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‘No warplane to take off’: Russia’s S-700 missile system can cover entire planet – party leader

A leading Russian politician may have just revealed the biggest Russian military secret. Or just invented a non-existent weapon system while ranting about how powerful the country is during a political talk show. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is well-known for his explosive speeches and eyebrow-rising claims, made his latest one during a talk show last week. He said Russia should double down ...

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4 men shot dead at toddler’s birthday party in Texas

Published time: 14 Oct, 2018 13:44 Edited time: 14 Oct, 2018 13:45 Four men have died after a shooting at a 1-year-old’s birthday party in Taft, Texas, police said. A fifth man was injured and authorities are looking for two suspects. Police responded to reports of a shooting at a home on Wilburn Street on Saturday following a reported altercation ...

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Absolute majority at stake for Merkel’s sister party in Bavaria…a further blow to German Chancellor?

On Sunday, Bavarians choose their next government. As polls paint a grim picture for Merkel’s sister party (CSU), anti-establishment AfD and the Greens are said to break its absolute majority…dealing a further blow to Chancellor. Germany’s largest and second most populated federal state may soon have its political landscape changed, according to polls. Sister party to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic ...

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That was quick! Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen switches party to Democrats

US President Donald Trump’s disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen has re-registered as a Democrat, taking his flip-flopping on his former boss to the logical extreme. Until June, Cohen served as the RNC’s deputy finance chair. Since falling out with Trump over hush money he paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, with whom the president allegedly had an affair in 2006, ...

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‘Teachers should be scared’: AfD party website allows students to inform on staff

The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has come under fire for launching an online portal where children can tell on their teachers for expressing political opinions. The AfD Hamburg chapter launched a web portal called ‘Neutral School’ in order “to strengthen a democratic and free discourse at the Hamburg schools,” where pupils can make complaints anonymously about staff members ...

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PM Medvedev says United Russia party should recoup regional election losses

A recent setback suffered by United Russia in regional elections is a good lesson that should be studied and used to regain the lost positions, the party chairman and Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has said. On Wednesday, Medvedev spoke to senior United Russia members responsible for the party’s election programs and urged them to study the reasons behind recent losses ...

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LibDems crush ruling party rivals in Russian Far East & central regions’ governor elections

The populist nationalist Liberal Democratic Party candidate has won over two thirds of the vote in the run-off governor polls in Russia’s Khabarovsk Region, while another LDPR candidate took Vladimir Region with a 20-point lead. The Russian State Duma MP and the LDPR candidate, Sergey Furgal, has gained almost 70 percent of votes, the Russian Central Elections Committee confirmed. His ...

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2nd woman accuses Kavanaugh of sex abuse, urges FBI to probe 35yo ‘drunken dorm party’ incident

As the professor who accused the US Supreme Court nominee of sexual abuse is set to testify on her claims, Senate Democrats are investigating yet another “credible allegation” about Brett Kavanaugh’s misconduct while in college. The new allegation has been made by Deborah Ramirez, who claimed that Kavanaugh exposed his genitals in her face during the 1983-84 academic school year ...

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Google admits it lets hundreds of third party apps read your emails

Omnipresent tech giant Google told US senators that it lets third-party apps read data from Gmail accounts and share this information with marketers, even though Google itself allegedly stopped this practice last year. In a letter sent to the lawmakers in July and made public on Thursday, Google said that developers may share your data with third parties for the ...

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German military strikes on Syria would be ‘absurd & irresponsible’ – Left Party chair

The leader of Germany’s Left Party hit out at the government for mulling potential military strikes against Damascus, just one day after Berlin said it was in talks with allies about possible German military deployment in Syria. “I believe that these discussions are completely irresponsible,” Die Linke (the Left Party) leader Sahra Wagenknecht told German N-TV, adding that discussing such ...

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