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Lost castle discovered submerged in giant Turkish lake (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 13:49 Landlocked by volcanic rock, Turkey’s Lake Van has captivated more imaginative locals with stories of a mythical monster lurking within. But now researchers have uncovered a more concrete reason for people to visit – a secret underwater castle. Essentially, Lake Van is to Turkey what Loch Ness is to Scotland. Stretching between the provinces ...

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‘Perfect gemstones’: Russia exhibits unique collection of 5 diamonds worth $10mn (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 03:58 Edited time: 16 Nov, 2017 03:59 A collection of five unique diamonds, cut in Russia from a single 179-carat crystal, has dazzled connoisseurs in New York. Priced at some $ 10 million, the set includes Russia’s most expensive and clearest stone ever produced. “These are perfect gemstones. Russia has never seen such a quality ...

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Tragic beauty: 30-ton humpback whale washes up on Rio beach (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 23:42 The body of a 30-ton humpback whale washed up on Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema beach on Wednesday, causing a large crowd of sunbathers to gather and take pictures of the tragic creature. Weighing around 30 tons, the whale was discovered on a stretch of sand between Arpoador peninsula and Ipanema beach. Footage of the ...

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Beetle with functional third eye developed by genetic researchers (PHOTO)

Published time: 13 Nov, 2017 17:28 Edited time: 13 Nov, 2017 17:50 US scientists have reported a bizarre breakthrough in genetics – the ability to grow a third eye on a scarab beetle. Matching up cells is a major part of the scientific puzzle to regenerate limbs. Researchers at Indiana University Bloomington now say they have made a promising step ...

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Anti-Trump protesters clash with police ahead of US president’s visit to Philippines (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 12 Nov, 2017 15:01 Police unleased a water cannon on protesters as a hundreds-strong anti-Trump rally in Manila turned violent. Clashes erupted just before the US president set foot on the island for a regional summit, wrapping up his 11-day trip to Asia. Protesters were out in the streets of the Philippines capital, Manila for the second day ...

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Not cold enough in Russia: Airboats brave ice drifts to cross river in Far East (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Published time: 12 Nov, 2017 08:11 People in the Russian Far East are “suffering” from unusually warm weather for this time of year. Rivers in the federal district have not completely frozen up yet, so the only way to cross the Lena River is to board special airboats and enjoy the ride. The region of Yakutia in the Russian Far ...

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Messi mistakes Argentina teammate for fan in embarrassing photo fail

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 11:38 Edited time: 10 Nov, 2017 11:39 Argentina star Lionel Messi appeared to suffer an embarrassing photo fail in Russia this week, mistaking international teammate Sebastian Driussi for a fan when posing for a picture with him. The Argentina duo, who are in Moscow preparing for Saturday’s match against Russia at the newly-renovated Luzhniki stadium, ...

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Skype launches Photo Effects – sticker suggestions powered by machine learning

Not content with merely launching its own take on Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories, Skype today is adding another copycat-like feature to its app: photo stickers. The company says it’s introducing new “Photo Effects” (as it’s calling these stickers), which include things like face masks, decorative borders, witty captions, and more. However, unlike the photo stickers you’ll find in other social ...

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Park 'n' ride: Motorist tries to drive into metro (PHOTO)

Published time: 7 Nov, 2017 13:35 A motorist in the French city of Toulouse became the center of attention on Monday, when she drove her vehicle down the steps of a metro station, instead of an underground parking lot. The incident happened on Boulevard de Strasbourg at a pedestrian opening for the Jeanne d’Arc metro station. According to the local ...

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Microsoft acqui-hires cinemagraphic photo app Swng

Computer vision and clever imaging technology remain hot areas in consumer and enterprise apps, and today Microsoft is picking up a startup called Swng Technologies to give it some IP and talent in this department. Swng Technologies had developed a cinemagraph app called Swng (originally called Polaroid Swing) that lets you take impressionistic, GIF-like short videos that you can then ‘move’ buy ...

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