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Just married: Kim Dotcom posts wedding day pics (PHOTOS)

Published time: 20 Jan, 2018 06:39 Edited time: 20 Jan, 2018 06:50 Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has published the pictures from his wedding ceremony, which was held in an undisclosed location. While the couple looks truly adorable, Kim’s fluffy best ‘man’ looks even cuter. Meet the happy just-married couple Kim and Liz Dotcom (nee Elizabeth Donnelly), smiling in wedding photos ...

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Croc in the city: 2-meter-long Nile crocodile found in St. Petersburg basement (PHOTOS)

Locals in St. Petersburg are in shock after police found a ruthless maneater – a Nile crocodile – in the basement of a building in the city’s southwest. The predator was living among Kalashnikovs, sniper rifles and a mortar shell. The fuss about the cold-blooded beast started among Russian Twitter users after local press released photos of the dangerous predator. ...

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Vermin, filth, drugs & suicide: Inside Britain’s ‘worst’ prison (PHOTOS)

Prison chiefs are being ordered to explain their “abject failure” over squalid living conditions in Liverpool prison. Inmates are living with broken windows, rats, cockroaches, damp and leaking toilets, an official report reveals. The damning report, published on Friday highlights the plight of one prisoner with mental health needs who was left for weeks in a dark and damp cell ...

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People & roofs blown away: At least 3 killed as storm hits northern Europe (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Extreme winds have lashed northern Europe, killing two people in The Netherlands and bringing transport chaos to parts of Germany. Stormy weather conditions have been sweeping across Germany, the Netherlands, France Belgium and parts of the UK. The Netherlands At least two people have been killed by storm debris in The Netherlands. A 62-year-old man was killed in the city ...

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World’s ‘longest’ underwater cave system discovered in Mexico (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A group of divers have connected what is believed to be the world’s longest flooded cave system near the Mexican coastal city of Tulum in Quintana Roo, home to the ancient Maya civilization. The Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) exploration and preservation group finally identified two distinct series of caves as a singular system after years of exploring the labyrinthine underwater ...

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Meals on wheels: FedEx truck slams into hotel restaurant, injures 3 (PHOTOS)

Published time: 17 Jan, 2018 15:01 Restaurant patrons got far more than they bargained for when a FedEx cargo truck came hurtling through the eatery’s window at dinner time Tuesday. Diners at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel at 9620 Airport Blvd. were enjoying some tasty cuisine when the crash happened. A total of three people, including the truck driver, ...

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Twilight zone: December plunged Moscow into darkness for entire month (PHOTOS)

Moscow could have easily become the number one tourist spot for Twilight Saga lovers, as the Russian capital received less than seven minutes of direct sunlight for the entirety of December – a perfect treat for vampire fans. December in Moscow is not exactly the brightest time of year anyway. Between the long nights and cloudy skies, only 18 hours ...

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'I post whatever I feel like on Instagram' – UFC's Alexandra Albu (PHOTOS)

UFC strawweight Alexandra ‘Stitch’ Albu might not be the most famous name representing Russia, but that could change as she continues to work her way up the promotion and catch the eye with her revealing Instagram photos. The 27-year-old native of the Moldovan village of Vulcănești, Albu, made her debut in the UFC octagon in April 2015, beating her opponent ...

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Firefighter makes incredible lifesaving catch as child thrown from 3rd floor balcony (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Astonishing newly released footage shows a team of Georgia firefighters displaying incredible athletic skill and bravery, catching children as they’re thrown by their desperate father from a ladder two stories up. More than 45 firefighters battled a raging inferno at a Georgia apartment complex in DeKalb County outside Atlanta on January 3, rescuing a total of 12 people in the ...

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Petrol bombs & tear gas at labor reform protest in Athens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Greek police have fired tear gas at demonstrators who gathered outside the country’s parliament building as lawmakers debated new reforms which would carry tougher conditions for unions and impose benefit cuts. More than 10,000 people gathered outside parliament in Athens, Reuters reports, some later hurling petrol bombs and stones at officers who had formed a cordon outside the building. Police ...

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