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250 injured in clashes between anti-government protesters & riot police in Romania (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of people have been injured after a massive anti-corruption rally in Bucharest, spearheaded by expats calling on the government to resign, turned violent, forcing riot police to use water cannons and tear gas. Bucharest’s Victoriei Square became a scene of violent clashes with police warning the protesters in advance that they would not tolerate disorder. Despite the warnings, several ...

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Ancient Mayan discovery: 7,000yo skeleton unearthed in Mexican cave (PHOTOS)

Human remains dating back as far as 7,000 years have been found in a cave in southern Mexico. Experts believe the skeletons belong to the earliest-known ancestors of the country’s ancient Mayan civilization. READ MORE: ‘Elaborate underworld’ of Mayan pyramids to be explored by archaeologists Researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropological History (INAH) discovered three sets of remains during ...

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews clash with police over Israeli military draft law (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Nearly 20 activists have been arrested in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews clashed with police over the recent arrest of a yeshiva student who tried to evade military service. Some 500 members of the radical Jerusalem Faction took to the streets of Bnei Brak on Monday, causing traffic mayhem. During the rally, organizers instructed ...

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Raging Mendocino Complex fire becomes largest in California history (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The raging Mendocino Complex fire has officially become the largest wildfire in California’s history, authorities have confirmed. Firefighters continue to battle the blaze, which is currently only 30 percent contained. “We broke the record,” state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Scott McLean said. “That’s one of those records you don’t want to see.” The Ranch and River fires ...

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Huge explosion near Bologna Airport (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 6 Aug, 2018 12:16 Edited time: 6 Aug, 2018 12:59 An enormous explosion near Bologna Airport in Italy was caused by an accident on the highway, according to the police. Video footage from the scene shows huge columns of billowing into the air following the blast. Several social media users captured footage of the massive explosion which showed ...

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Cessna plane crashes in California parking lot, killing all 5 on board (PHOTOS)

Five people were killed after a Cessna 414 plane fell from the skies onto a car parked in front of an office supplies store in Santa Ana on Sunday afternoon. In what local authorities call a miracle, no one was hurt on the ground. The twin-engine 1973 Cessna light plane, bound for John Wayne Airport in Orange County, had roughly ...

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The Perseids: Astronomers prepare for Earth to ‘plow’ into fiery meteor shower (PHOTOS)

A glowing shower of meteorites is set to light up the night skies this August as hundreds of burning space rocks wipe out in Earth’s atmosphere, much to the delight of stargazers across the globe. The Perseids is a prolific shower of fiery space particles that has streaked over our planet annually for generations as Earth encounters debris falling off ...

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Germany’s ‘hottest female cop’ swaps service for leisure (PHOTOS)

Uniformed service came to be too tough for Germany’s “hottest policewoman” who decided to take her time off and spend half a year chilling out and wearing revealing attire – much to the delight of her 500,000 Instagram fans. Issuing traffic tickets, settling family disputes and boring night shifts are now a thing of the past for Adrienne Koleszar, police ...

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Haunting, ‘life-threatening’ wall of dust completely envelops Phoenix (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 3 Aug, 2018 16:12 A massive dust cloud descended on Phoenix, Arizona, this week, completely engulfing the Valley region and beyond. The monsoon storm hit the area Thursday evening, bringing high winds and a foreboding wall of dust. The epic rolling dust storm made its way to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, where planes were forced to ...

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#Romanovs100 top 10 photos taken by Nicholas II, his wife & their children (PHOTOS)

Digital puzzle #Romanovs100 looks back at its most popular photos: over 100 days 4,000 images the Romanovs took themselves were published across social media telling the family’s story ahead of their execution’s centenary. This extensive photo archive was distributed across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook without repeating itself. Each platform conveyed its unique narrative using linear and non-linear storytelling. Having ...

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