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40,000-yo foal unearthed in Siberia’s ‘Gateway to the Underworld’ in perfect condition (PHOTO)

A three-month-old horse that lived up to 40,000 years ago has been discovered in the mysterious Batagai depression in Russia’s Yakutia region, nicknamed the ‘Gateway to the Underworld.’ The North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk published the first photo of the “unique” discovery, which was made together with scientists from Kindai University in Japan along with a crew from Fuji TV. ...

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Microscopic ‘grain’ of asteroid Itokawa revealed in mindblowing close-up (PHOTO)

The ESA has released a phenomenal close-up of an asteroid grain retrieved by Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft, the world’s first mission to gather samples from the surface of an asteroid and return them to Earth. The ‘out of this world’ snap shows the sharp microscopic fragment of the Itokawa asteroid in an incredibly detailed shot. It is one of three grains ...

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UFO or old pier? Satellite PHOTO of round object beneath water off Greek coast has internet guessing

A strange circular shape seen on Google’s satellite maps has created a stir among ufologists online, who are speculating that it could be a hidden submersible off the coast of Greece. The circular object was brought to people’s attention by the website Disclose.TV, which posts information about UFOs and aliens. According to the niche publication, the unidentified submersible object was ...

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‘Bigfoot erotica devotee’: Virginia Democrat’s incredible claim against rival Riggleman (PHOTO)

US Congress Republican candidate Denver Riggleman has been accused by a political rival of being a “devotee of Bigfoot erotica” – yes that’s right, the mythical monster that legend states stalks the wilderness of North America. The Republican Party’s nominee for the 5th Congressional District of Virginia election this year, Riggleman is up against former CBS journalist Leslie Cockburn. Cockburn ...

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Human-like jaws: 11yo girl catches toothie relative of piranha at Oklahoma lake (PHOTO)

Oklahoma wildlife officials have warned fisher folk to be on the lookout for a relative of South America’s meat eating piranha predator, after an 11-year-old girl reeled in the toothie catch from Fort Cobb Lake. Kennedy Smith, 11, was having fun by the lake with her grandmother Sandra Whaley when a tug on their fishing line signalled a big catch. ...

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Russia, Ukraine & Belarus mark 1,030 years since ancestors adopted Christianity (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Thousands in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus got together to celebrate 1,030 years since their ancestors adopted Christianity, when Vladimir the Great baptized the Kievan Rus. Moscow At noon, the bells in all of Orthodox Cathedrals in Moscow began ringing to mark the holiday. A sacred procession was attended by thousands of worshipers despite the heat of over 30 degrees Celsius ...

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Putin portrait briefly appeared in Colorado Capitol where Trump’s one still missing (PHOTO)

Trump’s portrait is not on display in the Colorado Capitol building because of a failure to raise funds… but Vladimir Putin’s one apparently briefly was. The blank space was used for a photobomb by unknown culprit. While official paintings of George W. Bush and Barack Obama occupy their respective slots, there is still a blank space on the Colorado Capitol’s ...

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Blood Moon rising: Longest lunar eclipse of the century burns dark red (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Avid astronomers and amateur stargazers the world over were treated to an incredible lunar light show when the moon transformed from its usual bright color to an orb of burned orange and red for nearly two hours. The quirky color change was part of the longest lunar eclipse of the century, with people from as far away as Germany, Greece ...

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From vineyard to graveyard: Creepy animal skull spooks Reddit users (PHOTO)

A Reddit user’s account of their day at a vineyard took a rather macabre turn and sparked a rip roaring debate online after they claimed to have pulled up a vine root embedded inside a tiny animal skull. Posted to the online forum on Friday by user Zuelk, the photo reveals a plant growing from the eye socket of a ...

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Juncker presents Trump with cemetery photo, but it’s not a grave warning

Top Brussels official Jean-Claude Juncker, known for his somewhat eccentric behavior, has given Donald Trump an unusual gift – a photo of a cemetery. But it’s not an ominous threat. The European Commission President visited Washington this Wednesday in an effort to avoid a trade war that has been brewing since the start of the summer. Speaking on the results ...

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