts down after lava from Kilauea volcano flows onto site (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A geothermal power plant has been forced to completely shut down after Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano entered a more violent stage, shooting fountains of red into the vicinity and threatening the release of toxic gases from the site. Crews at the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) plant worked overnight to cap the 11th and final well at the site, which provides 25 ...

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‘Comprehensive slaughter’: Barbarian savagery unearthed in 1,000yo bones (PHOTOS)

A barbarian mass grave dating from the first century CE shows the “comprehensive slaughter” of the local young, male population and how their corpses were handled in the aftermath, according to the team that uncovered them. The violent and ritualized behavior of barbarians after battles became the stuff of legend. Before the Romans, however, we have little to no written ...

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If a bouquet is an affront, Putin is a serial offender (PHOTOS)

Bild’s suggestion that giving flowers to a woman may be a veiled political insult after Vladimir Putin welcomed Angela Merkel with a bouquet has made quite a stir in Russia, with angry denials coming from way up. The Russian president greeted the German chancellor with a floral present during her visit to Sochi last week. The German tabloid, which is ...

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Girl power: Fuel tanker demolished by giant haul truck driven by… a woman (PHOTOS)

Social media was sent into overdrive after dramatic pictures surfaced showing a Kamaz fuel tanker run over by an enormous BelAz haul truck. What sparked the tart-tongued comments was the fact the BelAz was driven by a woman. The incident happened in Russia’s Kemerovo region of Siberia on Friday. The woman was driving a BelAZ – one of the world’s largest, ...

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Saudi daredevil v speeding truck: Bizarre viral stunt ends in arrest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A Saudi man who became a viral hit after jumping right in front of an oncoming truck as part of a dangerous stunt has been arrested over the incident. READ MORE: Viral ‘grad with rifle’ image continues to cause a stir as Jim Carrey joins the debate  Nail-biting footage posted to social media shows the man inexplicably jump from the bonnet ...

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Hawaii ‘laze’ alert: Even lava cooling in the sea is horrendously dangerous (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hawaii residents are facing a new threat from the Kilauea volcano as lava has begun to flow into the ocean, creating an acutely acidic side-product called ‘laze.’ Laze, incorporating the words ‘lava’ and ‘haze,’ is a mix of hydrochloric acid, steam and fine glass particles. It is created when super-hot lava hits the cooler sea water. It can cause lung, ...

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Hitler, Jacko and Maradona: Statues and waxworks best forgotten (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A French museum has been forced to rethink its wax tribute to Emmanuel Macron following widespread ridicule. The institution may yet melt down the ‘president’ after an appearance on TV saw viewers compare it to a crazed robot. The French leader is not the first person to fall victim to a poorly mastered waxwork or statue. Historical and contemporary figures ...

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