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Another day, another vendetta: Trump-haters use prison ‘baby bus’ photo to attack president

Just a day after the anti-Trump brigade admitted that a photo of caged migrant children they used to attack the president was actually taken under the Obama administration, there’s a new scandal doing the rounds – the baby bus. ABC Houston journalist Antonio Arellano tweeted a photo on Sunday of a prison transport bus with a difference: every seat was ...

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Massive fire rips through Europe’s 2nd largest theme park (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A huge fire has broken out at Europa-Park in the German town of Rust, the second most visited theme park in Europe after Disneyland. The inferno prompted the visitors to evacuate as many lamented their favorite attraction online. A huge plume of black smoke has risen hundreds of meters in sky as a warehouse near the attraction called “The Pirates ...

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‘You can’t buy France!’: Thousands rally against Macron’s planned mass lay-offs (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Thousands took to the streets across France on Saturday to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s public-sector reforms. Protesters decried Macron’s plans for massive lay-offs of workers and tax breaks for the rich. Protesters were carrying posters bearing slogans such as “Macron, you can’t buy France!” “Stop Macron!” or “Make our planet great again: Austerity, bombing of Syria, eviction of farmers, ...

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Dresden Airport shut after bomb disposal experts set WWII explosive on fire (PHOTO)

All flights in and out of Dresden Airport have been suspended after an army disposal team inadvertently set a WWII bomb on fire while trying to defuse it. Police in the German city have cordoned off an area on Lobtauer Street close to a fly-over and gas station, after the historical device caught fire on Thursday. According to Saxony Police, ...

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NASA’s new exoplanet hunter TESS snaps 200,000+ stars in its 1st PHOTO

After passing the Moon’s orbit, NASA’s planet-hunting satellite has snapped its first picture from one of the four cameras on board, and relayed the footage of some 200,000 stars back to astronomers on Earth. The mesmerizing two-second test exposure by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) focused on the southern constellation Centaurus, after the spacecraft passed about 5,000 miles from ...

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Wildfire causes ammunition explosions at former Russian military range (PHOTO, VIDEO)

An evacuation of a garrison town was ordered and traffic put on hold after a wildfire caused shells to detonate at a former military range in Russia’s Republic of Udmurtia. Social media users posted photos and videos online of a huge cloud of thick white smoke coming from the abandoned military range. The incident happened near the village of Pugachevo ...

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Tesla with self-driving capability crashes into fire truck, investigation launched (PHOTO)

An investigation has been opened after a Tesla Model S, which can be driven autonomously, crashed into the back of a fire truck in Utah. It comes amid two separate probes involving fatal Tesla crashes. The incident occurred in the Salt Lake City suburb of South Jordan on Friday, when the Tesla S slammed into a fire department’s mechanics truck ...

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Iranians burn Trump’s effigies, US flags at protests against nuclear deal withdrawal (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Crowds have taken to the streets across Iran to denounce Donald Trumps’ decision to pull the US of the 2015 nuclear deal. The people chanted anti-American slogans and set fire to Trump’s effigies and American flags. The Iranians began protesting shortly after the Friday prayers as they carried banners, reading: “Down with the US” and pictures of Trump with a ...

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‘Shy but intelligent’: Fish with ‘human teeth’ caught in South Carolina (PHOTO)

Nature conservationists in the US have freaked out a whole host of people on the internet by posting an image of a bizarre giant fish with “human-like” teeth. The horrendous looking creature was fished out of a saltwater creek in South Carolina, according to the local government nature agency. While it might look like something that grew out of a ...

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Putin rides in new, long-rumored state car at inauguration ceremony (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Published time: 7 May, 2018 09:40 Edited time: 7 May, 2018 09:51 The swearing-in ceremony of Vladimir Putin, who was re-elected as Russian president in March, was used to show to the public the new state car developed for top officials. It was rumored, but not officially confirmed, that the limousine would finally be unveiled during the ceremony. Developed in ...

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