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Hungarian protesters rally for ‘press freedom & Orban regime change’ (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Thousands of protesters attended a massive rally in Budapest, to defend “free press” and to oppose Viktor Orban’s “regime,” which, after its recent landslide election victory, aims to pass a so-called ‘Stop Soros’ anti-NGO bill. Anti-government protesters, united by their dissatisfaction with the state of “press freedom” in Hungary, held another massive rally in the capital to challenge the results ...

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Child killed, 17 injured as fierce storm with strong winds rips through Moscow (PHOTOS)

A severe storm, toppling trees and flipping over cars and large trash containers, wreaked havoc in Moscow, killing one child and injuring at least 17. Gusts of winds have reached 25 meters per second, turning over bins, small kiosks, and other objects with debris, injuring people. Ураган в Москве не обошелся без пострадавших, заявил мэр города Сергей Собянин. «В больницы доставлены трое детей и четверо ...

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Here be monsters: Deep sea Java expedition uncovers bizarre new species (PHOTOS)

A deep sea expedition to unexplored depths of the Indian Ocean has revealed a sea rich with peculiar inhabitants from over 800 species, including at least a dozen entirely new to science. Among the extraordinary treasure trove of new creatures is a spider crab with fuzzy spines and blood-red eyes, a small wood-dwelling sea star, and a giant cockroach almost ...

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Subterranean fires & gold rushes: Meet America’s ghosts towns (PHOTOS)

Swallowed by lakes, abandoned beside tapped out mines and collapsed due to subterranean fires, the US is pockmarked with thousands of ghost towns. Dotted all around the country, the derelict towns, full of decaying buildings, have provided the backdrop and inspiration for numerous songs and stories. Most of them were once thriving communities but, for one calamitous reason or another, ...

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Abandoned Soviet-era spacecraft captured in astounding PHOTOS

Soviet-era spacecraft hidden in the Baikonur desert have been revealed in a series of stunning pictures. Stored in what looks like a post-apocalyptic setting, they give a rare insight into relics of the USSR’s space program. Sitting inside abandoned hangars, the rusty spacecraft now gather dust, attracting enthusiasts and thrill-seekers from across the globe. Some such enthusiasts snuck onto a ...

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Over 230 detained in Armenia as mass opposition protests continue (PHOTOS)

At least 233 people have been detained by police in the Armenian capital, Yerevan amid mass opposition protests against former President Serzh Sargsyan, who has become the new prime minister. Protesters and motorists attempting to block the roads with their cars are among those detained, police say. “If the detained won’t be released in due time, it means they are ...

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#GreatReturnMarch: 2 Palestinian deaths reported as protests enter 4th week (PHOTOS)

Two Palestinians have been killed near Gaza’s border, according to local medics and the Gaza Health Ministry. The reports come as protesters gather for a fourth week of ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations. To date, at least 35 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded by Israeli gunfire. The six-week protest began on March 30 and is due to continue ...

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Ready to roll: Unique Soviet 5-turret tank gets new engine (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

An iconic WWII-era five-turret heavy T-35 tank has made an unexpected comeback, after its modern replica was fitted with an engine, enabling the tank to crawl slowly but steadily to relive its former glory. The tank replica has been built by the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) and is displayed in the company’s museum in Verkhnyaya Pishma in the ...

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Russian aviation exports soar by nearly 50% (PHOTOS)

Exports of Russian-produced aviation equipment surged by 46 percent in 2017 against the previous year, according to the latest report from the trade ministry. At the same time, production level in the sector grew by 12 percent to $ 7.538 billion. In 2017, Russian producers built and sold 133 planes and 213 helicopters, including SSJ-100 passenger planes, the twin-engine, two-seat ...

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Motherload! Huge collection of female octopuses guard eggs off Costa Rican coast (PHOTOS)

A giant cluster of female octopuses and their eggs have been found at a depth once thought impossible during a deep-sea expedition in Costa Rica. The discovery, made about two miles (3km) beneath the ocean’s surface and 100 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, has left researchers baffled. “When I first saw the photos, I thought, ‘They shouldn’t be ...

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