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Fragile: Pentagon report raises alarm that US industry can’t support war for much longer

Between globalization and nearly 20 years of constant warfare, the industrial part of the US military-industrial complex is not looking so good, putting future wars at risk, according to a new Pentagon report. The Annual Industrial Capabilities report, published by the Pentagon’s Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, warns that reliance on foreign-sourced materials combined with “twenty years of ...

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‘Don’t be evil?’ RT explores fallout from Google’s new Pentagon partnership (VIDEO)

Google has nixed its unofficial motto – ‘don’t be evil’ – from its code of conduct, amid reports that staff have been resigning in protest over a controversial Pentagon project. RT takes a closer look at the PR nightmare. According to Gizmodo, around a dozen Google employees have resigned in recent weeks in protest over the company’s cooperation with the ...

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Afghans question US worth in Taliban fight as Pentagon watchdog admits ‘lack of progress’

Despite committing additional resources to Afghanistan, US troops and local security forces have made little inroads against the Taliban. Some Afghan lawmakers are questioning whether the country needs US assistance at all. Read more A report to Congress prepared by the Pentagon’s inspector general challenges an earlier assessment of the US military that the latest increase of support to the ...

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Pentagon contractor transported explosive-laden drone on commercial flight, lawsuit claims

A former employee of a company that works closely with the Pentagon has filed a lawsuit claiming he was terminated from his job after reporting that the firm had transported a drone rigged with explosives on a commercial flight. Mark Anderson, who headed up security efforts for California-based AeroVironment’s government programs, says that he was fired after reporting to the ...

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'Can I kiss you?' Pentagon spends $700k teaching soldiers dating etiquette

Learning about relationships and when it’s okay to kiss someone might seem like topics for a middle school sex education class. However, the US military has spent $ 700,000 teaching soldiers exactly that. Read more The ‘Can I Kiss You?’ presentation was part of a Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program which was held at Joint Base Langley-Eustis on April ...

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Pentagon bans sale of Chinese ‘spy phones’ on US military bases

The Pentagon has banned the sale of Chinese-made Huawei and ZTE phones on US military bases, over fears that they may be hacked and used for espionage purposes by the Chinese government. “Huawei and ZTE devices may pose an unacceptable risk to Department’s personnel, information and mission,” Pentagon spokesman Major Dave Eastburn told CNET on Wednesday. “In light of this information, ...

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Pentagon answered tough questions on Syrian strikes… but didn't really answer

When asked about the hard evidence of the alleged chemical attack in Syria and justification of the US strike, Pentagon officials showed the art of avoiding direct answers and shifting the blame. During a briefing in Washington, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White and Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie said that the operation, which launched more than 100 missiles ...

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Precise, overwhelming and effective – Pentagon gives details of Syria strike

Pentagon hailed its strike on Syria as effective saying that they took the country’s “chemical weapons” program years back, by “crippling and degrading” it. The US military claim there were no civilian casualties. Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie, the Director of Joint stuff, briefed the reporters about the details of the strike. He claimed that Syrian response did not have any ...

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Pentagon says Syria strikes are 'one time shot' to send strong message to Assad

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday’s strikes on multiple targets were “harder” than those in 2017, but insisted no additional launches were planned. “Right now this is a one time shot and I believe it sent a very strong message,” Mattis said during a press briefing in the Pentagon, adding that there may be further attacks against the government ...

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Pentagon scrubs Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria troop numbers from latest report

The Pentagon’s quarterly report on the number of American troops serving overseas was released this week. Curiously, troop numbers for Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were omitted from the report. Read more The report, released by the Defense Manpower Data Center, lists the number of armed-forces personnel in each state, and in each country overseas. The quarterly reports are usually released ...

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