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‘State of the Uniom’ very uncertain if invite to Trump speech anything to go by (PHOTOS)

The tickets for President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address boast a significant and – for the White House – highly embarrassing typo. Official tickets for the Tuesday night event invited guests to witness the president’s ‘State of the Uniom’ and are now being shared and commented on across social media. Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio was of ...

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Massive fire engulfs Taiwan oil refinery after blast (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A huge inferno raged in Taoyuan City in northwestern Taiwan following an oil refinery blast. The explosion rattled nearby buildings and terrified residents, according to local media. The blast occurred at the oil refinery in Taoyuan, which belongs to a Taiwan petrochemical company, at 6:42am local time on Monday, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. Although the site is ...

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Boy survives 6-inch screw to the brain after freak accident (PHOTOS)

A 13-year-old boy from Maryland underwent brain surgery after a freak accident caused a 6-inch screw to become lodged in his skull. Darius Foreman fell from a branch when he was building a treehouse last Saturday. As he fell he knocked over a five-foot-long wooden plank, which fell onto his head and drove a screw into his skull, right between ...

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Conn. firefighters battle huge recycling plant blaze that could rage for days (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

People in Willimantic, Connecticut have been urged to stay indoors while fire crews battle a massive blaze at a recycling plant that officials say could take days to contain. The fire broke out on Sunday morning before 10:30am local time at Willimantic Waste Paper Company. No one was inside the building at the time and no injuries have been reported. ...

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Trump & Pence effigies burned in Palestinian mock execution (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Palestinian protesters carried out a mock execution of US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, culminating in effigies of the pair being burned. The spectacle comes amid worsening US-Palestinian relations. The staged hanging took place at Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem in the West Bank to show the community’s “rejection” of US budget cuts to the United Nations ...

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5 Britons arrested over ‘pornographic dancing’ in Cambodia (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Five British men are among a group of young tourists being held in Cambodia after they were allegedly photgraphed engaging in “pornographic dancing” at a local bar. WARNING: Contains images some may find disturbing The group of eight men and two women, ranging in age from 19 to 35, hail from Britain, Canada, The Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand. They ...

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Ecuador declares state of emergency after car bomb attack on police (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Ecuador’s president has declared a state of emergency and tightened security in two cities after a car bomb attack on a police station in San Lorenzo injured at least 28 people and damaged dozens of buildings. “I’ve declared the state of emergency in San Lorenzo and Eloy Alfaro to strengthen the security of the citizens and the border, as well ...

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High alert: Floodwaters rise in Paris amid warnings of further deluge (PHOTOS)

Some 20 flood warnings have been issued for Paris and surrounding areas, with French authorities putting residents and businesses along the capital’s River Seine on high alert over rising floodwaters. READ MORE: Going nuts for Nutella: French shoppers ‘riot’ over hazelnut spread (VIDEOS) The water level is already nearly on a par with the floods of 2016, when the Seine ...

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Scientists clone primates for 1st time, are humans up next? (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Chinese scientists have successfully cloned two macaque monkeys in a groundbreaking move which could improve disease research while also throwing open the possibility of human cloning, however unlikely or illegal. “Humans are primates. So (for) the cloning of primate species, including humans, the technical barrier is now broken,” Muming Poo, one of the supervisors of the program, told reporters in ...

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Commandos decapitate snakes, drink their blood in front of Mattis on Asia tour (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was treated to a bizarre and brutal display of military and martial arts skill by Indonesia’s special forces in which live snakes were decapitated and their blood consumed. The press corps traveling with Mattis was expecting a standard hostage rescue drill and were totally unprepared for the fire walks, helicopter drills, and counter terrorist simulations ...

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