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Bill Clinton Trolls Donald Trump By Saying Clinton Center is Bugged (PHOTO)

Bill ClintonTrolls Trump …I Was Bugged Too, Donald! 4/23/2017 1:32 PM PDT Bill Clinton‘s got a new bug on the lawn of the Clinton Center … and a new joke for Donald Trump too. Bill posed with a big ole grasshopper recently installed on the premises in Little Rock. He tweeted … “BREAKING: We just learned that the @ClintonCenter has ...

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Kim Zolciak's Son Kash Kade Biermann Recovering from Operation After Dog Bite (PHOTO)

Kim ZolciakSon Bitten By Dog, Recovering from Operation 4/23/2017 11:56 AM PDT Breaking News One of Kim Zolciak‘s sons is in the hospital recovering from an operation after he was bitten by a dog this weekend.  Kim posted a pic Sunday of 4-year-old Kash Kade Biermann in a hospital bed, with a pretty gnarly description. Apparently, he’s been there since ...

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Prince William Gets Water Bottle Splash to the Face During London Marathon (PHOTO)

Prince WilliamTakes a ShotIn the Face!! 4/23/2017 10:46 AM PDT Prince William might be royalty, but he’s not above a good squirt in the face … especially when he’s on the front lines of a marathon handing out H2O. William and Kate were at the London Marathon Sunday, being good citizens and handing out water to runners — and this is ...

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What's the Big Frigin' Difference?! (PHOTO)

What’s The Big Frigin’ Difference?! 4/23/2017 9:42 AM PDT Olivia Culpo was feeling posy in these almost identical floral photos … keep your eye on the prize and see if you can find the differences blooming in the plant-filled pics. **HINT — There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**  TMZ.com

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Beyonce Pregnancy Pics Are Super Hot (PHOTO)

Beyonce Super Hot Pregnancy Pics 4/22/2017 7:16 AM PDT Beyonce wants the world to see she’s handling her pregnancy very well, at least on the surface. Bey posted these pics Friday night, showing how good someone can look with twins in their system. BTW, this would have been her second weekend of headlining Coachella, which she bailed on in February. ...

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Killer Mike's Marijuana-Themed Birthday Was Lit (PHOTO GALLERY)

Killer Mike4/20 for My 42nd? Now THAT’s Lit! 4/22/2017 12:20 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Hard to tell which birthday gift Killer Mike enjoyed more … the new gold chain around his neck or the $ 10k worth of weed he scored. We’ll go with the weed. Mike’s one of the lucky guys whose bday falls on 4/20 — appropriate for so ...

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Rajon Rondo Rocks Short Sleeve Suit Jacket to Bulls Game (PHOTO)

Rajon Rondo Short Sleeve Suit Jacket? … Kinda Dope 4/21/2017 6:01 PM PDT Breaking News Rajon Rondo rocked a short sleeve suit jacket to the Bulls game Friday night … and we gotta say — kinda swag!!!  Ronda is currently nursing an injured thumb and has a cast on his right hand that might prevent him from fitting his arm ...

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Wiz Khalifa's Special Kush Back in Stock While Supplies Last! (PHOTO)

Wiz KhalifaSpark My KushWhile You Can!! 4/20/2017 4:30 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Wiz Khalifa‘s got perfect timing — his Khalifa Kush is back just in time to salute his favorite holiday. The rapper’s indica-dominant hybrid strain is available only at RiverRock Cannabis in Denver, CO … and the joint’s director of operations, Rich Miller, tells us the store stocked up with ...

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Skrillex Blasts Elon Musk For Getting Pulled Over and Cuffed by Cops (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Skrillex Yo, Elon Musk …Thanks for Getting Me in Trouble with the Law!!! 4/20/2017 7:15 AM PDT Skrillex was pulled over and handcuffed Wednesday night, and he blamed Elon Musk. Law enforcement sources tell us the superstar DJ was driving on the Sunset Strip in his Tesla with music — his own music — blaring for all to hear. Cops pulled him ...

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Bill O'Reilly's Pope Meeting Couldn't Save Job at FOX News (PHOTO)

Bill O’ReillyPope Meeting Not Enough to Save Job 4/19/2017 3:13 PM PDT Bill O’Reilly had what turned out to be an 11th hour meeting with Pope Francis — but even shaking hands with His Holiness wasn’t enough to spare his gig at FOX News.  Bill was in St. Peter’s Square Wednesday morning — he’d been on vacation — when he got an ...

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