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Facebook under fresh political pressure as UK watchdog calls for “ethical pause” of ad ops

The UK’s privacy watchdog revealed yesterday that it intends to fine Facebook the maximum possible (£500k) under the country’s 1998 data protection regime for breaches related to the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal. But that’s just the tip of the regulatory missiles now being directed at the platform and its ad-targeting methods — and indeed, at the wider big data economy’s ...

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Costly ‘mishaps’ & non-combat deaths in US Air Force prompt day-long pause in operations

A rise in accidents has prompted the US Air Force to stage a one-day safety review this month, American officials said. The analysis of aircraft and strategies comes after a military cargo plane fell out of the sky in Georgia. Prior to May 21, the aerial branch of the US military will carry out a pause of its activities in ...

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Facebook admits its data drama has ‘a few’ advertisers pressing pause

In an interview with Bloomberg, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg disclosed the fact that ongoing privacy revelations around Cambridge Analytica have some advertisers skittish. When asked about how many advertisers had paused their ad spending, Sandberg would only get as specific as saying that “a few” had done so, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. She told Bloomberg that Facebook was engaged ...

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‘Operational pause’: Pentagon freezes anti-ISIS battle in Syria amid Turkish offensive

Some US-aligned militias have switched their priorities to battle the Turkish-led offensive in Afrin instead of fighting ISIS terrorists, the Pentagon said, announcing a “pause” in ground operations in eastern Syria. On January 20, Turkey, with the help of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), launched Operation Olive Branch, a massive cross-border operation to clear Kurdish militias and remnants of ...

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Russia floats brand new hydrofoil passenger ship after two-decade pause

Published time: 22 Oct, 2017 12:04 Edited time: 22 Oct, 2017 12:05 A new hydrofoil ship meant to transport up to 120 passengers along sea coast routes has been floated by a Russian producer. The design was popular in the Soviet Union, but modern Russia has not built such vessels for almost two decades. Hydrofoil works similarly to a regular ...

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Knicks want to pause after leading Melo to believe he's leaving

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t know if he’s going or staying, mostly because the Knicks continue to send mixed messages and change directions almost daily. It appears that Anthony remains committed to finalizing a trade to the Houston Rockets despite the Knicks’ sudden hesitation to complete the deal in the wake of the hiring of new general manager Scott Perry. According to ...

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Pyongyang pause in nuclear testing blamed on Kim Jong-Un power play over South Korea

In hermit country North Korea, a military occasion was marked with a massive show of strength, but a missile test, which was feared in the region did not happen. Long-range, live-fire artillery tests were carried out in celebration of the 85th anniversary of the founding of its army, but said the event did not include a nuclear weapons test. A ...

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Cousins trade should give Knick prez reason to pause with Melo

By now you’ve seen what the Sacramento Kings brought back for a younger, cheaper and more productive superstar than Carmelo Anthony. It’s the kind of underwhelming return that has to make Knicks fans waking up in cold sweats this morning. But hopefully, it gives Phil Jackson another degree of pause in his efforts to deal the 10-time All-Star forward by ...

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