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Digital devotees: Catholic church installs card payments units (PHOTO)

Not to be left behind in the digital age, a Catholic church in France has installed card terminals to take donations from willing parishioners. This digital upgrade has been rolled out at the Saint-François de Molitor church in Paris. Devout Catholics can now simply tap their card on one of five wireless terminals circulated during mass in the traditional wickers ...

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Popemobile grinds to a halt as Pontiff aids fallen police woman (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Pope Francis broke protocol when he ordered his so-called ‘popemobile’ to a halt so that he could assist a mounted policewoman thrown from her horse. The cop was toppled while escorting the pontiff as he waved to crowds in the city of Iquique, northern Chile. Break in protocol — Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman who ...

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‘Aliens’ of the deep? Horrifying shark with extending jaws caught off Taiwan (PHOTO)

Five weird sharks resembling the aliens from the eponymous Hollywood thriller were captured off the coast of Taiwan in a rare appearance of the elusive viper dogfish species. The glowing black creatures have peculiar extending jaws and needle-shaped teeth, but little is known about the rarely-seen shark. The five specimens were caught at a depth of 350 metres during a ...

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Hunt for ‘evil’ culprit after koala nailed to wooden post (PHOTO)

The discovery of a dead koala found screwed to a wooden post in a park in Queensland, Australia, has sparked outrage and a hunt for the perpetrator. The animal’s corpse was found screwed to a gazebo in Brooloo park, north of Brisbane, by Koala Rescue Queensland on Wednesday. The group said that, because of the amount of blood present at ...

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Gold plated vodka bottle worth €1.3million snatched in raid at Denmark bar (PHOTO)

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 21:30 Edited time: 3 Jan, 2018 21:50 A gold and silver bottle of vodka purportedly worth in the region of €1.3 million has been stolen in a late night raid on a bar in Copenhagen. The Russo Baltique vodka bottle, which once appeared in the Netflix TV series House of Cards, was stolen from Cafe ...

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‘Leader, we’re ready!’ 10,000s march in Iran in support of govt & Khamenei (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Following days of violent unrest gripping Iran, tens of thousands of people flocked to streets in the country’s major cities in a massive show of support for the government and the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Massive pro-government rallies kicked off on Wednesday in different towns and cities, including Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Abadan, Gorgan and Qom, local media reported.  Chants of ...

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‘Police did this to my son:’ 17yo bruised, bloodied after ‘beating’ by Alabama officers (PHOTO)

Police in Alabama are facing a backlash after a 17-year-old was left heavily bruised following an encounter with officers. The boy’s bloodied image was posted by his mother and has been shared almost 80,000 times. The parents of Ulysses Wilkerson are desperately seeking answers as to why their son ended up with a face swollen beyond recognition after an encounter ...

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Nails, screws & latches: Russian surgeons remove 152 objects from elderly woman’s stomach (PHOTO)

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 23:04 Surgeons in the Russian Republic of Buryatia were shocked to discover 152 foreign objects, including nails, screws and latches, inside the stomach of a 74-year-old woman. The doctors at Semashko Republican Hospital in Ulan-Ude, located 100 km southeast of Lake Baikal, opted for an endoscopy to reveal the reasons of unexplained fever experienced by ...

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Royal Navy shadows newest Russian missile frigate in North Sea (PHOTO)

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 10:15 The Royal Navy’s HMS ‘St Albans’ shadowed the cutting-edge Russian missile frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ as she passed near British waters in the North Sea on Christmas Day. ‘Admiral Gorshkov’, Russia’s newest guided-missile frigate, has been traversing the North Sea off the UK coast, prompting the Royal Navy to dispatch HMS ‘St Albans’ to “keep ...

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Tesla Roadster is prepped for SpaceX mission take-off at Cape Canaveral (PHOTO)

Published time: 23 Dec, 2017 09:38 SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk has revealed the first image of the Tesla sports car which his company will rocket to the red planet. The brains and capital behind the Falcon 9 reusable rocket, Musk earlier this month announced his plans to launch a Tesla Roadster – playing a David Bowie tune on a loop ...

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