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Blac Chyna Plays Grab Ass with Porn Legend Alexis Texas (PHOTO GALLERY)

Blac ChynaEpic Asses UniteWith Porn Legend Alexis Texas 5/7/2017 9:07 AM PDT Two of the most famous giant asses in the history of booty came together in Vegas over the weekend — Blac Chyna and Alexis Texas … in an event that woulda made Sir Mix-A-Lot blush.  For the unfamiliar … Alexis is one of the all time porn legends ...

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Conor McGregor Jr. Baby Photo, Mean Muggin' For Daddy!

Conor McGregor Jr’Baby’s 1st PicMean Muggin’ for Daddy 5/7/2017 6:41 AM PDT Breaking News Here he is … Conor McGregor Jr. … and the kid is already killin’ social media.  Conor McGregor posted the very first pic of his new baby early Sunday morning — a kid with steely eyes and a tough lookin’ jaw.  Kid’s got a big right ...

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Hollywood is Seeing Red — See the Stars in Scarlet Swimsuits (PHOTO GALLERY)

Hollywood Is Seeing RedSee The Stars In Scarlet Swimsuits 5/7/2017 12:40 AM PDT Don’t be fooled by these skimpy stars in red swimsuits … there’s no lifeguard on duty! Try to catch your breath after you swim through the shots of your favorite Hollywood hotties guaranteed to heat up your Sunday Funday. TMZ.com

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Mets make sure to avoid another Twitter gaffe with postgame photo

The Mets aren’t toying around anymore. In order to avoid the same embarrassing mistake they made after Friday’s game, the team’s Twitter account posted a photo of Jay Bruce wearing the player of the game crown with a wall — not his teammates’ lockers — as the backdrop. “Jay Bruce lookin’ good in the crown and robe,” the tweet read. ...

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Kentucky Derby Celebs Already Racing for Biggest Baller Crown (PHOTO GALLERY)

Kentucky DerbyCelebs Already RacingFor the Biggest Baller Crown 5/6/2017 12:16 PM PDT The Kentucky Derby is here, which means it’s time for fancy clothes, funky hats … and a bunch of celebs showing up dressed to the nines to place their bets. Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, Megyn Kelly, Jerry Rice and Harry Connick Jr. are gathering around the track at Churchill Downs ...

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Student who sued parents posts controversial Cinco de Mayo photo

The spoiled New Jersey woman who sued her parents for financial support as a high-schooler posted a controversial photo on Instagram of the college student celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends. Rachel Canning, a 21-year-old lacrosse player at Western New England University in Massachusetts, is under fire for the photo she posted May 5. “Dear Mr. Trump. glad you didn’t ...

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Mets tweet photo showing sex toy in Kevin Plawecki’s locker

Meat the Mets. Following the Amazin’s huge comeback win over Miami, the team’s Twitter account posted a photo of T.J. Rivera wearing a crown, a new franchise tradition for the player of the game. But they immediately had to take it down after fans pointed out that the picture clearly shows a large sex toy sitting at the base of ...

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50 Cent Scores Money Victory Over Jacked Photo

50 CentScores Money VictoryOver Jacked Photo 5/5/2017 1:08 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE 50 Cent just taught a lesson to anyone who’s thinking of getting rich off a celeb’s back … or face. Lesson learned by an auto detailing company that dared to plaster Fiddy’s pics on its online ads hawking rims without his permission. We’ve learned Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports has ...

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Aaron Hernandez Suicide Note to Fiancee Released, 'You're Rich!' (PHOTO)

Aaron HernandezSuicide Note to Fiancee Released‘You’re Rich’ 5/5/2017 12:19 PM PDT Breaking News TMZ Sports has obtained the suicide note Aaron Hernandez wrote to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez — in which he tells her she will be RICH after he kills himself. It’s not hard to connect the dots. In Massachusetts, when someone dies after being convicted of a crime, ...

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Bella Thorne's Hot Sexy Photos with NBA Star Jordan Clarkson (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Thorne Scorchin’ Hot Pics… With New NBA Star 5/5/2017 11:11 AM PDT Breaking News Bella Thorne is hanging out with a brand new pro athlete … and believe it or not, we ain’t just talking about her boobs and butt cheeks.  The ex-Disney star was rocking a barely there see-through half shirt and some very tight white shorts during a ...

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