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Russian MoD appoints 26yo spokeswoman – and she’s already a social media sensation (PHOTOS)

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 19:21 Defense minister’s new press secretary is apparently a new internet sensation in Russia, as comments on the looks of a 26-year-old former journalist have flooded social media. Пушка Публикация от Россияна Марковская (@_rossiyana_) Июл 8 2016 в 12:59 PDT Her name is Rossiyana Markovskaya and she was appointed personal spokeswoman for Russian Defense Minister ...

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Crimson tide: Pollution turns sea waters red in Italian city (PHOTOS)

Bay water has turned red in an Italian port city, due to alarming rates of industrial pollution. Local activists are desperately appealing to the Italian government for help. “Look at these pictures, gentlemen of the government of ‘this’ Italy, and be ashamed,” a group of activist from the southern Italian port of Taranto wrote in an open letter to Italian ...

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They cheated death: 5 stories of lone plane crash survivors (PHOTOS)

A four-year-old girl has become the sole survivor of a plane crash in Russia’s Far East, miraculously sustaining only non-life-threatening injuries. RT looks at remarkable stories of people who escaped death in air disasters where others did not. On Wednesday, a small plane went down in the Khabarovsk Region as it was trying to descend to an airport in the ...

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Pope Francis gives white & gold Lamborghini away to charity (PHOTOS)

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 17:46 Pope Francis has just received a unique Lamborghini Huracan sports car, but he won’t be driving it. The pontiff, known for his humble lifestyle, has decided to auction the expensive present to raise money for the poor. Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini presented the lavish present to the Pope on Wednesday, according to ...

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Michelangelo's 'secret Florence hideaway' to finally open to the public (PHOTOS)

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 17:52 The walls of a secret room marked with sketches said to have been drawn by Michelangelo could soon be opened to the public. The sketches were discovered in 1975 after a curator found a trapdoor in the tomb of the Medicis, Michelangelo’s patrons. It is thought that the Renaissance master hid in the chamber ...

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‘I ban my haters’ – Russian powerlifting champ Nataliya Kuznetsova (PHOTOS)

Russian powerlifting and bodybuilding champion Nataliya Kuznetsova, who recently announced her professional comeback, has talked about her growing fanbase and the frequent requests she gets for photos and to help people with their training. Kuznetsova, 26, who is a female powerlifting champion and record holder at Russian, European and World levels, recently announced her intention to come back to professional ...

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1,500 ancient skeletons unearthed in European mass graves (PHOTOS)

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 13:15 Archaeologists in the Czech Republic have uncovered some 1,500 skeletons from 30 mass graves dating back to the 14 and 15th centuries, in what is being described as the largest discovery of its kind in central Europe. The graves, each filled with 50-70 people believed to be victims of famine and plague epidemics, were ...

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